A Day in the Life of Melody Darius

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A Day in the Life of Melody Darius

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24 Marpenoth, 1355

Fingal told me that he's been banned from The Last Anchor. Naturally, I asked why. My sweetheart told me that the mentally challenged genasi, Teris, did his usual and predictable "get scared at everything and over-react" shtick at something Fingal said while the two were standing outside the Anchor. And because Teris is a bona fide chicken (#2), he sputter-stammered that Fingal was banned and "helpfully" reminded Fingal about the guards. My handsome Luskan said that the guards wouldn't be able to stop him - which is true, because Fingal's a remarkable warrior. If my lover wanted to be at the Anchor, those lazy guards wouldn't pose a challenge.

But Teris, being the resourceful eternal victim, somehow managed to get ahold of Derik, the constantly absent owner of the Anchor. And Derik, who spends his time planes-hopping and living a completely different life elsewhere, somehow found the time to write and send a letter to Luke to warn of the "legal consequences." What in the Hells? I swear, it's like Derik and his entire brood only show up in the area every few months - probably just long enough to pay whatever taxes are owed on their holdings - before teleporting back to their main home and leaving the Anchor absolutely devoid of anything except the aforementioned lazy guards and an incompetent fire genasi.

I wanted to ban the lot of them from the Lyre. As Bar Manager, I have that authority. No one (do-me) with my baby without suffering my wrath, too. But Fingal reassured me not to worry, because it's not like those people hold any real power. They abandoned this area to go live elsewhere, and anyone with any sense realizes that they only show up when they do because they don't want their properties to be forfeited back to the local government. In time, I imagine the local government will take issue with that approach, but what do I know?

In the meantime, I'll try (no promises...) not to murder that sniveling coward Teris when next I see him. He better not come to the Lyre if he knows what's good for him. Death may only be an inconvenience in this place, but I can still make it hurt like all the Hells, and I won't give a damn what the masses think when Teris becomes a martyr for the umpteenth time. If only Baldur's Gate had a sanatorium...
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