Conditional Proofing + Unusual Background Request?

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Conditional Proofing + Unusual Background Request?

Unread post by Cinnamon » Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:35 am

As mentioned on Discord, here is the Basic Examine & Conditional Examine for Bar. Don't worry, there's more to come... Haha...

Bar is simply a Human with a terrible fate at the hand of Red Wizard's morbid curiosity, though for his additional Elvish, I'm not against starting as a Tiefling to also justify the fact he has a tail in some description.


Torch is a Cigar!
This is a basic description.
Please read conditional and see how you fare~

The Man before you is a particular sort, quite short, discernably around 31, being approximately 4" / 120cm in height. Proudly adorned in what many would consider Slave attire, whilst also wearing next to nothing for clothing otherwise, save two chained shackled, a collar, an iron chained ball on his right ankle, a loincloth and a black speedo underneathe.
His left arm and leg are clearly that of a Gnoll.

His chest is quite hairy, large tufts have been manscaped into tiger-stripe patterns, perhaps, it's blotchy or streak, for the most part. Some even wrapping around his waist and partially down his right arm. ((Those with a background can easily discern it's a vicious perverted stagnation of Lycanthrope Disease.))

His hair seems crisp, almost as if dried up curled blood oranges.
Bar's skin is rugged, worn out as if an egg was left to cook in a desert.
His big round ears stick out amongst these curls, piercing along the outer parts.
His left eyebrow has a large piercing protruding diagonally upwards.
Hoops droop from his nipples and ears, as well as studs and one bar pinched through his top left ear.

His build is exceptionally lean, betraying that of any manual labour expected of a Slave and yet it would seem more than fitting, given his lazy physical mannerisms and loudmouth demeanor. He is at least discernably quick on his feet, his right foot always kicked back, looking ready to sweep something.

He's quite the flamboyant sort, though it seems more instinctual, as he's oblivious to his own mannerisms, often caught being a wild hypocrite. His accent is a thick Northern England mixture, using Polari dictionary, overcompensatingly masculine in design. His strong accent betrays his exceptional intelligence.
He always has a cigarrete in a holder between his fingers, if not a Cigar drooping in the right corner of his mouth, occasionally chomping on it, gritting his teeth - Perhaps a way he showcases a subtle tease of being annoyed?

Conditional Examine:

<Genders:All> Whether it's because of some unknown magic or some hidden beauty beneath the skin, you find it difficult to not stare at this Beastial looking Man. He perhaps catches your attentiong where you may not wish to have it, it is likely frustrationg, as he's topless! Covered in all manners of well maintained and yet mangled fur.

Spellcraft 10: You easily discern that is not of magical means, it is simply some morbid beauty that catches other's attention.

Checks: Elves bar Drow, Aasimar, Tiefling, Rogue, Thayan, Druid.
Bar follows the secrets you speak quite well, even if it seems he cannot quite utilise them the same way. Cant/Draconic/Elvish/Common/Infernal/Celestial/Druid - Fey

Lore: Nobility, Geography 20:
Your knowledge of Faerun has given you ample understanding of where it is in Thay Bar comes from, without being told, you can easily discern he has lived some sort of life within Eltabbar. It is a plausible theory he may be a Thayan Gladiator, by definition of his more Monsterous appearannce.
Bluff 1L It would appear Bar does not deal in trickery and lies, he almost always speaks in 'on the nose' terms. It is safe to believe he is never lying, as when he does, it's beyond blatantly sarcastic or a fuddled attempt caught red handed & cheeks.

Gender Female Aasimar: Bar seems nervous around you.

Gender Male Str 18+: Your bulking muscle seems to intrigue Bar

Gender Male Con 18+: Your hulking mass seems to make Bar concerned.

Paladin: Those of pure heart or otherwise would discern that Bar is of an impartial nature, niether this way nor that, though clearly leans to a more selfish disposition, perhaps seeking some kind of freedon he believes to be adequate to his current situation of sorts.

Tiefling: You feel the gaze of Bar consistently wash over you, it would imply he knows the carnal desire of your race and continually makes it well documented.

Spellcraft 20: It would appear his Cigar & Cigarette are quite magical.

Lore Arcana 20: Those with the knowledge of magical items would discern that his Cigar and Cigarette are in fact, the famous Unlimited Torches, Transmutated down into said poor habits. Curious, that.

Rogue: It would appear that Bar's Cigar and Cigareete, are in fact, Torches, somehow.

Cleric: Your Cleric training has allowed you to discern how Bar came to be. A Cleric of perhaps more Evil origins ha sreattached the body parts back together. The Gnoll Arm, Leg and ears are clearer than your devotion, to be of twisted origins, that he would have had no choice in the matter, being a clear individual of Slavery.

Duelist: Your capacity to parry, riposte and thus disarm your foes has allowed you some interesting insightfulness to Bar. Whilst not one who has particularly trained in the same method as your typical Duelist, it is easily discernable to you that his combat scarring and scuff marks to his Shackles, that he is exceptionally talented at parrying and disarming. His intelligence, whilst not clear through his speech, is quickly discerned as something he applies in the beforehand or heart of combat. Whilst his build is that of someone whose lazier than most, you know the tricks of applying your mental capacity to that in place of your Strength, he has mastered a particular Swashbuckler variation of the training you utilise to add more hurtful strikes, the same beginning, with a different conclusion.

Fighter: You are able to compare your own training against that of Bar's, it seems he is quite the taleneted Warrior, having many battle wounds and an easy understanding of how best to knockdown his close-quarters foe with a clean right sweep, akin to Knockdown or Disarming his approaching foe. Whatever his previous background may be, you might notice more Gladiator tones. He eyes equipment and the person as if he has an absolute understanding of their anatomy and capacity to fight, weaponizing that intellect as a dangerous tool to Disarm those who approach him.

Arcane Scholar: It would seem evident that Bar is not a Scholar, however, he has some curiosity for the Candlekeep, as when you show up, he continually looks at you, like a child who wishes to hear about a story.

Spirit Shaman: As you look at Bar, you may notice that his soul is a fair bit fractured, from constant resurrections. His essence would be that akin to a lost child, crying inside, waiting for someone to notice him and give him a hug but also that of a grown man, who has spent far too long being tortured to the point he is shattered, in the sense that he is no longer able to mentally discern if his life is all it should be.

Barbarian: With your Barbaric Background, you know all too well just who Bar is - A Gladiator, someone who gets into the real nitty gritty of survival. However, betraying that expertise between you, he is clearly very impartial and more akin to that of a good natured or impartial person, who does not wish to injure his opponent without absolute necessity.

Monk: Your training in Monkhood has allowed you the particilar capacity to see within Bar's nature and combat expertise. He is not exactly a Monk, however, he seems to have a very compassionate method at dealing with hostile targets and his skin is easily considered rough from unhanded combat. From his Claws, you'd perhaps theorise he's more akin to that of someone trained with Magical Creature weaponary and foot work.

Rogue: You are easily able to discern that Bar has quite the capacity for Roguery, as he just communicated to you with Rogue Cant.

Open Lock 15: Your capacity with opening locks has lead you into looking at Bar's fingers, his claws come right of the flat tips, curious as it is, you are more intrigued by the fact those said Claws are shaped unmistakably like Lock Picking Tools.

Human: Bar does not seem particularly intrigued by your Human origin.
For Humans 18-25:
Bar seems to coddle you like an Older Brother, Uncle or Father figure. It's not exactly clear and he tries to not be condescending with the "Kiddo Talk".
Though, it likely irritates you to some degree.

Sense Motive 1: You sense that Bar holds no ill-intent towards anyone, even if he can speak funny, sound quite abusive and disarm hostile targets.
You do, instead, sense a compassion to strive his best to be liked, contradictory to his mannerisms, especially that of his less than half-assed habits.
Survival 5, Spot 5: You can easily discern those Big Round Ears are Gnoll.

Lore Local 5: Locals to the Sword Coast may question whether Bar is truly from around these parts, he may say he is, but can he really be?

Lore History 20: Those with the perchant for history will undobutly have read a book detailing clear signs of Thay Slavery.

Ranger: Those with the nose of a Ranger will not mistake the smells of Dalmation , Gnoll and Tiger fur. How curious. And Scorpion. Can't forget the Scorpion.

Spot 20: Upon closer inspectiong, you notice the Man's Tiger stripes are clearly Lycanthrope disease, that he was once Human and now a monstrosity of some description. The bleak, bulky strands of Tiger gashes have served to cover the sewn up, torn asunder flesh, a clear depiction of being examined by someone who clearly didn't care to do even a decent job at putting the skin back together, suggesting they were likely someone with more Necromantic means than practical meticulousness. His Scorpion tail, half-sliced off, is wrapped around and tucked within his Loincloth.

Heal 10: You discern that there are stab, claw, scalpal wounds and an infection all over his torso, perhaps they're curable with enough attention?
Lore Arcana 30, Cleric, Ranger, Paladin, Druid:
Without a doubt, Bar has been resurrected multiple times and perversed through the powers of Necromancy. His body parts are crudely attached and his Lycanthrope has been stagnated via minor Chronomancy molestations. Whoever did this is a truly sick person.

All Caster Capable Bases, Warlock, Rogue: True Sight Only:
His tongue is revealed to be a new one altogether, having been cut out and crudely replaced with a softer, Flesh-Golem one, slotted with a magical means. Spellcraft 10: Those with magical understanding would discern it is the Comprehend languages spell, anyone can discern this is likely done to antagonise Bar, for he has a crude accent and will only utilise Common via physical means.

Thayan Knight: You know this Man to be a filthy, rotten Slave from the City of Eltabbar. You've heard about his mischief, lazy attitude and disobedience, that led to his amputation. However, you've also heard of his triumphs as a Thayan Gladiator within Eltabbar. Being the Monsterous Experiment that he is, you can understand why.
How he came to be in the Sword Coast is likely none of your concern, you may be in the understanding he should be captured at once and sent back to wence he came, if not slain at the first sight of sullying your pristine Thayan heritage.

Red Wizard; It's a filthy, muelling, gruelling, pathetic Slave. It's not concern of yours, even with his strange magical existence, you likely do not care to be privvy of another's dejected curiosity.
On second glance, you may have noticed the insigia of House Rhym, petty Transmutators, such a waste of latent talent! Pfah, it could have been House Tam, The Noble House of Necromancers? Or it's that repugnent House Quantoul, dedicators to the Experimental... Now there's an interesting thought!
The outlier Red Wizard would cleanly discern hs ie likely to be House Quantoul's property who has associate with the aforementioned two.
"Bah, it's of no concern to me. It's a Slave!" - Typical Red Wizard.

End Scene. Thank you to all those that read this far. I've tried my best over the years to collect the correct information and make sure that he does not air on the side of home-brew in many a fashion, though I suppose re-skinning Torches constitutes as such? *shrugs*

At any rate, I hope you are all having a wondrous time this year and the many more to come.

Sincerely, Cinnamon Sundae.

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Re: Conditional Proofing + Unusual Background Request?

Unread post by Snarfy » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:04 am

I highly recommend you read the server rules. Specifically the part about playing your character sheet.

I would say more, but I am bound by the first part of the server rules, specifically the part about being respectful.
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