PSA: Forum Reorganization

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PSA: Forum Reorganization

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Hi BG Community!

You will soon see the forums changing around quite a bit with things being worked on, reorganized, archived or deleted. The administration wanted to give you a heads up about it, so that nobody's confused as to what's happening. This is part of the forum clean-up as described in the Strategic Planning Document, and is meant to encourage better flow and use of organization. You can review said document's current goals specifically here:

Forum Clean-Up.

The forums are in need of maintenance, to include updating outdated information, unsticking outdated news items, better organizing existing information for ease of use, and updating things like server lore and history. This is a continual process, same as the wiki, requiring regular forum auditing.
Another ask the admins have is going through your PM inbox and deleting PMs you no longer need or use. If you have any posts that you absolutely love and don't want to lose, please be sure to store a back up copy elsewhere other than on these forums. Any questions about the changes can be directed to Miasmata or Zanniej by posing the question in a PM to the Global Admin PM Group.