Altra Derathar - Pride, freedom & wizardry

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Altra Derathar - Pride, freedom & wizardry

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Name: Altra Derathar
Âge : around 23
Hair: Balding so he shaved it clean, originally black
Eyes: deep amber
Height: 1m75
Weight: 70
Distinguishing features: Good looking but not handsome, a well trimmed beard
Couple of tattoos from different style and different alphabet, a resultant of his years of travel, in different part of his body. Most notewhorty : on his hands and fingers.

Early years
Altra grew up in Halruaan, but was not birth in it. His mother was part of the few traiding caravan scouring the Realm to collect foreign magic and some special goods. Back from a travel to the City of Coin, in the newly found Amn, she brought to her house a « exotic » good indeed : she was pregnant.
He never knew of his father of his, except that he was a merchant prince from a notorious mercantile family back in Athkatla. Born from a youthfull passion, his future might not have been bright if his mother family wasn’t nobility in the land of the wizards. Despite the natural halruaanish distrust towards outsiders (which got transferred to him) as well as his obscure origin, the family standard in upringing were applied to Altra.

The house lord was his grand father (a powerful archmage and Elder of the governing council of the country)who doted heavily on his daughter ; that was the main reason why the young bastard was not thrown out. Despite it, he was shunned by other children and parents alike until his nimble and clever mind was brought to light. Followed by that, is pretty strong gift for magic gave him the attention of the house lord.
Spurred by his mother, as well as the fact that it was his only opportunity to better his life (and get back on the petty arrasment of other children), Altra focused on his study of the Weave.

The classical studying life of an halruaan student except for the private lessons from the family tutors and some precious hours with his grand father. He showed good potential and as such was expected to go to the best academy of the realm at 14 years old. That was the calmest and in a way happiest day of his life : Altra had everything and his future prospect seemed radiant. Unfortunately fate would not have it.
The council of elder mounted a military action on the Derathar fief, the reason being the suspicion over his grand father trying to attain lichdom, over various humans experimentation as well as political schemes. House Derathar was no match against the combined might of the country and its higher echelon were killed in action, including the house lord.

A grand trial was held during which the accusations were held true and the family main line either executed or imprisoned for life. It happened with the help of family member willing to trade part of the Derathar fortune to take a hold on the scrap.
For Altra a this accident marked the end of his golden days and the start of a new life : his mother was executed and without any close relative the bastard became a danger for the new lords of the House.
Help came in the form of old acquaintances of his grand father, powerful wizard and Elder whom choose to step out for the young teenage. Definetely innocent, to protect him, soothe the unrest inherent of a succession war and to give him a chance to make something of himself in this life, the judgement was exile.

End of teenage years and entering adulthood
His father’s family unknown, a barely 13 young boy was sent to a wizard school in Waterdeep for a 7 years cursus. The event in his homeland and 2 years of travel (to let family matter come to a rest) made him kind of a loner but more importantly an headstrong and wild lover of his freedom ; things went south with school rules and their enforcers over a dispute with local nobles. The dispute started with a relationship between the young and another student : she was promise to a noble. For her it was just a way to rebel but for Altra it spelled disaster ; a brawl within the academy ensued, magic was used in the fight and in violation of the rules. Without any background to speak of he got expelled before graduating from his 4th year.

Leaning on the dregs of his connection to his homeland, he started working in Baldur’s Gate for minor magic shops and library.

Start of the adventure
Obviously unsatisfied with it all, he started to plan for the future : saving to funds some gear, spell components, potion, etc... with no attach nor reason to keep satisfied with this life he chose to adventure and to be free from the will of others !

Motivation, personnality & psyche
His life have been tumultuous and the blissful days less numerous than the hard ones. Because of it, Altra nature got hardened. The « abuse » on his life from tiers compelled him to want more power, enough to be free from such abuse.
The power for the sake of it is not something that he want, but he thirst for knowledge : magic is the only constant he know since his birth. He is passionate about it and crave its secret, arcane magic is his first and foremost allegiance.
He have difficulty to accept to be bossed around, but have great respect for grand wizard, more so for there dedication and knowledge than for their sheer might.
He can accept a master or mentor, but only if he felt true respect for him/her. Without this respect he will only pay lips service until the fateful day where he leave said mentor (sooner rather than later).
He is open-minded and accept the differences in others, and try to not judge. But if others try to force over him their point of view/ way of life/... he can react very vehemently.
The difference between being headstrong and not letting others step onto his principles his blurred. More often than not, he just cut short the debate.
Unconsciously, the talk of grandeur from his family impact him a lot. He is fascinated by ancient human civilization, especially the magocratie of old. Netherim radiance have an almost hypnotic effect on him. The pride of his family is in his bones, and he lament the time when mortal weren’t inhibited in the arcane.
For him, losing epic magic is akin to castration for all of wizardry. He still respect Mystra for her work on the Weave, but more as a caretaker than anything else. The divine is no sacred, but just another mystery waiting to be studied.
He value his own independence above all else and as such his morale compas his very personal. Also he do not concern himself to much with the freedom of others.
To conclude, Altra is quite self centered over his welfare ; other’s aren’t in his mind at all. He believe in the law of the jungle.
He is very talented in the Art, but is no « unparalleled genius ». He best gift ? His dedication and industrious mind when it comes to magic. On another hand, hubris might spell his doom.

- Becoming a master of the Art
- Delving into its dephts and unlocking its secret
- Creating a « base of power » : political connection, mage tower, etc... in order to ease his experimentation

Possible plots
- Depending of his interaction with the world, he may turn for the better and lend his power to the people as well as being more sensitive... or focus solely on his own research and disregard the pain and suffering it may cause
- His family should have forgotten him because a little apprentice wizard from accros the world is no threat.. until he gain enough power
- Barred from going above the Serpents Hills, maybe the noble he crossed will want to take revenge
- His bloodline is rich in arcane tradition and many a ancestor conducted experiment on themselves. His grand father once told him than such experiments gave them great power and increased arcanic might, but with great cost. The price was horrible mutation of the flesh and of the mind :sometimes increasing the lifespan sometimes shortening it, weakening their body, fracturing their psyche, provoking bout of madness, radically transforming their personality at random.
To prevent the « disease » the ancestors got rid of such arcane might in their genes but a little remain. If willing to pay the price Altra may try to unearth it.

Thqnk you all for reading ! Please consider this knowledge as "secret", no metagaming :)

P.S. English isn't my maternal language, please be indulgent

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