Retired Character Rebuild (RCR): Rules & Tips

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Retired Character Rebuild (RCR): Rules & Tips

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In the interest of promoting a better experience during Retired Character Rebuild process, here are some rules, tips and tricks to consider. You can find more information in our Wiki here.

I. Rules for RCR
II. Tips & Tricks for RCR

  • Do not RCR a character and then create one with the same name and immediately log in.
    • If you are creating a character with the same name, wait until server reset to create the new character. The server will only recognize the oldest character file upon login and will overwrite any new ones. This also causes an issue for languages within the database.

  • Campfires are not a perferred method of muling and will not be replaced as per this thread.
    • Campfire Crashes and Item Loss
      The DM Team will no longer be reimbursing items lost due to muling using campfires. Utilizing campfires for muling items is highly discouraged due to incidents of crashes and the possibility of theft. Relying on another player for muling is a far safer choice. Use campfires to mule items only at your own risk.

  • If your character name is permanently changing in any way for the RCR, please be sure to empty your pack horse and storage; otherwise you'll permanently lose them.
  • Wizards: If a spell in the spell book needs transferring and is not available from a store on this list, scribe it in preparation for the RCR.
    • Remember: There is a coded hard cap of 255 spells for wizard spell books.
    • Most custom server spells must be chosen on level up as only a handful are available as scrolls in game an shops/loot.
    • The server fires a script if you learn 246+ spells and a random assortment will be taken from the spell book until the total number of spells is reduced back to 245.

  • The cap at level 20 remains in place. No matter how much XP you pool, you can only RCR up to level 20.
  • Level 1-10 characters will receive 100% of their experience back.
  • RCR mechanics offer diminishing returns as you get closer to level 20. Please see the chart below:
    • 11 = 95%
      12 = 90%
      13 = 85%
      14 = 80%
      15 = 75%
      16 = 70%
      17 = 65%
      18 = 60%
      19 = 55%
      20 = 50%

  • You can't store experience from another character until you reclaim the previous deposit. If you have a previous deposit the NPC won't talk to you.
  • You can only reclaim stored experience with a character that has less than 100 XP.
Tips & Tricks
  • It's easier (if the character's name is completely different) to make the new character before you ask someone to help you transfer.
    • This way you can quickly retrieve your items from the other party without having to go through the character creation process and/or leveling and potentially mess up.

  • Check to make sure you aren't carrying gold before deleting your character.
  • Make sure to unequip all items and transfer them before deleting your character.
  • Before you begin leveling/changing the newly made character, please log out once and log back in.
    • This will protect you if the server crashes in an unexpected way.

  • Before you begin leveling/changing the newly made character, use the "Save Character" function on the DMFI.
    • This will protect you if the server crashes in an unexpected way.

  • If someone else is holding your items, ask them to quickly log off and log back in.
    • This is a sure way to save the character if something happens during transfer.

  • If you anticipate that your character's name is going to permanently change, please remember to unload all items from your pack horse and storage. Returning these are not feasible.
  • If you don't want to lose custom journal entries from your old character: copy the contents of the old journal .txt file from your Neverwinter Nights 2 folder into the .txt file for your new character. If you keep an identical name, you can omit this step.