Azariah Haladar

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Azariah Haladar

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Credit to Wangxiuming for this beautiful piece!
Name: Azariah Haladar
Other Names: Magus, Daughter
Origin: Tethyr's Wealdath
Birthdate: Early 1254 (Roughly 102 years of age)
Race: Sun elf
Sex: Female
Deity: Hoar
Alignment: Neutral Evil, leans True Neutral
Class: Wizard/Thaumaturge
Height: 5'11"
Weight: ~140 lbs.

Few details are known about this odd elf's history. What is known is that she was raised by an entity called Mother, though she wasn't her true mother; she and the ones called her siblings were taken in infancy, either from the cradle or from their parents as they passed through Mother's territory.

Azariah's childhood was spent in isolation, left in a dormitory where the lock was the threat of death. Bread, water, and butter were left in her room. If thirty books were read in a month, meat was offered—since then, it's been a treasured commodity. Mother's rule was circumvented by reading children's books and reading a given novel several times over.

Another of Mother's rules was that she could only speak in Draconic and as she grew, as perfect Draconic as an elf could muster. If she failed, she also failed in earning her necessities. From Draconic, she learned Common. From Common, she learned other tongues.

Six months before she left, one sibling was murdered during one of Mother's fits of rage; some failure, coupled with the death of another sibling, was unacceptable. She was then approached by the entity. The elf had six months to prepare to be sent out in pursuit of arcane knowledge. Her first order of business was receiving a name: Azariah Haladar.

She was next given her instructions after a period of intense study and being given the opportunity to select a god. Azariah was to go to Baldur's Gate and practice the Art until her spellbook carried Ninth Circle spells—she was no stranger to tall expectations—and then she was to return home. Her spellbook was to be handed in then.

One thing was made clear: if Mother's requirements were not fulfilled, Azariah would better serve as a corpse. Left unmentioned was that as soon as the book was turned in, she would be consumed by the green dragon. She took hold of Mother and was teleported away.

Credit goes to Nyssis! $5 per view.

Azariah is an elf in appearance alone, bearing pointed ears and lithe frame. That ends when her golden orbs fall upon someone, framed by dark brown lashes that match her hair's hue, though the latter takes on auburn highlights in sunlight. Little respect has been given to her many times pierced ears. The first hole in her earlobe has been taken up by a golden hoop. The other two holes there and the many along her cartilage are occupied by gold shaped into small pearls. A beauty mark kisses the flesh just above her dark taupe lips.

A scar has carved itself around her upper right thigh, formed above another to form the shape of a band. Fitted between the lines are several shapes carved into flesh: a bottle and bunk bed.

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This temperamental feline is a creature smarter than the average person, owing to the fact that he is a wizard's conjured familiar. While not sharing his mistress' inclination towards cruelty, his first instinct is to destroy a threat. His preferred method is immolation through a fireball he is capable of launching from his maw.

Transcending a nature called evil by some is a unique bond with one paladin in particular: Aaron Lyonaler. He may be second to Azariah and their natures may not reflect, but he will defend the knight at a moment's notice.

From that little book of gods Mother had given Azariah, she had found herself drawn towards the Lord of Three Thunders. Her lack of formal education regarding the faith is of little issue to her—simmering rage is a natural emotion to her.

Since her admission into House Vale, Siamorphe has taken an active role in her life. Azariah now considers upholding the goddess' values and vanquishing her foes to be part of her job, if not her own faith.

Physical & Mental Health
The elf's arrival marked a change in physical health; her weakened figure, wracked by a diet of almost purely bread, butter, and water, has been nursed to health with Rellon Ayloset's help. Her psyche, however, suffers permanent scars.

She is both too quick to trust and too suspicious, a result of her having only Cream and Mother to keep her company, but never together. Many are allowed to view into her mind, but few into her heart.

Azariah boasts fluency in Draconic and Common, although her knowledge of figures of speech is lacking in the latter. She is proficient in the languages utilized in conjuring most manners of beasts alongside Illuskan, a language she picked up in favor of her paramour.

Plot Hooks & Miscellaneous
• In her quest to end Mother, Azariah had discovered that she had been made undead by her adopted sister, Isinil. The two were immediately adversaries but bonded during their trials to save Azariah's birth parents from Mother's pocket dimension. Azariah's decision to allow the lich to live for her efforts is a well-kept secret.

• Currently, Azariah has no wish to return to her elven heritage; she is comfortable among her human allies, albeit saddened by their short lifespans. She only wishes to learn what may have been but will have no part in what she perceives as an elitist society where individuality is limited by how elven one is.

• Ironically, the elf's parents are representative of her perception: they are xenophobic to an extreme. That doesn't keep her from maintaining some base level of contact via sending. It is Azariah's bitter wish that they visit Baldur's Gate and the Vale Estate, where they will meet her human paramour and the house she considers family.
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