Undead Attacks Research

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Undead Attacks Research

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(( A notice is posted on the bulletin board outside the Elfsong, as well as in Candlekeep))

Dear Sirs and Madams,

I have written a book which has been approved by Candlekeep for submission in exchange for library access. I intend to use my access to do research into the recent undead attacks, but I do not wish to duplicate efforts already done. If you have done the same, please contact me with the topics you have researched (you may keep your results until after I have results of my own to share) so that I may be sure to pursue a line of questioning that you have not already pursued. It would be a shame to waste any of our limited access on duplicated enquiries.

My thoughts so far on what I may research include, but are not limited to:

1: Possible connections between the locations these attacks have occurred. If we can determine some link between these locations, we might, by finding other places with this same link, predict where future attacks may occur. Note that Candlekeep might not be the only place to look for this one if there are any official or unofficial archeological institutes within Baldur's Gate. I have written to the palace re: the origin of the stones used in the construction of the arena north of the city (where one attack took place according to my sources), but have not had any answer.

2: Netherese cults of Kozah/Talos

3: The name "Kesselfax" (or similar spellings, such as Kesslefax, Chesselfax, et cetera)

Again, please share with me what topics you have already researched, and then after my own research is done we may all pool our information. If your own research has indicated some OTHER topic that should be looked in to, please do share this with me also and if we all agree that this is more promising than anything I have come up with, then I'll look into that instead. Also, if any here have more experience in scholarly pursuits, it's possible I could ask Candlekeep to allow that person to have access in my stead. I am, after all, merely a humble writer of (usually) fiction.

Afterward, we should all share our results either in person or in writing. I can be reached at the Blade and Stars Inn in Baldur's Gate.

-Jenya Kuznetsova

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Re: Undead Attacks Research

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[Tarina draws a circle around the number 2 on the Eastgate sign, then writes next to it, "Speak with Sir Sean of the Radiant Heart."]
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