Polymorph shapes (w/ weapons) and the NPC weapons script

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Polymorph shapes (w/ weapons) and the NPC weapons script

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FYI the anti-weapons-in-town script that many NPCs do in cities is activated by any Shape from Polymorph that has a weapon (even if your PC isn't equipping anything at the time!!!!), however, the script does not emote text from the NPC when near your PC, so you cannot hear/see nor realize your PC is about to be auto-arrested.

I just had the experience where my PC was polymorphed and was, at least I thought, out of sight of a BG warden NPC, but without any warning, via the Chat window, my PC was insta-arrested, and it appears altogether I was given no warning.

I know this may seem like SUCH a particular oddity that it isn't worth looking into, but shouldn't an NPC emote be "see-able" by any PC nearby...even if Polymorphed?!?


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