Continued Epic Character development

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Re: Continued Epic Character development

Unread post by Dinma »

I'll throw another option into the mix so folks aren't simply grinding for permanent bonuses. Perhaps a temporary bonus like 60 seconds of Heroism as the characters is "Inspired" to win the day, further the roleplay or succeed in whatever they happen to be doing. Besides getting that level ding is every now and then is fun :)

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Re: Continued Epic Character development

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Whatever the suggested improvement can be is problematic. Non-mechanical rewards amount to an achievment system, such are necessarily limited in number and can thus be completed entirely leading merely to a new boundary (unless we make open-ended ones, like your troll kill count :lol: :lol: ), it's harmless but won't solve the issue of continued development.

If it's a mechanical reward it will have a bound or will either be useless or overpowered, if it has a bound you merely pushed a boundary and people will eventually get there, if it's useless no one will care and if it's overpowered ... no need to develop that point :)
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