Sale: Dusty Tome, Never Used. Upper/Underdark. Asha

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Sale: Dusty Tome, Never Used. Upper/Underdark. Asha

Unread post by Splemish »

A strange masked woman has been seen in and around both Rockrun, and Sshamath. She is somewhat disheveled, dirty and smells terribly, and seems like she has spent far to much time in the wilds, with only the stone for company. She has entered the city to barter with the merchants, both magic items, and sewing kits seems to be on her shopping list, along with food and drinker. Multiple times, to the merchants, she has mentioned a strange tome that she cannot seem to figure out. She has stated it is for sale, but none have taken her up on her offer. Somebody could venture out into the wilds to search for her, or wait for one of her semi-frequent visits into town, if one wishes to buy such an item.

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Re: Sale: Dusty Tome, Never Used. Upper/Underdark. Asha

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Should the woman drop by Sshamath to peddle her wares, a nondescript drow would approach her with a note which would read:

"I offer 60 bags for the dusty tome. My retainer will transact with you should you find this offer acceptable."

It is unsigned but bears an intricate spider sigil instead.
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