Roleplay Experience buff in groups

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Roleplay Experience buff in groups

Unread post by LazyTrain » Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:13 pm

Just tossing my hat in the ring for an idea, but buffing how much EXP you get from RP posts when you're surrounded by a large group. Might also help to promote group activities as opposed to just solo grinding. I'd love discussion on it though, I may not know the full technical imbalances of such a thing.

Edit:: Maybe something like 3-5% per extra person, nothing huge, but enough that group activities are slightly more rewarding.

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Re: Roleplay Experience buff in groups

Unread post by K'yon Oblodra » Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:45 am

I like where you are coming from, rewarding group play is a good intent.

If you ask me the RP xp however is already quite good.

I know leveling on the server can feel quite slow at times but that in my opinion is a matter of perception.

If you play and you're really looking to get to a certain level because you know, you get that cool ability there, or the next spell level or whatever it may be that you desire, that is when leveling can feel slow especially if you're doing it mainly through RP.

For me that kinda was true until I hit the 9th level spells with my character, then the motivation to gain levels kind of feel off pretty heavily.

Now I just play to develop these stories and ideas for my character and I am actually surprised how quickly I level up.

The other factor of course is how much time you have to invest into the game. If it's little you might want to utilise your time as efficient as possible. Then again you put pressure onto yourself which might diminish your fun.

I'd suggest just kind of going with the flow and ignoring the xp gain, it's not always possible of course but it helps, cause in the end evert if you gain more experience, if your goal is to level up you'll always feel like it's not going fast enough.

Sorry if this is a bit of a long ramble, I think the RP is actually in a good spot now and wouldn't change it.

Other than that maybe as a little hint to gain xp faster, you could RP while grinding, especially if you can find something meaningful, like some kind of important item you might take from the slain for your characters plot line that could be cool.

Hope this was worth your time XD.

Cheers K'yon
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Re: Roleplay Experience buff in groups

Unread post by Endelyon » Thu Nov 28, 2019 9:06 am

I considered this when we revised RP exp a couple years back, but I thought it seemed a bit unfair for "big group" RP to be considered more valuable (at least in terms of exp gain) than "small group" RP, like almost as if it subtly sends the message that if you're RPing with only one other person then "you're not doing it right." As a result we just made it pretty high across the board.

For a short while we even had further increased RP exp in taverns for some reason... :think:

Making it higher than it is now though would run the risk of making RP blatantly more efficient for leveling than combat, and I do think the two options should ideally stay "about equal." I suppose maybe the same bonus could be applied to larger groups in combat as well too though if it's felt that the overall exp rate is still too low!

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