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Arorn's Journal

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I figured I should probably start writing in this thing instead of keeping it on my hip all day as a decoration. I think it'll be a good way to remind me how far I've come and what's been done.

So far being on the mainland has been a lot to adjust to, a lot of odd looking folk I'd never seen before, and a lot of folk who aren't happy to see you no matter who you are. Waterdeep was too big for me, this huge city packed full with people and streets that you could get lost in for hours. It wasn't my preferred way of living, so we left, stayed on the road for a few months until we ended up near Baldur's Gate, we had plans of building some kind of hovel out in the woods because I couldn't stand to be around people, seems like a long time ago now.

it didn't take long to settle into the idea of being around people more often, even if it was more because we had to stay at a tavern than my desire to actually be social. The Elfsong was alright, but, it wasn't somewhere I wanted to stay for long, and we really didn't in the long run. A few people met here and there, my general ignorance of the factions around here lead to a few acquaintances that I maybe shouldn't have hung around with as frequently as I did, but that didn't last all too long once I got my bearings. Nothing against most of them, but, I can't abide slavers or necromancers.

It might've been...maybe a month of being here before I really got a feel for who does what, Jackard buys gems, Isabella takes books, etc. There were more adventurers out and about than I could count but I don't think I ever really wanted to be that, and I didn't have a magic bone in my body, so I ended up talking more to Jackard than most others. Then we met Sabon, best hunter I'd ever seen even if he did go a little overboard sometimes. Between the two of them, it was pretty easy to tell Greenest was a good spot to park myself.

To skip a lot of boring details, Lyra and I have been with Greenest and Rocky Creek for months now. Having a home behind a decent wall is a good feeling, and slowly branching out to making friends with the Lizardfolk has probably got me in a better mood than I've ever been in. Having allies that you can trust seems like the best way to go, and hopefully we can keep it going from there.
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