Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian

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Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian

Unread post by krighaur »

First Name: Luniel
Last Name: Kumerian

Race: Aasimar.
Age: 18.
Height: 1m78.
Weight: 70 kg.
Skin: Green with some pebbles mainly under the eyes
Features: A common girl, with a smiling face and a strong built body.
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Red.


Personality Profile
General Health: strong, agile and resistant
General behavior: smiling, happy and friendly
Deity: Séluné
Initial Alignment: guess ;)
Profession: knows a lot about hunting, farming and life in the wilds. Learned to pick lock as a hobby (no need to be brutal is her favourite expression) and learned about herbs and potions with her mother.

Home and family
Luniel comes from a small village of hunters and farmers situated at the North East border of Sharpteeth wood.
Her father is a barbarian of great strength. Her mother and her twin sister are the daughters of a high priestess of Selune, who had them with a Planetar. Both twin were concealed by their mother when their settlement was raided by orcs, and they were discovered, as the two only survivors by Luniel's tribe some days later. The two young girls where raised by Luniel's tribe, and later one of them married Luniel's father.
Luniel speak often of them, naming them as dad and mom. She also speaks of her mother's twin, and her husband who she considers the best hunter in the world. Her father being the strongest fighter.

Luniel has also an older brother (6 years more). She only says he is an idiot.

Physical Description
Luniel's skin is green, and at first look she may appear as an orc or half-orc. When you are close to her there is no doubt, her features are human with green skin, and some pebble marks. She has long red hairs which she breads on her back. Her eyes are green.

Luniel is tall, 1 m78 (5'5"), and well built. Her shoulders are large for a woman,and she wears on her back, a large greataxe and a bow. It's evident that she is strong and know it.
She is an ordinary girl, and could be more attractive if she paid some attention to her look. Clothes have only an utilitarian function and although she keeps them clean, she doesn't care much about sartorial elegance.

Psychological Description
Luniel is a simple girl who has simple needs.

She doesn't know how to read or write. Her mother tried many times to teach her, but Luniel was always attracted by her father and uncle activities outside.

She was laughed at by the other kids from her village for her green skin. As a result she had no friends and was always a lone child. Her parents and family tried to protect her the best they could, but it resulted in more loneliness, as the other child mocked the green daughter of the chief. Her brother, older and with a great influence over other child, could have helped her. Apparently he didn't.

But Luniel is not resentful. She is friendly and approachable. She also take great care of not judging people from their look. She suffered too much from this behavior, and don't want to make others suffer for the same reason.

She loves her family. The bad thing is that Luniel doesn't know how to interact with people. You may hear her telling, "I let my heart speak" and it's true. She doesn't see cunning and scheme in other behaviors. Someone who doesn't call her an orc is kind and merit to be listened.
The other drawback is that Luniel relied heavily on her parents to decide what to do. In Baldur she is alone, and miss her parents advices.

All these may let people think she is a bit dumb. In reality it's far from that, and people who would see farther than the appearances would discover a very intelligent girl, curious about many things and eager to learn.

Luniel has also discovered (may explain how in RP) that she is subject to rage. Her father, who can also rage, tried to explain her how to use this blessing, but for Luniel it's a curse. She is afraid of this force in her which she can't control.
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Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian follower of Séluné, returned to her small insignifiant village and lives her insignifiant life quietly

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Re: Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian

Unread post by krighaur »


The night began to fall on the small group advancing in the forest. At the head was Ardak Kumerian, a tall and muscular man, with short redhair. At his side, Kollos, his best friend and brother-in-law.

Ardak raised an arm "we'll stop here"
Kollos replied, "you do not want to go on bro, we're barely half a day from the village, forcing the pace can be there before the middle of the night"

Kollos knew that his friend's wife was about to give birth and that he would certainly have wished to assist her at that moment.

"No, Kollos, it's too dangerous, we could be surprised by marauding orcs, and better not fight them at night, and then Lunivil is not alone, your wife is with her."
Kollos chuckled, "Yes, it's true they're always together, it seems like all the twins are like that. So another night in the wild ...."

The group stopped for the night, then left early in the morning. When they arrived at the village, it was in turmoil. Lunivil, Ardak's wife, had given birth shortly after midnight. Ardak quickly greeted the hunters who accompanied him, charging them to take care of the proceeds of the hunt, and then stalked to his home.

The shaman was in the main room and he immediately called Ardak, "Ardak, with all due respect, your wife had a daughter, but there is a problem ..."
Ardak exclaimed, "What's wrong with Lunivil?"

The shaman new how quick tempered the chief of the village was. He raised his hands in appeasement "calm down chief, your wife is healthy, your daughter too ... well, if it's your daughter?"

Ardak loved his wife deeply, and the insinuation of the shaman brought him out of his hinges. He growled "What do you insinuate old man?"

"Hola, calm guys and shout less loudly, the delivery was difficult and your wife is resting Ardak" The sister of his wife, Lunebelle had just appeared at the doorstep of the room."

Ardak dropped a tone "Okay, Lun, but what's the problem?"

Before Lunebelle had time to speak, the shaman spitted, "The girl has green skin, either a demon or an orc ..."

Ardak clenched his fists ready to strike the chaman

Kollos held Ardak "calm you Ardak ... rather see by yourself"

"Yes, calm down Ardak and come see your daughter." Lunebelle spoke in a reassuring tone, while smiling "Because she looks like you, so it would surprise me that she is not your daughter"

Ardak followed his step sister. In the bedroom his wife was half asleep on their bed. She had a weak smile to which he replied. He wanted to take her in his arms, but that would wait. He went to the cradle. Her sister-in-law took the baby and gave it to him
"Look how beautiful she is, and strong like you, 5 kg!"

Ardak looked down at the child. She was actually green. He looked at her wife incredulously and then returned to the child. Both the father and child stared at each other for a moment. Others in the room held their breath, waiting for a reaction.
The baby smiled at the huge barbarian, reaching out to him with both hands. Ardak smiled and took the little hands of the child in his.

Kollos had put his hand on his shoulder and Lunebelle replied "Look, how she needs you, and for the color, I do not know, except that mother said we had angel's blood, perhaps Luniel has inherited it."
Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian follower of Séluné, returned to her small insignifiant village and lives her insignifiant life quietly

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Re: Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian

Unread post by krighaur »

(A typical day from her youth)

After the morning breakfast, Luniel's parents had gone to their jobs: her father Ardak was cutting wood and her mother Lunivil had joined her sister with whom she was preparing the salted meat for the winter.

Before leaving Lunivil had given her instructions to the children "Luniel, you will go get mushrooms, bring back what you find we will make an omelette tonight"
"Yes mom"

Her mother approved smiling and turned to her son "Kailan you do not forget that you have to help your father cut wood"
"Rhaa, he can do well without me, I have things to do!"
"Which things ?"
"Give up woman, you cannot understand, and father is always yelling at me" without waiting for the answer the young man turned on his heels and left

Lunivil put her head in her hands "Woman what ! I am your mother ... arg he is gone, this boy is going to drive me crazy"
Luniel came to curl up against her mother "do not worry you mom, after the mushrooms I'll help dad and I'll stack the wood. Daddy is not always yelling, Kailan lies."
The mother kissed her daughter on the forehead "that's kind Lulu, but that does not stop your brother going to have to explain himself tonight, he still has to hang out with his bunch of rascals and I do not like that."

On leaving Luniel crossed a small group of children at the village square. On seeing her, they began to sneer and imitate croaking frogs. Luniel shook her head and continued on her way. She had long understood that her green skin made people suspicious about her.

A little further she met one of the few girls in the village who did not make fun of her. Her closed and sad face lit up with a smile
"Hello Marion, are you coming with me to mushrooms?"
"No, mother does not want me to go with you, she says you bring misfortune."
"Pff, anything .. and anyway she will not know you were with me"
"Yes she would, she asked my brother to watch me .... oops he gets there, sorry Lu, but I have to leave." she ran away. Alone, Luniel wiped her cheek, from which tears began to flow. She closed her eyes and whispered, "Lady of the Moon, I'm tired of being alone, help me please". Of course she had no answer, but this simple evocation was enough to temporarily dismiss her sorrows.

Just out of the village, she came face to face with her brother and his gang who were blocking the way. Her brother was older than she was, almost 6 years, and was a head taller. He was with his friends, and the three had a dirty reputation for being deceivers, liars. When they did not make animals suffer, they amused themselves by harassing the younger ones. Luniel was not afraid of them, and anyway she had to go through them. She advanced her head straight. One of the boys pushed her violently, causing her to fall into a puddle. He laughed "a frog in the water". The others laughed. She stared at her brother "Kailan, I'll tell daddy, and you'll have to go help him instead of .."

She did not have time to finish her sentence her brother had kicked her in the thigh "Shut your frog mouth green critter, and if you reports I'll make you eat your tongue, get out now you stink orc smell" he ended his sentence with a master slap that made the whole group laugh. Luniel held back her tears. She did not want to give them that satisfaction. She picked up her basket and ran away, turning around, only when her breath began to run out.

A little later in the morning, Luniel had filled her mushroom basket, and she was returning to the village where her father and uncle Kollos were.
"Ah Lulu, do you know where your brother is? He was supposed to help me."
"No dad, I did not see him"
Her father stared at her, then noticing her cheek, which still bore the traces of the hit "You fought again?"
"No, I ... um I fell ... yes that's it I fell .... uh do you want me to help you?"
Ardak frowned and knelt "Lulu you lie very poorly"
Luniel turned her head and started to cry. Her father gently forced her to look at him, and seeing the tear hugged her, "Who did that to you darling?"
"Daddy, I fell, that's all"

Ardak's brother-in-law, Kollos, had approached them. "Drop Ardak, you see she will not say it ... we should better teach her to defend herself, you can not always be behind her."
"You're right, Kol, go get what we booked for her birthday"

Luniel's uncle came back a few minutes later with a small axe which he put in the child's arms "Here it is yours, your first axe."

Luniel took the axe, turned it over and watched it from every angle. "Oh, she's beautiful, thank you."

Her broad smile was a pleasure to see. Her father spoke again, "You're going to cut wood with that, you'll build muscles, and I'll show you how to fight with your hands and feet, but you have to promise not to use that to annoy the weaker than you are, only to defend yourself and your loved ones "
"Promised Dad, I do not want to hurt people, it would make the Moon Lady cry, but I want to have big arms like yours and be as strong as you"
Ardak smiled, ruffling his hair "We're going to try my big one, to begin with, while we finish splitting the trunk, you're going to go slash the big piece of oak there ... okay? "
"Yes Dad !" Luniel headed for the oak head proudly holding her new axe in front of her. Then she began her work.

"She's doing well" remarked her father
"It's normal, she's watching and copying everything you do" Kollos replied.
"Yes, she's a good girl, too bad she feels so lonely and sidelined ... damned green skin ..."
"You know our wives think it's a blessing, and it's true that it gives her some advantages, did you notice that she seems to see in the dark as in daylight?"
"Yes, I saw that, and she does not fear the cold at all either, so I'm sorry we do not have more information about her grandmother, according to Lunivil and your wife that would be the key"
"I'm afraid we will never know, at least she's endearing ... but enough talking, there's still lot of wood uncut"
"You're right, we're talking almost more than our women" Ardak got up. A broad smile was blocking his face. He spat in his hands, rubbed them together and grabbed a huge axe "at work!"
Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian follower of Séluné, returned to her small insignifiant village and lives her insignifiant life quietly

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Re: Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian

Unread post by krighaur »

TEENAGE YEARS (Marion and Kailan)

NOTE : I am not a native english speaker and this writing contains certainly many grammatical or syntax error. If someone could help me eliminate them it would be greatly appreciated

Luniel is now 16 years old. Her body has transformed and begins to attract the interest of boys. She is certainly powerful and muscular, but also feminine and attractive. She is therefore much less the target of ridicule, and those who make fun do that not openly.

Marion is the best, if not the only, friend of Luniel. She is 18 years old, and is the "beauty" of the village. She is very attractive, she knows it, and plays with the boys. But she also has a deep affection for Luniel and makes every effort to integrate her into the community.

Kailan, is the brother of Luniel. He is 22 years old and left the village to live his life not far in a community that venerates Malar. He is very intelligent and devious. He is also a handsome boy who no longer counts his conquests, or rather his trophies as he names them. He briefly went with Marion, but she quickly told him it was over between them.


The village was in celebration. It was the end of the harvesting and everyone was gathered in the main square for a meal and dancing. Luniel and Marion were talking outside of the place's lights.

"Lulu, I have to leave you a moment, I have an appointment at the pond with Kailan"

"Kailan ... he's coming here? I thought you broke up with him? Be careful he's mean."

"Don't worry Lulu, he just wants to talk to me, I'm coming back soon, did you learn the dance we have to do together?"

"Yes, but it annoys me to dance in front of everyone ..." replied shyly Luniel

Marion laughed a little "Luluuuu, everything will be fine ... review the steps of the dance ... I'm going now" she gave her a wink and a gentle pats on her cheek and slipped away.

Some minutes later Marion arrived at the pond, located a hundred meters from the main square. It was desert.


Nothing but a rustle of foliage

"Kailan, I know you are here, stop that ... help " she yelped. Kailan had just risen behind her and had taken her by the waist.

He put a hand on her mouth. "Do not scream and everything will be fine"

The girl noded and he removed his hand "You're stupid, why are you doing this, you scared me ... and stop, I told you it was over" kailan had tried to put a hand up to caress her chest and she had violently pushed back

"Why is it the green that got your head up?"

"Leave Luniel out of this, you hurt her enough, you should be ashamed, she is your little sister and you should help her instead of being a jerk"

Kailan laughed, "Shame, why, she's a frog, and she annoys me." He forced Marion to turn and tried to kiss her. Marion pushed him away, but he was stronger than her, he forced her to lie down.

Luniel was worried. Her brother had been driven out of the village by their father and he had promised revenge. What would he want from Marion ?
She was circling the square and then decided to go to the pond. When she arrived she heard noises of struggle. As she approached, she saw Kailan trying to control Marion.

Seeing her, Marion screamed "Lu he wants .... help ..." Kailan had silenced her with a master slap.

Luniel jumped forward and pulled her brother back, freeing Marion "What do you do, leave her alone"

"Rhha green critter, this is an adult thing, not for baby frog, just move along .."

Marion had got up and placed behind Luniel. Her clothes were torn. Luniel stared at his brother "Why do you do that, I'll tell daddy"

Kailan screamed "you really do not understand half orc ... I gave you a chance to leave ...." drool flowed from his lips and his exhilarated eyes were disturbing "I, too speak to the moon, but it's not like your lady, the moon answers me, look stupid girl " he uttered another howl

The two girls horrified, saw his face turning into that of a wolf, hairs on all his body "Marion flies, I cover you"

"No, he will kill you"

She had barely finished her sentence that Kailan had jumped on his sister and knocked her down. He was on her and was trying to bite her. Luniel struggled but in his bestial form Kailan was stronger than she was. She shouted "Mario, go get daddy"

Marion was frightened and was not used to fighting but she could not bring herself to abandon her friend. Searching around her she noticed a big stone that she grabbed and with which she tried to hit Kailan.

The tenfold senses of the young man had scented the blow. Without letting go of his sister, he hit Marion with a flip of a hand. The blow had been violent enough to knock the young woman back. He focused again on his sister, his fangs a few inches from her throat. If the shaman of Malar was true, her blood would be delicious.

Luniel was about to break up, she implored Selune, but it was another force that answered her. Her bowels tightened, her vision was gone ... she could no more see her wolf brother, but just a red form that wanted to kill her and that she had to kill. Luniel screamed and unleashed all her rage. It was enough to repel his brother. She stood up at the same time as he and they faced each other.
to be continued ...
Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian follower of Séluné, returned to her small insignifiant village and lives her insignifiant life quietly

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Re: Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian

Unread post by krighaur »

Not far from there, at the square, the villagers had heard Kailan's howl before his metamorphosis. Most adults knew what it meant. Mothers looked for their children.

Almost at the same time Lunivil and Marion's mother exclaimed with anguish "My daughter .... where is she ?"

Kollos, had understood. He called his brother-in-law and they walked over to the screaming spot, the rest of the village on their heels.

Near the pond, the brother and sister faced each other. Luniel was holding her shoulder, trying to contain the blood flowing where her brother had bitten her deeply.
Despite her pain, her blooded vision and the rage to kill, she kept enough lucidity to think of her friend "Marion, save yourself, flee quickly"

Marion was not used to fighting, far from it, but she had the courage of simple people and could not bring herself to leave Luniel. She picked up a piece of wood "No, I'll help you Lulu"

Kailan was about to jump on his sister again when his keen senses alerted him of the arrival of a crowd. He struck his chest, screamed in spite as he turned to the moon and fled at full speed.

When they reached the pond, the villagers saw Luniel haggard, her dress torn and bloody at shoulder level, and next to her Marion, whose tattered clothes hung on her.

Marion's mother ran towards her daughter crying, her father went towards Luniel threatening "Dirty demon what did you do to Marion ?"

Ardak had been more quick and had interposed "No one touches my daughter !"

Marion shouted "Leave her, she did nothing wrong, she defended me", then freeing herself from her mother's embrace she ran towards Luniel and stood between her and the crowd, arms outstretched. "Lulu saved me, heal her instead of manacing her"

"So why is she in this state" yelled her father

"It's Kailan ... he's a wolfman, he wanted me ... but Luniel stopped him, he fled there" Marion turned to the direction the lycanthrope went.

"Bastard, we're going to kill him"

"No, stay here" All faces turned to Kollos who had just shouted "Hunting a werewolf under the full moon cannot be improvised, and he is certainly not the only one judging by the howls who answer each other "

Ardak continued "You are right ... let's go back, we will hunt tomorrow. In the meantime we double the night guards, and we will get the silver weapons. Those who do not fight, go home and barricade yourself"

"And we're taking care of your daughter" The shaman showed Luniel's deep gash on the shoulder "Take her to my hut, and quickly if you don't want to have two werewolves".
Luniel Kumerian half angel/half barbarian follower of Séluné, returned to her small insignifiant village and lives her insignifiant life quietly

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