Vinduil (Permadeath Char)

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Vinduil (Permadeath Char)

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First Name: Vinduil
Last Name: N/A

Race: Moon Elf
Age: 168
Height: 179cm
Weight: 68kg
Eyes: Ice
Hair: Black

Personality Profile: Vinduil spent most of his adulthood working as a bounty hunter, the mercenary mentality is still strong in him, so he tends to look for work that can put his skills to use. A new meditative and reflective nature was developed in him thanks to his most recent master Toguro, he acts with composed manners and always tries to think before speaking.
Appearance: Vinduil is quite tall for a moon elf, his body looks agile and well trained for battle. He has many scars on his body, proof of many encounters that he faced, also his index and middle fingers are consumed by the uncountable times he used his bow. A tattoo is visible on his base, a darker band covering his eyes that makes his face look entirely dark when he wears a hood and a scarf.
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: Sehanine Moonbow

Background: Vinduil was born in Silverymoon in 1187 DR, his father was a soldier of the Silver Marches and his mother worked at a local tailor shop. His early life was peaceful, he initially grew as an ordinary young elf taking his father and role model. But a sudden change hit is life in 1235 when an orcish horde managed to penetrate the city walls, even if Silverymoon won the battle, during that conflict both his parents lost their lives.
He spent the remaining time of his childhood in an orphanage, never really dealing with his inner rage for losing his family to the orcs. This inner rage made him violent, he quickly became a bully and he received many punishments for his behaviour across the years.

Immediately after becoming an adult he started training and applied to join the Silverwatch, in order to use that anger inside him and make it a weapon against the enemies of the realm. Vinduil wasn't able to go far in the army, after he completed his training no officer ever granted him a promotion due to his undisciplined attitude, his combat prowess looked promising but his personality was not fit to make him an officer. Feeling that he was not welcomed in the army he left to become a bounty hunter, tracking down the enemies of Silverymoon by himself for money, nobody would have been able to protest about his methods.

During the years as a bounty hunter he improved his skill with the longbow as well with many other skills that he didn't need to use in the army, like the ability to travel unnoticed and dealing with traps and locks. His fiery racism against orcs always moved him into accepting tasks that involved full blooded or half blooded orcs, and it was during one of those hunts that he met the man that changed his life.

He was tracking down a leader of a small bandit group, an half orc name Kor, he found him dealing with a traveller and he was most likely trying to rob him. The traveller, a middle aged man with sharp eyes, didn't answer to the bandit's request so Kor attacked him from behind, the man literally vanished in a split second. He reapperead behind the bandit pierced his chest with an eastern looking shortsword, frightened by the death of their leader the other bandits ran away. Vinduil was speechless, he looked at the whole scene from the spot he was hiding into, he was distracted for a few seconds thinking about how that man was able to do that.

"If you are one of them, just go, I will not follow you."
The man said, looking toward Vin's hiding spot.

Vinduil jumped out of his cover raising his hands: "I am not, I was following them for... his bounty..." Vin moved his chin toward Kor's corpse.

"You can keep it... farewell..."
The man started walking away.

"Wait! How did you do that? How did you disappear like that?"
Vin said, but the man kept walking without answering.

"Teach me. I will do whatever it takes."
Vin said again, and the man stopped slowly turning his eyes back toward the elf.

From that day, Vinduil and the man called Toguro walked side by side. Toguro was a man from a place called Kozakura, he called himself a master of the Yurei style, the style of the phantom, through meditation and training he was able to erase himself from what mortal eyes can normally see. He was also a master spy and infiltrator, back in the days when he worked for his lord in Kozakura, he didn't ever say to Vin why he left his land, he could only see and feel great shame in him whenever the topic was rising.

They travelled together for 15 years, until Toguro died of old age. Still, 15 years were not enough to learn everything his master tried to teach him, Vinduil was only able to grasp the basics. The art of meditation wasn't something easy to deal with especially when your mind is filled with anger and desire of revenge, he only started to make progress when he managed to remove those thoughts from his mind and find peace, with Toguro's guidance. The most valuable thing that Toguro teached to Vin wasn't anything related to combat but the ability to forgive your enemies and live in peace with yourself, only that way you can harness the power that lies inside you, Ki, and use it.

From the day Toguro died, Vin travelled around the Sword Coast to broaden his mind and progress with his training, even without his master.
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