Cavestalker Bugs & Issues

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Cavestalker Bugs & Issues

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I am currently playing a drow Ranger/Cavestalker build. This is a list of bugs/problems i've encountered with the cavestalker PRC so far.

Areas Where Cavestalker feats aren't working properly
1. Goblin Cave Lower Depths (Area with the goblin chieftan boss)
2. North of the Tarpits
3. South of the Tarpits

General Bugs
1. Applying any form of haste while cavestalker benefits are added will cause a permanent haste-movement effect. This effect persists until the cavestalker benefits are removed by entering an area where cavestalker does not work.

Bonus Feats
1. The Bonus feats granted by Cavestalker should be specified more clearly. Right now it simply lists as follows: Bonus Feats from the Ranger list
  • I had hoped to pick up Northlander Hewing from this bonus feat selection. The only feats I was given a choice to choose from the level 3 cavestalker bonus feat include: Combat Expertise, Great Cleave, Ranger favored enemies. Some clarification would be greatly appreciated here I think, as I don't know if the current selection is intended to be this way or not.

I'm not high enough level for Ranger HiPS. I will report back here if I find anything working incorrectly.

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