Rumours and events of the Upperdark - Undrek Naudal

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Rumours and events of the Upperdark - Undrek Naudal

Unread post by DM Golem » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:10 am

Sshamath's outpost in the Upperdark, Undrek Naudal, has long been a quite place, little more than a remote way-station of seemingly little import to the City's ruling Conclave. Yet now, travellers would see more activity than usual. A trio of senior bearing the insignia of the School of Abjuration are frequent visitors, periodically casting spells at certain points in the outpost.

Another visitor, usually in the company of this trio, is another mage whose rank soon becomes known throughout the settlement as an Archmage of Divination - and more importantly Magister, answerable directly to the conclave itself. The fact that this Magister is guarded by a golem bearing the marks of the School of Transmutation suggests that the power block formed by the Schools of Abjuration, Transmutation and Divination has some interest in this formerly quiet outpost.

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