Seeking high quality armor

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Seeking high quality armor

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A note has been posted on the bulletin board in the Baldur's Gate town square:


Dark forces are amassing all around us, and around our neighbors in the north and south. The deeper one traverses in the dark depths and more dangerous reigons of the world, the more perilous it becomes.

To fight back this evil, more hearty protection must be acquired for forces such as myself to continue battling evil.

Thusly, I am looking to procure a full suit of mithril plate armor, preferably enchanted in some manner, along with bracers that provide exceptional protection.

The forces of evil have long raided, pillaged and stolen our wealth. I have recovered enough to hopefully afford such items as I require, but other accommodations might be made to those that can afford as such.

Thank you kindly, and please leave a note so I may find you.

- Vrok Koll

//OOC: Seeking Mithril Full Plate and +4 armor bracers with other enchantments (on both or each)

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