The Wolf of the Elder Circle

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The Wolf of the Elder Circle

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He sat down at his little writing table in his room at the Friendly Arm Inn. He opened up his newly acquired book so that he could write. He had never written a journal before, but he figured now was as good a time as any to start.

Hello, Emmanuel, ...

Well... even he knew that was a cheesy way to start it. But he kept writing.

Today, I became High Druid of the Elder Circle. My sister, Sarisay, became Archdruid. I figured I may as well start this journal today. It's a good time, with the new beginnings and all.

Let's see... I've been on the coast for … three months now? So much has happened. I … well. I should have started this a long time ago. I've got so much to write. Things have changed. I've changed. Ashling has changed.

He sits in thought with a small smile on his face as he recalls so, so many things.

Well. I've started this now. I'll just write things as they come to mind, I guess. Can't promise myself they'll be in order. But at least I'm going to write them down, huh?

He glances over to the sleeping Ashling, and a smile crosses his features once again.

I know the perfect place to start. But it'll have to wait. I promised a ranger I'd come to bed.

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Winning a Kiss

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"Oh, first fish of the day," Emmanuel said.

"Of course you'd get the first fish," Ashling said with a mock pout.

"First to ten wins?" Emmanuel said, looking over to her.

"Wins what?" She asks.

"A kiss," he replied. She couldn't be sure he was serious, but it appeared he was. Finally, she nodded to him. They continued to fish, and to her amazement, he pulled in two marlins back-to-back. Eventually, he had ten fish well before she did.

"I'll collect my prize later," he grinned at her.

They continued to fish for a while, trading idle talk. Finally, Emmanuel looked at her. He tried a bit of flirting, though it was obvious he was failing.

"I won so fast, I think I should get two kisses," he said.

"You can't change the reward after you won," she shook her head. "Besides, maybe I'm a terrible kisser."

He raised a brow at her. "I can't see that being true."

"Guess you'll find out later," she responded.

Later on, they returned to the hotel room that they were sharing. There was some awkwardness as they hid behind curtains to get dressed for bed, both in modest clothing. As Ashling was changing, Emmanuel struck up a conversation.

"Fishing was fun," he said.

"I had fun, regardless of being frustrated," Ashling responded.

"Good. Because I plan on going back often. And I hope you don't mind kissing me. Because I'm about to collect on that reward."

Ashling stepped out from behind the curtain a little shyly. She wasn't sure of what to say, so they ended up bantering a bit about bets and how to get better at fishing. Emmanuel finally admitted to Ashling that he hadn't had a lot of practice kissing, and so was nervous himself.

"All it takes to be a good kisser is desire," she said to him.

"I'd have to be a fool not to want to kiss you," he replied. "You're a beautiful woman. It just makes sense."

She looked to him for a long time, finally speaking. "I think you really mean that, and aren't just trying to get something from me."

He stepped close to her, placing his hands on her waist. "Is … this ok?"

She nodded and leaned in. … And he collected on his winnings of the day.

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Dances with Wolves

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"And one, two, three, Darhling" said Netanya. She was showing Emmanuel the basic steps of the waltz. "Forward with the left foot... now to the side... and then back..."

He was trying to follow. At first it was all awkward and new to him. But he was determined, and followed what Netanya showed him. He practiced the steps just as she directed. Eventually, they seemed a bit more natural to him.

"Splendid, darhling," she said. "And remember to keep your eyes locked on your partner's"

He didn't do so bad. After all, Sarisay had already said that all animals danced. And Netanya seemed to think that there was a dancer in everyone. So he tried to concentrate. . . . But as he looked into Netanya's eyes, he didn't see Netanya's eyes. He smiled a bit.

"See, Darhling," Netanya said. "You're taking joy in it, and that's what's important."

He didn't share his thoughts with her. But as he was learning to dance with Netanya, his mind went back a couple tenday. To the Halls of Inner Light. Where he had "danced" with Ashling. He knew they hadn't really danced. He had just held her and swayed. But the song Iris had sang stuck in his mind.

I remember that night,
just a lazy dream away.
On that night the air danced,
Across my skin, and the sound of the waves.

You saw me for the first time. The stars danced upon the sea.
Like a thousand candles, alight for just you and me!

It was too far now to turn back around.
And neither you nor I wanted to anyway!

We spoke. We both were scared of it those words.
Were the same in our hearts.
As the moon in silver light,
It did shine in our eyes so bright!

The stars danced upon the sea.
Like a thousand candles alight for just you and me.
It was too far now to turn back around
And neither you nor I wanted to anyhow!

As fates collide these star-lit eyes
They search out for you!
Where once there were tears, there are no more fears.
The time has come to face the truth.

A heart can hurt and it can dream, with you, no else it cannot seem,
So right, yet wrong, the kiss was home....

The words stopped in his memory. That line. "The kiss was home". … He smiled. Netanya thought he was smiling at the dance. That he was enjoying the lessons.

In truth, he did not hate them. But his smile was not for the lessons. It was for a dance he had shared. A kiss. The smile was for Ashling.

Though Netanya was his current dance partner, when he looked into her eyes, he saw Ashling. And he smiled.

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A Very Special Surprise

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He picked it up, having no clue how it worked. He'd found a book to help, though. He adjusted the pegs, plucking the strings and listening. Eventually, it was ready. He continued to read the book, practicing where to place his fingers to make the sounds he wanted.

He'd written a poem, but he had decided to surprise Ashling by learning to sing it. He knew he was not a talented singer. . . . But neither had he been a dancer before he took lessons.

He became frustrated with himself, and nearly gave up. But he was determined.

"Alright, this one is … this note. This one … ok. And if I play these together..." he strummed the strings a bit, and smiled. He was making progress with the lute. He then looked at his poem. "Ok... so... how do I make this sound good?"

He tried humming a tune, and figuring out which notes on the lute they were. Eventually, he came to something passable. He smiled to himself, she's going to love this....


As the time grew nearer to reveal the surprise to Ashling, he began to get a bit nervous. He knew she wasn't going to expect this at all. But after all the work he put into it, he decided he wanted an audience. He was successful in keeping the surprise mostly secret. But he let slip to Ashling that he was going to give her the surprise at the Lewd Lyre, and that he wanted others there. She guessed it was a poem.


The moment was fast approaching. He was sitting on the stage in the Lyre. He hid the lute behind a couch, and asked Joy to keep it secret. Once everyone was settled in, he stood on the platform.

"As some of you know, I have been working on my poetry lately," he stumbled over his words, obviously nervous. "We've had some dark times recently. And I wanted to write something about. I did... but that's not the surprise." He then went to the couch and pulled out the lute. "This is."

More nervous than before, he stepped back on the stage. "I wrote some words, and put them to music. The poem isn't the surprise... the fact that I've been practicing this thing is. So... here goes." He then began to sing the song.

When your world comes crashing 'round you, when your back's against the wall.
When it seems that you can not find a way out.
When all life hands you is sorrow, when the ocean is not calm.
When your smile has been turned into a frown.
When all you can see is trouble and there's fire ev'ry where,
And it seems no one will care enough to help you through your cares.
When the lightning crashes 'round you and the thunder roars real loud,
I can tell you this right now, my friend, that you don't have to bow!
Don't lose hope when all that you can see is darkness ev'ry where.
Don't lose hope; someone will come to you to shed light on your fears.
Don't lose hope 'cause bad things happen and they seem to get away.
Don't lose hope; we'll keep on going and we'll make a better place.
Don't lose hope!

People seemed to enjoy it, but he couldn't wait to get off the stage. Ashling gave him a hug. "Well done, Meine Htag!" She had said to him. It barely registered though as he put the lute on the couch. She gave him a hug, and then he finally said in low tones, "I have a couple others I've been practicing, but I'll show you later."

He then sat down with an ale, and enjoyed the rest of the night.

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An Unknown Heritage

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"I can't go very far without my acorn" Sarisay said. This caused everyone in the room to look at her oddly. She then looked up. "I need to protect my tree."

Natariel looked to Emmanuel. "Did you have mushrooms?" Emmanuel had some type of hollow tubes connected between his arm and Sarisay's arm. Natariel had told Emmanuel and Arturi that Sarisay needed blood; that the curse in her body was causing her to be unable to keep up. Emmanuel didn't understand all the medical stuff, but he knew that not having enough blood was bad.

Tests were done to see if Arturi's blood would match with Sarisay's. The test failed. So they tested Emmanuel's blood, and found it was a match. He happily said he'd give some to Sarisay. After all, he could use spells on himself to regenerate.

Preparations were made. Ashling was called to be there, too. Emmanuel laid in one bed, Sarisay in another. Both were poked with needles, and Emmanuel's blood started flowing into Sarisay. While she had the chance, Natariel bled Sarisay to get rid of some of her cursed blood. But then Sarisay began acting weird. She was definitely looking better. She then appeared to not recognize Arturi, and asked him to dance with her.

Suddenly, she snapped out of it, and didn't remember what was going on. She looked around, and obviously everyone was curious. Natariel didn't seem to believe that Emmanuel hadn't eaten mushrooms. He didn't give too much thought to it at the time, though, because he needed to eat after giving blood.

Later, he spoke to Natariel about the incident. Natariel cast a spell on Emmanuel, but all she could tell him was that his blood had some magic properties. She couldn't tell him any more than that. He then went to Candlekeep to see if he could learn more. He heard that Edelgarde had helped several others with similar issues. Fortunately, she was only too happy to help.

After he told her about Sarisay's weirdness, she sat him down. "I'm going to administer the ECHQ," she said to him. Of course that confused him, so she explained that it meant Edelgarde's Comprehensive Heritage Questionnaire. She started asking him questions, and he answered as truthfully as he could.

"Do you speak any languages that you did not learn?" she asked. He replied, "Sylvan. But I assumed that's because I am a druid."

"Have you have your magic from an early age?" "As long as I can remember."

"Does your hair change color with the seasons?" He blinks at that question. "Ah... yes... it gets darker in the colder months... but I just assumed that was because I was indoors more during that time."

She thought for a moment, then looked to him. "Well, this was pretty easy, actually. You have dryad in your heritage. And, judging by your answers, I'd say it's not too far back."

He sat back and thought for a while. Once he began running things through his mind, pieces began falling together. Situations, circumstances, … things began to start making sense. He felt he still had some questions and things to learn, but he had a big question answered for now, at least.

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