Salim El-Faddir: Man of Many Masks

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Salim El-Faddir: Man of Many Masks

Unread post by kitteninablender » Thu Nov 28, 2019 10:19 am

All men wear masks. Every day. Even if we do not realize it.

We put on false smiles and false bravado when we start to crumble within.

Every moment of every day beings in this world put on facades to manipulate and deceive.

The difference between myself and the others: At least I'm the assh-le who tells you that he's lying to you.

My name is Salim El-Habib et-Hital el-Faddir. Known to my people, the Bedine, as "The Beloved Desert Wind That Travels Many Sands."

Jester, Street Magician, and Comedian by trade. General pain-in-the-(hiney) to anyone of respectable authority. And boy, kids, do I have a story for you.

A story of Monsters and Eldritch Abominations that linger upon the edge of Reality. Gazing. Waiting. THINGS that should not be. Monstrosities which float within the depths of the void of the Stars, and ever plot and scheme.

Ever do they slumber. As ancient as time itself. Old when the Gods were young, and privy to secrets of the multiverse that no man was ever meant to know.

Things that, should a man know, would drive him incurably and inexorably insane.

Just. Like. Me.

But that is the price for Knowledge. Madness. For there are things in this multiverse that, merely to be aware of them, is to degrade one's own sanity.

But Madness does, indeed, have a face.

Insanity does, indeed, have a name.

And that name..... THARIZDUN.


The Chained God. The Elder Elemental Eye. The Lord of Madness.

In the beginning....yes, the VERY beginning, the Multiverse was Void. Unshaped. The very Laws of Nature had yet to be scribed. There was only Darkness. Emptiness.

The Chaos, for reasons unknown, spawned into being an Entity of pure malevolence which sought only to unmake all existence.

This Forgotten God reached into the depths of the Crucible of All Creation and drew forth from within a Shard of Pure Evil. Contained within were the essence of beings of pure wickedness that were spawned from the Shard.

These beings were the Obyrith. Primordial beings as ancient as the cosmos.

And when Tharizdun touched the shard his mind shattered into pieces, and his heart was instantly driven completely Evil. For to touch such a thing was to be corrupted absolutely.

He hurled the crystal into the violent maelstrom that was the Elemental Chaos. The place of power of the ancient Primordials, that Tharizdun had sought to claim for himself.

Within the Elemental Chaos the Shard of Pure Evil shattered, and where it fragmented it tore open a hole in reality that began to permeate and expand. And continues to grow to this very day.

For it was from this Shard of Pure Evil that the Infinite Abyss first sprang into existence.

The Obyrith: Pazuzu, Pale Night, and all the others manifested into physical beings. Physical beings which would become the progenitors of the Tanar'Ri.

This Abyss was a threat to reality itself. And so the Ancient Gods, beings of Law and Order, put aside all of their differences, briefly, and fought the Mad God. Eventually imprisoning him within a Cell in the deepest, darkest regions of reality.

A place so far deep within the Abyss, so close to the edge of known reality that Tharizdun's own poisoned mind would eventually shape it into an endless vortex of pure Insanity.

A place that would come to be known to scholars as THE FAR REALM!


And as Tharizdun would struggle against his chains, he would bleed. And from his blood would be spawned incredible Horrors that would become the Lords of the Far Realm.

Creatures known as the Uvuudaum.


Uvuudaum. Creatures capable of warping the very fabric of Time and Space all around them.

And, of course, the other denizens of the Far Realm which are infinitely just as malicious. Shapeshifters, capable of assuming any form, their true forms, like the Obyrith, so horrible that they defy Reality.

The Malaugrym


The stories that I have to tell you, boys and girls, are stories straight out of your worst nightmares.

But these are not nightmares. These creatures are very real.

And when you see them: They see you.

When you speak to them....they speak to you.

And, just like me.....they NEVER SHUT UP!!!"
Chaos is relative. What is normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly.

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Re: Salim El-Faddir: Man of Many Masks

Unread post by kitteninablender » Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:41 am

It was a cold and star-filled night upon the desert sands of the Anauroch when....IT first spoke to me.

Not a man. Not a woman. Not anything truly. Merely...a presence. A presence more wicked than any I had ever seen or felt.

I was alone. I had been separated from my people by a sandstorm. But we Bedine, we have long since learned to navigate the stars much as the mariners upon the ocean. For just like being in the middle of the ocean, with miles of naught but water and waves upon you on all sides so too was it with the sands of the Anauroch.

To not understand the stars, among my people, is to face certain doom. For just as one on the water must be able to find in the middle of the Desert must be able to find Water. And knowing the way to the nearest Oasis was a survival technique that my people had mastered over many generations.

But that night, as I gazed upon starlit sky seeking the constellations that would guide me to safety.....the stars were WRONG.

I did not recognize them. The constellations were all out of place. As if something in the heavens had moved them. I had no sense of direction. I was truly lost. And so I did what all who are lost did in desperation....I picked a direction, and I wandered. Hoping that I would find water before the sun rose over the Desert, and I would no longer be able to guide myself by the stars.

We Bedine, we move at night in the Desert. For to move during the day is far too hot. We seek shelter in caves or build camps to hide from the Sun. At night, when it is cold, we move so as to keep warm. For during the daytime in the Desert it becomes unbearably hot. But because the Desert Sand does not store night it becomes frigid. If one does not keep active, and keep moving at night...they can freeze to death. And freezing to death in a Desert is, perhaps, the most ironic death that one can ever have.

I looked and looked for a sign from the heavens as to which way I must go....but the skies were foreign to me. Until I saw in the distance a great, single, shining star that stood apart from all others.

It was glowing with Cerulean light. Almost as if it were calling to me. And so I began to follow the star, thinking that truly it would lead me to water. Lead me to safety. I walked, and I walked, and I walked, with only the companionship of my Camel, Shaharazad.

She was named for the legendary storyteller who weaved a thousand tales....because the beast never shut up. Just like it's master. Which is why we were such kindred spirits.

Camels are ornery beasts. They spit. Bite. And constantly groan. And they smell HORRIBLE. But if you can befriend one, they become a most loyal ally. Able to go for nigh a week without a drop of water, and capable of running just as fast as a horse. And upon Sand, no less. To the Bedine, they are our most prized possessions.

Upon her back I watched the single, solitary star. A shining light of hope, I thought then, that would lead me to safety. If only I had known then what I know now.

For the star that I was following within the depths of the night sky was no ordinary was a Sign.

A most...Ominous Sign...

Chaos is relative. What is normal for the Spider is Chaos for the Fly.

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