Silavel Amalorë

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Silavel Amalorë

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First Name: Silavel (Shining balde), born Ar'kiir (Sun Gem)
Last Name: Amalorë (Gold Rose)

Race: Sun Elf
Age: 121
Height 5'2''
Weight: 85 pounds
Eyes:Gold with silver hue
Hair:Gold, dark gold and light gold
Facial Hair Style: tied looped in a decorative style leaving just a few hair to brush her face

Personality Profile:
General Health: good
Deity: Corellon
Initial Alignment:Neutral Good
Profession: Bladesinger
Base Class & Proposed Development: Swashbuckler/Wizard -> Duelist/Shadowdancer
Habits/Hobbies: reading, practicing swordplay
Weapon of Choice:Rapier
Langage: Common, elven, sylvan, draconic, celestial, undercommon,

Background: Both of Silavel's parents are a mystery, she was rescued barely weened from a rogue enclave after a gang war in Baldur's Gate by an elven adventurer that couldn't really care for a baby, so he paid a visid to his sister in Evermeet to ask her to care for the poor orphaned girl that didn't even speak yet.

She grew up a fine woman. She was told very young why she looked so different from her moon elf family and knew that life can be short with those you love and that you often must shed blood to protect what is important. Her aunt took her training in hand, having herself been trained in the falcon way of the Bladesinger. She sets outs in the world to protect the elves and hoping to find some information on her family, she puts her sights on Baldur's Gate area.

Goals:Be worty of her new teachings and adult name, protect the elves and show to all the goodness and magic of the elves

Possible plots: Thayan, her elven family (I'm hoping they can be nobles), Evermeet, Baldur's Gate thieves...
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