Stories from the coast by Terri 'Xon

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Stories from the coast by Terri 'Xon

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Disclaimer: All stories are recalled from memory and are given from my own personal perspective.
Disclaimer: All stories listed while intending to be in order will most definitely not be in chronological order.
Disclaimer: All stories will be honest, but taken from my current frame of mind, not from the frame of mind I was in at those times.
Disclaimer: New stories will be added over time. feel free to Pm me and goad me into keeping it up if you enjoy what your reading and want more.
///ooc: this journal will be written and left within the conservatory at the Phoenix Company Lodge. If any wish to rp claiming to have read any portion of it then they must first post to this link: (phoenix Company public rp)

First Arrival on the coast (1349)

I am Terri 'Xon, formerly known as Terri Lalani. I arrived on the coast in the spring of 1349. I was not the person I am today. Back then I was a spoiled brat that was used to getting whatever I wanted, however I wanted, and with whomever I wanted. Upon arrival I met Mercury Dreskia. He was the brother to my sisters lover Yoruichii. Mercury desired me from the start and since he was assigned by my sister and Lexa to watch over me there was little I could do about it. Now to be honest Mercury was dam good looking. Me of the past certainly saw ways to exploit that ego associated with his good looks. I didn't want a baby sitter though and when opportunity presented itself I was able to escape to the farmlands. That is where I met pain. He was sitting at the campfire and I informed him I required his services. He was happy to comply, in so far as I would enter into a formal contract with him. Pain wanted only one gold to seal this contract. After that he agreed to be my loyal servant. My slave to do with as I pleased. This is what he wanted and I was perfectly fine with the arrangement. I treated him poorly. The worse I treated him the happier he seemed to be with me. My mind is fuzzy about many of the details but in short he was my meat shield. Mercury was livid with jealousy concerning Pain. Whenever he was not around I needed only think of needing Pain at my side and he would quickly arrive. Given that he was a hellfire warlock mattered little to me at the time and most likely explains how he knew my needs. Within days of arriving I also managed to apprentice myself to a blood mage from house Vol based out of Nashkel. I do not recall my first death, but it was by her as she informed me it was needed in order for me to hear the song of the blood. This went on for only a few weeks before Lexa finally got wind of what was occurring. She confronted my Master and forced her to release me from my blood bond. I had to die again in order to be released. All memories of how to manipulate magic by using blood vanished upon my revival. Shortly after that Lexa convinced Yoriuchii to send me away to a supposed church organization was at but in truth ended up being a cult. I was imprisoned and stayed for six months.

Second arrival on the coast (1350)

I was messed up! Having been tortured and abused for all that time splintered my personality into four separate Entities. I was Terri, Tricks, Trouble, and Bast.
Terri is the me of today, Tricks was the one who took the pain and was the dominate personality while enslaved. Trouble was the one who fought the cultists, even managed to kill one of the cultists, and Bast, who was the protected innocence of my childhood. All of them, with the exception of Bast that is clamored for time up front. But like the first time I was met by Mercury upon my arrival, but this time he was not going to allow what had occurred to happen again. I was so afraid of all men back then. Hells, I was afraid of everything. (getting tired and will continue this later)
Terri Lalani
Council of Phoenix Company

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