BG/FAI: Melissar's Goodwill Shop

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BG/FAI: Melissar's Goodwill Shop

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A sign that has the symbol of two hands tied with a red cord that reads the following:

Wares and magical items for sale at low prices, all to aid a knight in her quest. The items here are not for resale and meant as a way to provide a cheap alternative to those seeking to start adventurer life.

I reserve my right to pick my customers, opportunists, big traders or those associated with known evil organizations or pay worship to dark evil gods, can take their gold elsewhere. This shop is for those with little gold that are in need of magical gear, not for those looking to profit or use these items for evil.


The following items are on display for sale:

Cloak of the spellblade: +1 regen, +1 Fortitude, +2 spellcraft, +2 concentration - 5,000 gold
Robes of the Shining hand +3: +3 armor, -1 listen, monk only. - 4,500 gold
Longbow of magic +2: +2 eb, +3 mighty - 1,000 gold
Heavy shield : +2 ac, +1 STR - 1,100 gold
Helmet: +3 AC - 3,500 gold
Robe: Spell immunity: Implosion - 1,200 gold
Ring of the knight - +2 dex/con , bonus feat: thoughness 15,000 gold
Bracers of Charisma + 3 - 5,000 gold
helmet of dexterity +3 - 5, 000 gold

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