Armor Value Not Found

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Armor Value Not Found

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The Foxhide armor from the Lengendary Vendor gives an error when attempting to change it's appearance. When you put on the armor a 'fox head' appears on your characters head even though there is no head slot item on. If you attempt to change the appearance (Through the eye menu) it gives you an error telling you that the armor has no base value (Exact code is: vn_Base: Error: Base Armor Value Not Found) and it will not let you change it. Regardless of the method (Appearance Kit, or Menu) You cannot change the automatic head portion that comes with the armor and you are stuck with a fox head on your character. Since there is no 'actual' head piece you cannot alter it in the menu or kit either.

While mentioning this I wonder if there is anyway that I could either get this fixed, or someone could create an item with the same stats and switch it out for me so that I could set my appearance the way I'd like?

Thanks guys.
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