The Promise

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The Promise

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As the sun was setting over the city skyline, Sean made his way up the road to the chapterhouse. No more patrols for the day, tasks, and affairs were completed as honor and sense demanded and Sean briefly paused at the roadside fire for a respite before retiring to the chapterhouse.
He sat easily on the bench, leaning his knight’s blade against the back of his seat. He flexed his right hand and checked the grip a few times on his left wrist, while it was still sore the muscles worked properly and without stabbing pains. While using a rag to remove excess grime and dirt from his neck and face, he studied the fire and allowed the dancing light to distract him for a few moments.

“The soul is reflected in fire or water, depending on the owner.”

The lesson was old and unsurprising to most, Sean’s preferred element was a fire. So he sat and let his mind wander back over old memories.

The sword fell from his hand again, the ruined bones of his hand grating painfully against his skin and the grip of the hilt. He scrambled to pick the weapon up quickly, but his failure was rewarded with several painful blows from his enemy.

“Pain is of the mind and be overcome in the same place. Your enemy will not care for your pain and will only ever seek to use it against you.!”

The wisdom was punctuated with a hard strike against Sean’s training sword that sent a shock up his arm and nearly cost him his grip. Through sheer force of will, he managed to retain control of his weapon and by relying upon his training he moved his feet to get a better position and space. Shoulders squared and feet planted he presented his guard, heedless of the agony from his hand. His enemy circled slowly, a wood sword held in a low guard.

“Pain is the echo of weakness, injury is the damage to your body. One can be ignored, the other must be acknowledged. The wise warrior will know the difference, the cunning will use them against his enemy and the foolish will ignore both.”

With a swirl of cloak and sweeping sword, his instructor came at him. Ignoring the harmless cloak, Sean kept his focus on the sword and was caught unaware as a backhand caught him in the shoulder and knocked him bodily into the ground.

And to ignore the effect of pain is also lethal!”
Sean rolled just in time to avoid a follow on kick. As he scrambled to his feet he found his instructor waiting idly. His sword leaning on his shoulder in a relaxed pose.
“Enough lad. . .rest.”
Sean plopped back on the ground and breathed heavily as his father walked over and rested next to him.
“Pain is our burden, we may either allow it to strengthen us or destroy us.”

Sean leaned against his father and closed his eyes as he sought to gain control over his breathing. Allowing a small smile, Thedran wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulder and pulled him close.
“A few weeks more and your sword will not pain you, may Torm have mercy upon your enemies.”

With a sigh, he pushed up from the fire and regained awareness of his surroundings. Once completed he returned to the road and completed his trip to The Chapterhouse, with only the briefest of glances to the field where the memory had taken place.
Thedran Asen: The Rock At rest
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