Vrok's Stash - A Selection of Magical Wares in Baldurs Gate

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Vrok's Stash - A Selection of Magical Wares in Baldurs Gate

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A post with a list is attached to the bulletin board:

To adventurers far and wide,

I have come across a bevy of magical wares on my travels in and about the lands... too much to carry. To lighten the load, I offer up trade or for sale a number of prized possessions, to which I will add to on a daily or weekly basis. Please, come check this list often as something you may be interested in should most likely crop up.

~ Vrok Koll

The list begins as follows:

Hidden: show
Huge Gold Ring of Zaniness: Bonus Spell Slot Lvl 6 wizard
Gold Ring of Defense: +3 Consitution
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Pendant of the Pious: +1 Natural Armor, +3 Wisdom, Divine Favor(5) 1/day, Favoured Soul/Cleric or UMD
Hidden: show
Bracers of Dexterity: +3 Dexterity
Hidden: show
Talon of the Grieving Warrior: +3 Constitution, Bonus Spell Slot Lvl 2 Druid
Damned Boots: Bonus Spell Slot: Level 3 Bard, Bonus Spell Slot: Level 5 Cleric
Boots of the Cloud: +3 Dodge, +2 Electrical Saves
Dragon Slippers: +2 Dodge, +2 Dexterity, +24 Spell Resistance
Hidden: show
Belt of the Avowed: +2 Wisdom, +2 Dexterity, Legend Lore (5) 1/day
Hidden: show
Paladin Helmet of Inquisitiveness: +3 Constitution, +3 Dexterity
Heavy Armors
Hidden: show
Eiliestree's Alertness: Half Plate Armor +3 Intelligence, +5 Acid Resist, +12 Spell Resistance
Adamantine Full Plate of Skin: +3 DR, +5% Electrical Immunity, +3 HP

Medium Armors
Hidden: show
Mature Boar: Mithril Full Plate (8/3) +5% Cold Immunity
The Blue Dwarf: Adamantine Splint Mail (5/3) +2 DR, +3 Dexterity
Wrist of the Rare Slaad: Chain Mail (6/2) Bonus Spell Slot: Druid Level 4, Damage Immunity Sonic 5%, +1 Will Save, 16 Spell Resistance
Back of the Confused Fiend: Hide Armor +1 Armor, Improved Will Save +2, +22 Spell Resistance
Urogalan's Immense Vermin: Banded Mail +3 Armor bonus, +3 Charisma
Red Chubby Banded Mail: +24 Spell Resistance
Light Armors
Hidden: show
Fast Hag: Cloth Armor +3 Armor, +2 Death Saving Throw, +3 Mind Affecting Saving Throw
Adepts Tunic of Barbarian's Pureness: Robes, +3 Wisdom, +1 Fortitude Saves, +2 Mind Affecting Saves
Deep Adepts Tunic of Outrage: Robes, +3 Armor, Bonus Spell Slot: Spirit Shaman Level 4
Hidden: show
Iallanis's Wrist: Greataxe, +3 Enhancement, +2 Cold Damage, +1d12 Massive Crit
King's Scythe: +2 Enhancement, Keen, On Hit- Slow 50% DC14 2rounds
The Flat Halberd of Energy: +4 Enhancement
Talona's Collossal Health: 2d4 Massive Criticals, Mighty +5
Whopping Dwarven Waraxe: +3 Enhancement, +1 Charisma, Keen
DR Bypass Weapons
Hidden: show
Qutol's Palm: Kama Cold Iron, Bonus Spell- Druid lvl 2, +1 Universal Save, Vamp Regen 1
The Gold Alchemical Silver Dwarven Waraxe: +2 Enhancement, +1 Magic Damage
Hidden: show
Comfortable Heavy Shield of Chill: +3 Constitution, +1 Fort Save, Immunity: Fireball
Giant Blocker: Tower Shield, +2 Armor, +3 Armor vs Giants, +2 DR

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