Ice Troll Berserker feat bugged

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Ice Troll Berserker feat bugged

Unread post by The Butler »

The Ice Troll Berserker feat should give a +8 natural AC bonus when used with Epic Rage. This used to work just fine.

I used to wear a +4 natural AC amulet. Raging (at Epic Rage) would give me +4 AC on top of the +4 from the amulet (since 4 AC from the rage would be negated by the 4 AC from the amulet, since the two don't stack). Now, it only gives a +6 bonus total instead of +8, negated by the amulet which already provides +4 AC. Leaving me with only +2 natural AC ontop of my total AC when I rage.

In total my AC has decreased by 2, leaving my barbarian character more vulnerable at level 30.

Basically, I used to get 44 AC when using Epic Rage with Ice Troll Besrserker at level 30 (27 of which barbarian). Now I only get 42 AC tops.

So, Epic Rage with Ice Troll Berserker now only gives +6 instead of +8.

Was this deliberate, or is it a bug? If it was deliberate, I do not understand why it was done, because this was the only way my character is going to compete at higher level areas. And epic rage is something reserved to higher level barbarians, so it isn't like someone could get these feats at a lower level.

I hope my post is clear enough on the mechanics. If not I'll elaborate.

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Re: Ice Troll Berserker feat bugged

Unread post by Theodore01 »

Are you using a shield ?
(Note that the Jun 02, 2017 Update implemented a -2 AC penalty while using a shield while under the effects of a Whirwind Frenzy. See forum post at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2716&p=744842)

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Re: Ice Troll Berserker feat bugged

Unread post by Tekill »

Barbs get an ac bonus of +2 by level 20. Last big update nerfed barbs so that lthey ose this plus 2 when they rage.
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