The Sentinel: Journal and Thoughts of Valan'thilee Miluvial

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The Sentinel: Journal and Thoughts of Valan'thilee Miluvial

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Chapter I , part 1: Paladin Errant

Thank Vandria and Corellon, for keeping me safe and sending the People out for me to help me, so that I can help them back and care for them.
After Holone died, I had nowhere to go, I was not going to stay in Soubar for long, such a dreadful place, though when I embarked out myself I almost die and became wolf food, if it wasn't for a young and zealous man, he took me to a temple south of Soubar, in a city called Baldur's Gate, where my wounds were tended to, he gave me an armor, a shield and a helmet, he introduced me to his friends and helped me all the way, such a good and gentle soul, though after that I never saw him again.

I was introduced to one of my people and the perfect gentleman, I was left alone with him and he asked me if I was new around , good looking, good sense of style, a kind and noble soul. He showed me around and took me on a tour... I thought for a moment that he was just trying to make me fall in love with him, but I saw that this is the way he conducts himself in life, beautiful, I think that is the best way to describe him...And he is also a cunning warrior and business person... When he told me he already has a mate I got a little sad, but we became very good friends after that, I hope I can meet him again soon.

It seemed that things were going my way, I met more people, half-elves and we hunted together inside some ancient goblin ruins, were I met another one of my people, who was a little rude. Then deeper in the caves we met a dwarf, first time I see one of those, he was cute.

After that, I went my own way again, this time south, I met two tieflings...I remember Holone warning me about them, telling me about their dark past, I questioned them on the road and they offered me to tag along, a bookkeeper and what looked like a warrior, we travelled for some miles north again until we stopped at Soubar, I don't know what kind of business they conducted there...I tried to investigate and see if they were planning anything evil... After that we went south again I questioned one of the tieflings, very shady looking, though he was being upfront, telling me a lot of truths of his life, an old trick that liars use, tell a lot of truths so they can slip by a lie... This tiefling, made me feel in a very different way, I thought that, maybe love could change him? Maybe he could be like... But it didn't work out, I think I was naive to think that.


After the long talk, I still haven't decided what to make of him, but I think I can call him friend for now, as he is a respected hero and devil killer here in this area, I think I have to keep an eye on him, people like him can be unpredictable and sometimes, dangerous. But I still like him.

After heading south again, I met another one of the people... The kindest and most beautiful soul I have met in a long time, she showed me her home and told me about herself, she is a powerful mage, though she is not a traditional wizard like most of our people are, she can harness powerful magics, which she used to protect me while we travelled in the dangerous Glimmerwood, she offered me so much kindness and time, she even wanted to teach me how to dance, which led to one of my most embarrasing moments in all my life, I met more wonderful people in her home, she told me about the things that have happened and that could happen and I knew that I had to offer her my help.

I am happy that I could spend more time with my people, I learned so much and I appreciate their wisdom and their care, I met another fine elf who taught me and showed me around, he is gentle and funny, but he is a Sun Elf from Evermeet... I had some experiences with them in the past, but this one was not like the others, he is not like the others and he is very kind and wise and at the same time harsh and proud, I understand where he is coming from, and maybe when I am with him my naive personality comes out more like a sore thumb, contrasting a little bit with the traditions of my people.

I spoke to two other tieflings and interrogated them, one of them seemed nice and cooperative ....the other one on the other hand, even claimed to be faithless, I have to be very careful around that one...More than with the others, even the one with the huge horns seemed to have less to hide, I offered him a chance to convert to the Seldarine but he offered me a very neutral answer.

And then...She came back...Looking for me? Oh what have you done, these lands are very dangerous, I hope I can keep her safe.

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