Ceirinohr Lastson

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Ceirinohr Lastson

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Name: Ceirinohr Lastson

Race: Wild Elf

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Talos
Profession: Druid of storms
Class: Druid, may also take Hierophant
Build Highlights: Focused on storms and lightning
Animal Companion: A local bear, whom some humans took to calling "Bella" (male)
Place of Origin: A now-destroyed Wood Elf hamlet
Background Feat: Foreigner
Interests: The natural order, balance, calm and relaxed day-to-day activity. Standing in the wind and rain, just to feel the fury of nature.
Strengths: Wise and devoted to nature.
Weaknesses: Greatly misunderstands Talos (and Malar).

Ceirinohr was the last Elf born in his village, as his people ran from the encroaching humans. They had killed most of the Elves who had fought - his father included - already, burned much of the forest and were now marching on where the elves lived. His mother died during the exodus, as his people searched for a place to call home.

His people went deep into the forest, far from the humans that had raised their homes, settling in a place untouched by human hands. But a hundred years is a long time for mankind. In that hundred years, the humans spred further and faster than the elves had thought possible. In just under a century, the humans once again encroached.

The elves debated what they should do. Some wanted to run, but didn't know where to. Some turned to the gods, but they provided no solution. A few wanted to fight. Ceirinohr's older brother, Feielinor Vasluniel, wanted to fight. With his people's gods refusing to help, Feil found a god that would: Talos. The Stormlord. Destruction Incarnate. He would bring destruction to their enemies. Fiel would fight, blessed by his God. Ceirinohr would fight, too.

Ceirinor had always loved all things natural, even moreso than most of his race. And he, too, saw the wisdom and power of Talos. He believed in the necessity of destruction. It's place in the natural order. So he would serve Talos. Destroyer of cancers. Rebuker of those that outgrew their place. Avenger of wrongs against nature. The elder priests and druids of his people just couldn't see the necessity of creative destruction. Of cutting away what offends nature. Of the protection the purging flames bring. Of the glory and rightness of the terrible storm.

He is terribly wrong about just who Talos is. But it's hard for him to see the truth; Talos granted him the strength to help his people fight back. He wants it to be true. And he doesn't know any better.

Between his brother, him, and their friends, they wreaked great havok upon the humans. Storms battered and drove, fires raged and razed. They turned the tables on the expanding humans, and made their lives miserable. This cost the lives of many of their friends, but his brother kept reminding the rest of how worth it it was.

The elder Wood Elves knew the war could not be sustained. While the tables were turned, the Elven casualties were too high. Even with the fight going this way, the humans would win in the end. And the humans were in a sorry state. The two peoples came to terms, to end the conflict - but the only acceptable terms for the Humans was the expulsion of those who served Talos - Ceirinor and his brother.

The two of them travelled many lands, seeking a place. Ceirinor, to find a place to tend to the wilds. His brother, to find a place to bring Talos's power and authority. They had been driven out of many places. But Balder's Gate seems to accept them. Only time will tell if it lasts.

Ceirinor is a simple man. He is content to shepard nature, and do what he can for the natural order. He'd like to find a community he fits in. And to meet interesting people and creatures.

And to stem the tide and expansion of the most virulent races, like Humans.

He hates humanity, but recently has come to like individual humans. He would (currently) assist in things that kept mankind in place, but otherwise is helpful and friendly to individual humans.

He will eventually learn who Talos really is (which will likely eventually lead to him losing his diety and spellcasting abilities). But that should happen organically over narratives - not something I'm looking to do immediately.

Beyond that, he isn't driven by much.

(Feedback appreciated)

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