The Slime King and Queen (Tali's Story w/ Bloodvine)

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The Slime King and Queen (Tali's Story w/ Bloodvine)

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Tali, while exploring with her two companions, either clerics or druids, she didn't ask, nor did she care to ask, stumbled upon a sight that she believed hadn't ever been witnessed and documented.

She started recording, but stopped for fear that she would interrupt something that was as fascinating as it was disgusting.

The smell of rotted flesh and sexual juices was so thick that it clung to the walls of the second levels of the Hilltop Ruins. Her companions had met with a particularly nasty host of denizens, and were resting while one of their own, she recalled his name being Arthur? rested and recovered his mind. The imps there had been particularly nasty and had clouded his mind with spells which had befuddled him. He stared off with a blank expression while bladelings and other imps tried to subdue the group.

Tali had to rest and recover, venturing deep within the ruins again, in the 'armory' as she called it, she found Arthur dumbfounded. After another hour or so, he came to, and they proceeded further into the cave. Coming upon what she had thought would be something that hadn't been possible, her group stopped. There were at least seven humans living in harmony with what they called "our queen." The slime was massive and had protruding tentacles. A slimy mass, she watched as tentacles exited the queen and entered another rather large slime, as she was entered by the other rather large slime. She didn't know that slimes had a sex, nor that they procreated sexually.

Thinking that all slimes procreated asexually, she started to scrawl notes on the subject, before she was asked, politely to stop. The notes are as follows:

"I have come upon what I believe to be a breakthrough in what we know about the creatures commonly known as slimes. There seem to be many different ways for the common 'slime' such as the gelatinous cube, and the other primary colored slimes, along with the other varying oozes to procreate. The ooze family, commonly thought to reproduce asexually seems to be able to reproduce sexually as well. This being the case, it is fascinating to see two giant oozes, of which there seems to be a cult following in the hilltop ruins at the moment, reproducing sexually. I only say this, as there seems to be evidence of penetration between the species, and intermingling and sharing of fluids, commonly seen as reproduction.

(undecipherable, as there is ink spilled upon the page, then a blurb and scratched out section)

I have met with people who follow the ooze (scratched out)

I have met with the so-called children and followers of the ooze which is known to them as their "queen" who has seemingly taken a mate. I have studied the ooze mating ritual and there are no less than seven followers of which there were only five which interacted with my group and I, consisting of two paladins, or clerics, or druids. Little matter though. My god Gond, and the crafts therein which I have mastered seem to have served me well, for I am able to teach these people how to use the salvage and leaving of their queen to use for making everyday and magical alchemical and mundane items.

I blunted an axe, and fashioned the other haft of a polearmed axe to make a horsie pet toy for one of the boys, and will endeavour to bring him a true toy next time we meet.

The people all have either not bathed in a while, or have the stink of the rotted and leftover corpses of fallen adventurers and other creatures clinging to them. Perhaps both.

The woman who I assume is their leader is an alchemist by trade, and she wishes to study alchemy under me, and perhaps may be of some use to society as a whole. I will be in charge of bringing supplies to the congregation who have not told me their name, but which I shall henceforth refer to here, as the "slime collective" and will be in charge of bringing the things, such as medicines, which they cannot scavenge from the leaving of the slimes.

My concerns for these people who follow the slimes are twofold:

One; I do not know how they are to sustain themselves on just the leavings of slimes. Food, water, and a reliable source of exercise and entertainment are necessary for humans to thrive.

Two; I do not know how they are to keep themselves safe. There is little which will harm a slime in the wilds of this part of the world, and slimes are quite hardy to most forms of mundane attack. They are resistant to bludgeoning, not susceptible to cutting or slashing, and piercing seems to have little to no effect on them. As such, they are able to make quick work of slow moving, or stupid, quarry. This does not mean, however, that they harbor any intent for keeping the greater good of their followers in the forefronts of their minds, and I have seen no evidence that the slime can actually move fast enough to be able to absorb what would be a lethal arrow, or spell gone awry, or even flying adversary. They are able to make a wall of themselves, but being slow moving means that the humans, especially the human boy child, will be in danger.

These are my concerns with the people living off of the leavings of the slime, and I shall try to document their culture. Seemingly, they are in a way, taken care of by the slime, which seems to not have the intent of using these humans as a source of food, emergency or otherwise.

The second part of this, is the slime queen, in particular the one which was sharing procreative fluids with the 'male' ooze, seems to have the capability of speaking telepathically. I have only heard of this with particularly dangerous, and intelligent slimes and other oozes which come from the home of Juiblex. My studies of the planes lead me to believe that these creatures might not be from our plane of existence, but one of the perpendicular planes which is the 222nd level of the abyss, shared with the fungi queen Zuggtmoy. More research is required, this is only my stipulation that a slime in particular would have this much intelligence.

Perhaps I have stumbled upon the reasoning for the varied and differing number of slimes and oozes which pervade our dungeons, sewers, and less desirable places. More and more, they are procreating away from the threat of harmful magics, and therefore are being shunted to the regions where they are less likely to encounter anything that has a greater intelligence or any sort of magical arsenal.

This slime, in particular, seems to be of the same mindset. I have yet to speak with her, but I look forward to doing so in the future.

This shall be the first chapter of either my autobiography, which might be found on my body after I am well and dead from tampering with the slimes and oozes, of which we know very little because they are considered unsavory and dangerous to humanoid creatures, or it will be the first chapter of a study of the symbiosis, procreation, and culture of human to ooze interactions, which has been altogether unexplained in literature thusfar. This being due to the fact that either the scholars which were fascinated about the slimes either met with an untimely end, or they were not interested in chronicling their encounters with these fascinating amorphous and, previously thought to be asexual, creatures."

So ends the page, which has been stuffed into a blank book in Tali's bag.

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