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How to heal a Zone of Dead Magic – Volume II

The Healing

They arrived at the brigde outside the Farmlands, a gathering of representatives of Candlekeep, the Azure Arcanists, the Church of Mystra, the City Watch and even a Lord. Some unnamed adventurer dared to complain: „You are in my damned way!“ and the bardess reassured the man „We'll soon no longer be.“ Edelgarde kept her eyes shut and definitely didn't see anyone looking at them. Then the spell was cast, the group floated upwards, higher and higher, until they passed through the thick cloud layer and paused just above. While some reminded themselves not to open their eyes and needed to keep themselves together, others looked at the City from the height, using the rare chance. Gabriel beamed: "Ah the Art truly is wonderous.".The bard managed to keep up her song, meant to lift the spirits. Then Khelben asked Drinmar to use his ice magic and he did. The Silverfire intersected with it and built a platform solid enough for everyone to stand on. Some were visibly relieved to have an improvised ground under their feet. The next order from Khelben came: "Now, spread around me. Even distance between me and each other." They did as he told them, and built a circle around him. All between the clouds and the stars, they stood as Khelben spoke again. „"All of you, turn outwards from me and cast the most powerful spell of which I have asked you to prepare.“ As they did, he turned to the two Paladins. „Tormtar and Sir Fenwick, break the wands, also outwards from me." They needed to do it in unision and away from each other. The same way they cast the spells they were told to prepare before. They also would cast their spells and speak their prayers all at the same time. The bardess had only one spell of the school of Enchantment, so weirdly it was channeled by a Warcry, „For the one who was Midnight. For Mystra, the third!“ but it worked, given still it was enchantment magic.

As they cast their spells, Khelben reached his hands up, and streaming of silver fire spread out to intersect with each spell. Each of these spells then turned into a strange web of colours, before fading out. This had to be done again. Once again silver fire intersected with the spells, turning them into more colourful webs - nets, now larger. They closed on one another, forming a Weave. This time, when the nets formed, they also bonded with Drinmar, Edelgarde, Althalous and Fenix. All in all it took four steps like this. Indeed, the nets, then connected, now spread out far into the distance, but also connecting with the rest of the people present. All the threads of this net were lined with silver fire, streaming out from Khelben, touching each person as well, giving a strange, magical sensation. In the end, most of them felt that magic had returned and it felt alive.

There was even enough magic left to enchant one of their worn items. The chosen of Mystra asked everyone to present their weakest. After that happened, Lord Fenix did no longer regret having gone with them. All in all four of them accepted, but the other four passed... and gave their part back to the weave so it may be strengthened. Then, Khelben cast a spell to shatter the ice sheet beneath them, turning it into particles of snow. They were returned to the ground and found themselves back where they floated off.

The Questions of the bardess, were still answered, in front of everyone in the temple of Mystra.

The answers were, that Mystra was once a young human lady wizard named Midnight. At the same time they were warned not to call her by that name. She is Mystra, she is the Weave.
But another new god ascended as well. Cyric, as the other one, took the place of the dead three, Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul. About him he would not speak further than: „...know that he is the enemy.“
Furthermore the trio who was involved in slaying Bhaal, was not just Cyric, who wielded the sword, but a human warrior named Kelemvor and the human woman, who is now our Mystra.

Being asked about the Shadow Weave he said: "Ah, yes. From what we can tell, it is created by Shar, in her intention as an alternative to the Weave, It is a mockery, an insult." They all agreed in the end, that the Shadow Weave is not to be mistaken as Shadow Magic, while the latter is a subschool of Illusion.

"As mentioned, it will take some days, perhaps even a tenday or several before the weave has fully regenerated. But the healing has begun, thanks to you.", Khelben also said

They had the gratitude of Azuth as well as Mystra and her Chosen. And for about one minute, heavy snows inexplicably fell over Baldur's Gate.
((OOC Note: This Book also exists in CK in game. But sadly the title was too long, so it's in the Library under "Heal a Zone of Dead Magic Vol I and II.))
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Coastal Chronicles - 1358 DR Year of the Shadow
by Guide Edelgarde Spades

Praise be the First Scribe!


Trolls and flaming undead attacks continue in the mountains south of Nashkel.
An helmite priest of the Covenant of the Torch begins preaching against witches, warlocks and unregulated wizards in Baldur's Gate.

14th Hammer, Boareskyr Bridge - The drow Urfindir, a known raider, attempts to kidnap the Ilmateri Sister Ashenie, but is defeated by a tiefling known as Shadow and then arrested by the High Marshal of Fort Prominence.

14th Hammer, Baldur's Gate - The Green Enclave and the Dukes of Baldur's Gate find an agreement on the Cloakwood controversy. The dukes agree to redouble the efforts of reseeding and to perform any lumbering operation under the supervision of the druids. The Duchess Liia Jannath agrees to attend an event organized by the Enclave.

15th Hammer, Fort Prominence - Urfindir is declared guilty of banditry, murder, kidnapping, disruption of trade, murder of some Order of the Blackrose and Zentharim patrols, threats to Tarina member of Northern Barony. He is executed on the same day.

15th Hammer, Rockrun - King Thundoin of the Titanfist clan and his closer advisors are killed by a group of surface dwarves, leaving the clan in chaos. The tensions between the Company of the Blue Lantern and the illithids under Supreme Mindlord Scperxatl grows.

16th Hammer, Baldur's Gate - A conjoined effort of the Order of the Radiant Heart and the Rocky Creek Company sees several wagons of food brought from Elturel and Atkhatla to Baldur's Gate, where it is distributed to the starving population.

17th Hammer, Baldur's Gate - House Divine distributes the food acquired in Beregost to the Temple of Ilmater and other reputable charitable temples in Baldur's Gate.

23rd Hammer, Bekkreguard - The trolls attack the settlement, but are ultimately defeated by the Whitewood Vanguard. The casualties are estimated to be roughly a third of the population, the mayor among them, and many of the buildings are destroyed or damaged.

30th Hammer, Baldur's Gate - Further food provision arrive from the lizardmen tribe of the Hollowmoon escorted by their shaman, the Order of the Radiant Heart and the Bladestone Foundation.

30th Hammer, Lion's Way - A battle takes place between an unknown necromancer with undead in tow and a group of Helmites. One of them, whose description corresponds to that of the famous preacher of Ordo Veritatis, falls in battle and is brought to Nashkel.


The famine in Baldur's Gate is mitigated by the food supplies provided by the Chalice of Siamorphe, the Headquarters of the Order of the Radiant Heart, House Divine and other charity venues. The increased fishing operations of the Darius Holding Company at the behest of Grand Duchess Liia Jannath increased the stockpile of smoked fish.
The Sanctuary of Ilmater becomes increasingly popular, especially among the poor, for the tireless work of Sister Ashenie and her guardians, Sword of Torm Alexander Holgart and Mercy's Blade Nathan Goldmane. Popularity increases also for the Temple of Torm as it began to offer apprentice military training for those wishing to join the City Guard or even the Flaming Fist.
The group known as "The Common", primarily disgruntled citizens, protests in the City against the Dukes. Known among them are their leader Harald and their speakers, a halfling named Jerrin and the half-orc Rhaeg. Another group, the Prosperity League, becomes active in Baldur's Gate, mostly through posters and murals, encouraging the people to re-embrace the evil gods, like the Dead Three and the Furies.
Dabron Sashenstar, heir of the Sashenstar family, returns from a long journey, bringing news and item of the newly discovered land of Sossal.
The Wyvern population begins to dwindle due to the extensive hunting perpetrated by the local adventurers. This caused an increase in the Ants population.

3rd Alturiak, Nashkel - House Divine offers to aid Nashkel in investigating the cause behind the troll invasion. They are offered lodging there by the civil authorities.

4th Alturiak, Nashkel - After a meeting between Mayor Ghastkill and the representatives of House Blackrose, the forces of the Blackrose move south from Fort Prominence to aid in the efforts against the trolls. Preventing further disruption of trade is the official statement of the House.

6th Alturiak, Nashkel - The call to arms of the Nashkel militia against the trolls draws a great number of volunteers, the Whitewood Vanguard, House Blackrose, House Divine and the Temple of Mystra among them. The group moves from Nashkel to the Cloudpeak fortified position of the Amnian forces, fighting their way through the trolls. There, the combined forces repel an attack of both trolls and undead, the latter reaching the battlefield through numerous portals, all connected to the Prime Material that are promptly closed. After that, the forces split: the first group led by Amos Thistle and for the most part constituted by forces of House Blackrose pursues the troll forces in the forest; the second, led by Micar'myzzrym Iliathor and counting mostly mercenaries of the Whitewood Vanguard, joins with the Amnian soldier at the hillside pass. The trolls attack in great numbers and the casualties are many, but in the end the Amnian side prevails, protecting Nashkel from the trolls.

8th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - A necromancer guilty of summoning undead and poisoning an adventurer is apprehended by the members of Ordo Veritatis and sentenced to death by Captain Norton. The Helmite order carries out the sentence on the Tradeway burning the necromancer at the stake. Before the execution, they are attacked by the same necromancer who attacked them days prior on the Lion's Way.

9th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - A large group of undead pours out of the Graveyard. Silverstar Katli Lovrik holds them off and then warns the guards. After the alarm has sounded, members of House Divine, The Order of the Radiant Heart, En Darasha Everae, the Temple of Ilmater and other adventurers join the fight pushing back the undead. The responsible, a gnome of dark skin, is captured and turned to the Flaming Fist.

12th Alturiak, Amn - A group of people from various factions breaks in the Thayan buildings protected by a dead magic zone and rescues many of the slaves kept captive there. The buildings are reported to be destroyed, as well as the thayans inside. Among the rescuers are Kiyoshi Konosuba, Carah Evenwood, Emrys Kerr, Rhaeg and Oth Neren.

14th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - Duke Entar's herald announces an agreement of trade goods with the Zhentarim and the condemn of any act of banditry against their caravans as a slight against the Dukes. This causes great agitation and the appearance of numerous flyers both in favor and against this agreement.

15th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - A large number of Flaming Fist's men surround the Darius Estate and escort a guest inside.

15th Alturiak, Fort Prominence - The ruined church near Fort Prominence is dismantled by the Blackroses and replaced by a windmill and cultivable land.

16th Alturiak, Wood of Sharpteeth - A cult of orcs causes some undead and corrupted treants attacks. A group of adventurers fights their way through the creatures and has their priestess consecrate the epicenter of the corruption.

16th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - Following an agreement between Duke Belt and House Darius, the former opens several abandoned warehouse to be employed by the trading house and the temple of Gond to expedite the open trade.

16th Alturiak, Cloudpeaks - A combined effort of the Whitewood Vanguard, House Divine, the House of the Guardian and other freelancers defeats the lich Arkvallas, thought to be the mastermind behind the trolls attacks.

17th Alturiak, Nashkel - The Whitewood Vanguard departs from Nashkel.

17th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - The Dukes, escorted by the Flaming Fist, depart Baldur's Gate and head north towards Waterdeep. It is rumored they have been summoned by Lord Piergeiron or even that a meeting of the Lord's Alliance is scheduled.

18th Alturiak, Northern Tradeway - The number of armed guards escorting the caravan is noticeably increased. It is rumored that the Lord of Fort Prominence Amos Thistle has invested a consisted sum in armed vigilance for the caravans.

18th Alturiak, Uldoon's Trail - A group of undead that plagued the area is defeated by a warband of elves.

19th Alturiak, Troll Claws - The half-sapphire dragon leader of the Company of the Blue Lantern, one of the three sides involved in the battle for Rockrun, is seen fighting is way to Kraak Helzak, possibly to meet the King.

21st Alturiak, Uldoon's Trail - A fight erupts on the bridge, with Kethelis Toathril of Doron Amar and Aunrae, a drow newly converted to the Seldarine, on one side and the Whitewood Vanguard on the other. The latter side emerges victorious and both sides concur that one member of the Vanguard inflicted mutilations on the elf, although some claim that other members of the mercenary group tortured Aunrae as well, while others claim that there were attempts to heal her. Another fight ensues when Warden Vanira "Boots" of the Order of the Radiant Heart intervenes to rescue her brother Kethelis, but is herself defeated by the Vanguard. Everyone seems to concur with the fact that an aura bearing the symbol of Corellon Larethian shielded Aunrae from the finishing blow, allowing the defeated party to retreat.

22nd Alturiak, Cloakwoods - A large number of unseelie fey and shadow druids is found slain in the Cloakwoods. The bodies seem to be localized in the central forest along the river. This doesn't go unnoticed among the fey, who now make the area more dangerous.

23rd Alturiak, Cloakwoods - A doppleganger is found impaled on the remains of a broken spear bearing a banner decorated with a coat of arms in the design of a fiery purple phoenix. The body bears the signs of cold iron.

26th Alturiak, Nashkel Mountain Pass - The mountain pass south of Nashkel, previously blocked by an avalanche, is cleared by the men of the Order of the Blackrose. The trade route is now viable again.

26th Alturiak, Doron Amar - The elven village reiterates the banishment issued upon the Whitewood Vanguard in Hammer, ruling that, should they get close to the village, the Evereskan rangers will deliver two warning shots before shooting to disable or kill. On the same day, according to some, the attempted murder of the Corellonite priest Feleron is perpetrated by a member of the Whitewood Vanguard during a diplomatic meeting to discuss a truce.

27th Alturiak, Coast South of Candlekeep - A group of scaly creatures takes hold of the beach from the sea during the night. They attack on sight, although for now they don't seem to be advancing inland.

27th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - Creatures made of darkness seem to have appeared in the depths of the sewers. At the same time, more and more rumors circulate about people having strange nightmares.

28th Alturiak, Baldur's Gate - A fourteen days truce is declared between Doron Amar and the Whitewood Vanguard.


Triel passes some regulation to put authority in Civil hands.
The project of the Order of the Radiant Heart to build a bridge across the River Chiontar continues.
Despite the recent increase in the activity of Shadow Druids and Dopplegangers in the Cloakwoods, some of the forest seems to be reflourishing.
Rumors circulate about necromancers activity on the Wyvern Hills and their recovery of a necromantic artefact consequently brought east.

1st Ches, Ulgoth's Beard - A group of adventurers confronts the Aboleth that has been plaguing Ulgoth's Beard for the past year and its dominated thralls. It seems that some agreement is reached and the creature agrees to leave and never come back.

1st Ches, Baldur's Gate - Dreadlord Selengil Harkonis holds a speech to the people of Baldur's Gate, publicly condemning the acts of the previous Dreadlords and claiming his efforts were only aimed to bring prosperity to the common folk.

1st Ches, Baldur's Gate - The Dukes of Baldur's Gate return from their journey to Waterdeep. The events of their meeting with Lord Piergeiron are still unknown.

2nd Ches, Doron Amar - The elven village is looking for skilled trackers and hunters to investigate the changes in the monster population in the surrounding woods.

3rd Ches, Kraak Helzak - An agreement is signed between the dwarven settlement and the mercenary company of the Blue Lantern.

3rd Ches, Baldur's Gate - The City Watch opens its ranks to adventurers.

3rd Ches, Baldur's Gate - The Ducal Court takes place. The topic discussed are the famine in the city, workers rights, the security of the road, the expansion on the farmlands, the change in leadership of Doron Amar, the bridge on the Chiontar and, at length, the renewed treaty with the Zhentarim. It is notable the presence of Lady Alustriel Silverhand of Silverymoon and High Lady Dragonbreast of Berdusk, or representatives of the Commons and Chalice of Siamorphe for the first time at Court. Many are moved by the speech of sister Ashenie Darakh of the Temple of Ilmater and support the driven words against the Black Network of Ser Alexander Holgart of the Triadic Collective.

4th Ches, Baldur's Gate - By the order of Duke Belt, Gond's techsmiths are asked to aid in the new shipbuilding project.

6th Ches, Baldur's Gate - The campaign of the Halls of Inner Lights to recruit workers and guards for the expansion of the farmlands officially starts.

11th Ches, Baldur's Gate - A crowd of people gathers outside of the Halls of Inner Light to sign on for the new project for the expansion of the Farmlands.

12th Ches, Cloakwood - The Shadow Druids retreat to hidden caves in the area.

13th Ches, Soubar - A large amount of goods from Amn passes through Soubar on its way to Fort Prominence.

16th Ches, Wood of Sharpteeth - The orcs start fortifying their caves. It is rumored members from a neighboring tribe joined them to expand their territory. This is further corroborated by an omen shared by a priest of Selune about an imminent siege of the Friendly Arm Inn.

16th Ches, Cloakwood - People start investigating the whereabouts of the Shadow Druids.

17th Ches, Wood of Sharpteeth - A tentacled creature is seen while interrogating an orc. When the orcs attack, two men who are passing by fight side by side with the creature. After the orcs are defeated they go separate ways. A druid is found dead half way to the Friendly Arm Inn.

17th Ches, Cloakwood - Following the protracted defeats of the Shadow Druids at the end of a group of Knights, some creature of the woods ally with the former. These creatures as well fall at the hands of the knights.

18th Ches, Woods of Sharpteeth - The orcish army and their chief are quickly dispatched by a group of known figures. Rhaeg of the Commons and Oth Neren among them.

19th Ches, Lion's Way - The Equinox celebration held by the Green Enclave takes place at the local grove.

22nd Ches, Woods of Sharpteeth- The Knights seem to have left the woods. At the same time the druids, who now control the woods again, are rumored to have aided a cult for some hidden lore.

24th Ches, Reaching Woods - Statues of gnolls engaged in battle start appearing in the woods.

26th Ches, Baldur's Gate - Duke Entar Silvershield and Duchess Liia Jannath are seen leaving the city and travelling towards Waterdeep.

29th Ches, Baldur's Gate - An elderly man is killed during the night, his throat ripped out. On the same day, another man is stabbed by a robed woman after he delivered her flowers in the market district.[/I]


1st Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - Thorak (banditry), Matthew (necromancy), Ethis Samos (murder), Lynn Valma (poisoning and murder) are due to be executed in the upcoming tenday.

2nd Tarsakh, Fortress Westmarch - The Lord's Alliance marches in forces and easily takes the fortress, they then continue forward towards Darkhold.

2nd Tarsakh, Winding Way - Increased activity of the Whitewood Vanguard is witnessed on the Winding Way and in the lands north of Baldur's Gate.

2nd Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - A child disappears from his house during the night. Before his disappearance, the child laments several times the presence of a creature with flaming eyes and antlers.

3rd Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - The Breaking, a local celebration of the day the last ice breaks, takes place at the Harbor. The dukes attend with offers for the population, thanking those organization that provided vital support during the crisis of this winter. This year, the celebration also marks the end of the food shortage in the city.

4th Tarsakh, Along the Chiontar - The beginning of the works to build the bridge across the Chiontar East of Baldur's Gate is officially marked by the establishment of a worker camp with supplies and a meeting between the involved parties.

8th Tarsakh, Boareskyr Bridge - An altercation takes place between the Zhentarim skymages and likely a Black dragon, judging from the acidic breath wyverns and skymages were drenched in. Most of the bridge still stands.

10th Tarsakh, Northern Lands - The Hellriders and Red Shields cross the River Reaching, although the bulk of the army comes from Asbrvan is still travelling towards Hluthvar. A group of 500 orcs from Uruk Lurra attacks an outpost of Elturel and Scornubel but are quickly overwhelmed.

11th Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - The Grand Knight of the Order of the Radiant Heart is seen at the head of his men heading towards Fort Triel. Rumors circulate of a deal between House Sashenstar and the Chiontar Charter & Seaward Supply. After the mysterious disappearance of two more children, the patrols of the City Watch are increased.

11th Tarsakh, Tradeway - Many signs are knocked down by something with hooves. Even though many suspect the local wildlife, traces of a partially smoked cigar point at a humanoid vandal.

18th Tarsakh, Tradeway - The perpetrator of the vandalism acts towards the signs on the Tradeway is identified as an awakened deer, known for its consumption of alcohol and cigars.

15th Tarsakh, Greenest - The Windride, Shaundakun holy day, takes place.

16th Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - A work of art belonging to House Anjinson is stolen, however the thief is apprehended by a group of adventurers.

18th Tarsakh, Friendly Arm Inn - The tomb of Ser Billy is desecrated by an unknown perpetrator.

19th Tarsakh, Nashkel - The elves Antares and Elquendi save a family of the Western Heartlands from the Zhentarim occupied territory and bring them to safety in Nashkel.

20th Tarsakh, Friendly Arm Inn - The tomb of Ser Billy is reconsecrated by members of various churches. Ilmateri and selunites among them. Guards at the Friendly Arms are now taking shifts on the walls to watch over the tomb.

22nd Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - A trade agreement is signed between House Divine and the Whitemask Theater that names the former their sole provider of textiles.

22nd Tarsakh, North of Baldur's Gate - A Zhentarim scout camp is attacked by the Whitewood Vanguard, who departs with a prisoner of war.

23rd Tarsakh, River Chiontar - Fourty soldiers of the Order of the Radiant Heart are now stationed at the construction site of the bridge to fend off any orcish attack.

23rd Tarsakh, Lion's Way - The druidic grove is desecrated by an unknown cultist accompanied by a giant snake. The cultist apparently lured two travelers and spilled their blood during an unholy ritual.

23rd Tarsakh, Corm Orp - The Hellriders and Red Shields occupy the village.

23rd Tarsakh, Reaching Woods - A black dragon attacks the lumberers of the Lord's Alliance with a spry of acid killing most of them and severely damaging the surrounding forested area.

24rth Tarsakh, Lion's Way - The druidic grove is soon reconsecrated by the Archdruid of the Green Enclave.

25th Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - The dukes announce that the treaty with the Zhentarim is broken and that they will stand with the Lord's Alliance. The Black's Network replies accusing Baldur's Gate of breaking their commitments and requires they payment of 50% concession on taxes on the import and sale of all Zhentarim luxury items for a period of six months of the year of 1358.

25th Tarsakh, River Chiontar - A group of renegade orcs guided by a troll necromancer raids a caravan near the bridge construction site, but is defeated by the Order of the Radiant Heart. An ancient elven dagger and a recipe book are recovered.

26th Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - John Smythe of the Chionthar Charter & Seaward Supply Co. is offered a contract by House Sashenstar but he, according to the rumors, refuses. The company however, appears now busy between Elturel and Iriaebor.

26th Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - A giant crab is summoned in the Eastern Farmlands. The identity of the summoner is yet unknown.

28th Tarsakh, Baldur's Gate - A trade agreement is signed by House Sashenstar and a House from Elturel that will, according to the rumors, boost the influx of food in the city. House Sashenstar is also aiming to fit the newly developed ice breakers in their fleet.

28th Tarsakh, Cloakwood - A blighted Treant is defeated by a group of three people who allegedly came out of a rabbit hole.


Trade flourishes for the House of Cards, who focuses its efforts in the south and avoids the northern and eastern routes threatened by the war. Coastal and river trade increases, albeit amidst the fear this might draw the attention of pirates and raiders.
The Wyvern Hills are plagued by undead and some claim to have seen a dracolich.
Local laws are passed in Triel in order to limit hostile infiltration.
The war between the Lords Alliance and Darkhold starts to show its consequences further away from the walls of Darkhold Vale. While the joined forces of Elturel, Berdusk and Iriaebor lay siege against Darkhold, sparks of conflict start close to their homelands. Drow raiding parties have are spotted attacking the farmlands around Triel and Elturel as well.

Greengrass, Hilltop Ruins - A group of adventurers encounters a fiend in the Hilltop Ruins. The creature orders them to offer their blood, but the group refuses and is attacked by the creature. The group prevails, but a masked figure, clearly the master of the fiend, thanks them for the sacrifice.

Greengrass, Triel - A meeting about the war is held in Triel. Shortly after, the soldiers of the Radiant Heart stationed along the Chiontar relocate to protect the supply lines up north.

Greengrass, Candlekeep - For the first time in ten years, the library fortress opens its doors to a drow visitor. The aforementioned visitor is Aunrae, an oathkeeper to the Seldarine.

1st Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - The leader of the Night Hag Coven responsible for the murders of seven children in Ducal Land is killed by a group led by the tiefling Szarilana.

1st Mirtul, Lion's Way - The drow raider Urfindir, who had been executed in Fort Prominence in the months prior, is found tied and eye-less near Candlekeep. The drow is killed by the elf Kethelis and buried in an unnamed grave. The identity of the one who left him there is still unknown, although according to Micar'myzzrym Iliathor it is an half drow woman, against whom the raider allegedly lost on purpose. The Whitewood Vanguard lieutenant also believes that Urfindir was part of a larger scouting force.

2nd Mirtul, Troll Claws - An army of between 500 and 600 dwarves have marched out of Kraak Helzak to take up defensive positions, bottlenecking a small cave.

2nd Mirtul, Darkhold Vale - Propaganda fliers with the symbols of the Zhentarim are dropped on the sieging camp of the Lords Alliance and consequently burned at the order of Lord Dhelt.

3rd Mirtul, Hluthvar - Many in the settlement and the Lords Alliance camps fall victims of vampires attack. Their lair is stormed by holy warriors, although the vampires are found to be lesser spawns.

4th Mirtul, Fort Prominence - The fort bolsters its defenses.

6th Mirtul, Bridgefort - The Whitewood Vanguard attacks and sacks Bridgefort.

8th Mirtul, Wyvern Hills - A group of adventurers cleans the area from undead and defeats a dracolich.

8th Mirtul, Nashkel - Goods are stolen by some mysterious tricksters, whose tracks are lost in the hills despite the efforts of a group of adventurers. In the nearby mines, a group of people attempted to track a mage who allegedly stole a treasure from a passing wagon.

8th Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - Disk Leen, a City Guard, is arrested for plotting against the Guards with an unknown third party, although the charges are dismissed after a hearing. The accuser's identity is still unknown and only referred to as F.

9th Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - A True Resurrection ritual is performed by Sister Ashenie on the children that were slain by the Night Hags, after their soul were freed. According to Sister Ashenie, two are back to their families while the rest ascended to Cronia, in Mount Celestia.

11th Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - The Captain of the Whitewood Vanguard, Michael Dunn, turns himself in to the Flaming Fist and is charged with violence against his wife. Eyewitnesses claim that he entered the premises without any of his possessions, except for a pillow and a blanket.

12th Mirtul, Cloakwoods - A mysterious corruption spreads across the Cloakwoods and the bodies of water that cross it, causing the animals to raise as undead and those who get in contact with it to become violent.

13th Mirtul, Northern Tradeway - Few days after the Zhentarim retreat from the tunnels near the Trollclaws, forces flying the flags of Darkhold, Sshamat and Uruk Lurra are seen on the surface in the north.

13th Mirtul, Troll Claws - After the Zhentarim forces appear on the surface, the army from Kraak Helzak returns to their city.

13th Mirtul, Rockrun - The last battle between the Company of the Blue Lantern, aided by the forces of Kraak Helzak, and the mindflayers of Mindlord Scpexatl takes place in Rockrun. The forces of General Morex prevail, albeit at a great cost.

14th Mirtul, River Reaching - The bridge west of Hill's Edge is attacked and destroyed by the black dragon Vuthai. The area is filled with a strange black and green mist and those still within it are all left as fragile statues.

15th Mirtul, Cloakwoods - The Blighter, a creature responsible of the corruption spreading in the Cloakwoods, is defeated by Guardian Emmanuel Venandi. This causes the blight to recede, allowing the woods to heal.

15th Mirtul, Northern Tradeway - Between Fort Prominence and Soubar, a trade caravan falls victim of traps set on the road by unknown third parties. A guard is killed and the horses injured. The Blackrose men disarm the trap but two are wounded in the attempt.

15th Mirtul, Bridgefort - The Blackrose forces retake the fort, meeting no resistance. The bodies of Sir Amos Thistle's daughter and son are found among the dead.

15th Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - Leaflets signed by Gerhard Van Faust are placed in the Eastern District. Those claim that Carah Evenwood is accused by Solaris Cult of being a practitioner of Eldritch magic and that the temple of Helm raised an inquiry on this. Replies were quickly issued, labeling the claim as false.

18th Mirtul, Lion's Way - The air around the lighthouse is briefly disturbed by a burst of magic, after five people from the Bladestone Foundation accessed it. The five are seen leaving the lighthouse some time after, in bad condition. A perimeter is established immediately after by the guards of the Bladestone Foundation and everyone is advised to stay away from the premises.

20th Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - The stolen painting is recovered by House Divine and returned to House Anjinson. The theft is attributed to a consortium of merchant guilds. A trade agreement for the purchase of House Anjinson's silk by House Divine is put in place.

20th Mirtul, Western Heartlands - A number of raids is perpetrated by the forces of the Black Network between Berdusk and Iriaebor. At the same time, a powerful ritual causes a storm of acid and thorns. Miles of farmlands become a corrupted mire of vicious vegetation, while undead and maddened villagers cause further destruction.

21st Mirtul, Lion's Way - All members of the Black Abbey and House Blackrose are banished from Warrior's Rest.

21st Mirtul, Near Triel - A small group of highly specialised Drow attacks the farms around Triel, destroys the farms and a supply caravan, and manages to escape before a real response from the Lords Alliance arrives.

22nd Mirtul, Gullykin - Three bodies are strung on a hollow tree south of Gullykin - a human, an elf, and an air genasi. The human was stitched together, as if she was sliced apart before.

23rd Mirtul, Gullykin - A dark skinned man claims of having seen the murderer and describes her as follows: a woman, young sounding. Relatively short and fit, though wearing clothes that covered her well. Her face covered by a sack, and by her side, a heavy duty crossbow capable of splitting a body in two.

25th Mirtul, near Gullykin - After a communication from a mysterious woman in red, the three deceased people are taken off the tree by Scribe Edelgarde of Candlekeep and Arcanist Sirion Te'dwa and brought to the nearby temple to be raised.

25th Mirtul, Western Heartlands - After the recent attacks against the Lord's Alliance, reputable adventuring groups are being hired in all the cities and towns of the Western Heartlands. Particularly vocal are the Churchs of Chauntea and Tempus.

26th Mirtul, Lion's Way - Necromantic activity is witnessed on the bridge, where a man identified as Sel is hit by a finger of death by two figures who teleport away. Shortly after, a patrol of the Whitewood Vanguard and the Bladestone Foundation witnesses a figure surrounded by animated skeletons who teleports away immediately.

26th Mirtul, Near Beregost - An elven dragonblood of metallic heritage starts nestling in the area.

26th Mirtul, Western Heartlands - Aunrae passes her last trial as oathkeeper and, by the grace of the Seldarine, the ancient curse of her race is removed from her, effectively making her the first known dark elf in thousand of years.

27th Mirtul, Western Heartlands - The Order of the Radiant Heart issues a call to arms against the Zhentarim and their allies from the Underdark. Those who heed it are invited to gather in Triel.

27th Mirtul, Western Heartlands - The Church of Lathander announces the passing of Dawnknight Tobias Goldenshield, Paladin Knight of the Order of the Aster, and his companions. The group fell in the attempt of stopping a Zhentarim attack on the caravans moving between Berdusk and Asbravn.

28th Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - A ghost-like figure is seen floating above the city. Shortly after, numerous leaflets signed by Vigilator Barristan Schultze fall from the sky. Their content is an accusation towards the Lord's Alliance, claiming that they started a war of aggression against the Zhentarim and that they are entirely at fault for the casualties of the war.

29th Mirtul, Baldur's Gate - The temple of Ilmater declares its project of building a charity kitchen and welcomes any effort to help in the endeavor.

29th Mirtul, Amn - The Whitewood Vanguard renews its recruiting efforts in Amn.


Adventurers sweep the Nashkel area looking for dragons and undead. It is rumored that some old lore has been found in one of these expedition. Another one has swarmed the lair of some cultists.
A troop of volunteers led by Captain Enfoose reaches Triel to provide support to the Hellriders.
Some seem to be searching for the mysterious Yondalla Yarns.

1st Kythorn, Western Heartlands - A small group of elves ventures in what was once the farming community of Tirlis, site of the unholy ritual that corrupted miles of farmlands between Iriaebor and Berdusk. Druids and clerics of nature begin their tireless work to heal the land.

2nd Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - Lord Vale delivers a speech addressing the recent message of Vigilator Barristan Schultze, deeming it a threat.

2nd Kythorn, Western Heartlands - A mysterious trio known as "Hark Hark Apples Doan" sets a bandit camp ablaze and is praised by the local farmers.

5th Kythorn, Western Heartlands - The Children of Silver are entirely decimated, somewhere near the Reaching Woods and only the half elven sorceress Meyra Greenstar survived, albeit severely injured. It is rumored they were hunting the black dragon who has been plaguing the area.

6th Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - The members of the Zhentarim, Black Abbey and the Order of the Blackrose are banished from Ducal Lands.

7th Kythorn, Ulgoth's Beard - The Whitewood Vanguard bids its final farewell to their fallen comrade Olesya.

8th Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - A swarm of frogs takes over the Thayan Enclave. All that can be seen from the outside is a green mist accompanied by a weird smell.

10th Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - The Whitewood Vanguard is banished from the Halls of Inner Light.

11th Kythorn, Western Heartlands - Men and women of the Bladestone Foundation escort the wagons of the refugees from the war zone to the southern parts of the Western Heartlands.

11th Kythorn, Lion's Way - A group of adventurers is lured inside the abandoned quarry by a traveler coerced by a necromancer, after said traveler saved them from a fiend. The necromancer raises the fallen comrade as an undead and commands it to kill the rest of them. Only the traveler who lured them there escapes with his life.

11th Kythorn, Soubar - A black dragon, after transforming into his humanoid form, meets with Mag. Upon leaving her tavern, he transforms back to his dragon form trampling and killing about a dozen of the local residents before taking to the sky.

12th Kythorn, Undercity - After regular purification rituals have been conducted on the shrine of Bhaal for well over a year by Sister Ashenie and the temple of Ilmater, the evil taint in the area is finally lifted and the souls of the innocent victims sacrificed there are finally able to find rest.

12th Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - Captain Michael Dunn declares that the banishment of the Whitewood Vanguard from the Halls of Inner Light is unjustified, as this was done even if the Vanguard did not violate the terms agreed with them and Doron Amar, and that he was falsely accused by the Halls.

16th Kythorn, Soubar - The Blackrose Annual Commerce Gala is cancelled for this year.

16th Kythorn, Wood of Sharpteeth - A gold dragon is seen flying over the area several times.

17th Kythorn, Western Heartlands - The Rocky Creek Company starts a massive recruitment of workers to aid in the construction of new caravans.

18th Kythorn, Along the Chiontar - A huge silver dragon is seen near the bridge construction site. After briefly taking the shape of a woman, she speaks with a group gathered there and then, after turning back to her original form, she takes to the skies again.

21st Kythorn, Beach South of Candlekeep - The celebration of Mielikki's Second Feast, organized by the Green Enclave, takes place.

22nd Kythorn, Reaching Woods - A contingent from the Underdark is seen scouting along the river that borders the woods.

25th Kythorn, Kraak Helzak - Lord Khelbern "Blackstaff" visits Kraak Helzak and attends a meeting with King Dovkin Battlehammer, Lord Aaron Lyonaler and Lord Osric Vale.

26th Kythorn, Western Heartlands - Squire Valduil Feralen starts an initiative to gather funds and help for the refugees of war.

27th Kythorn, Kraak Helzak - King Dovkin Battlehammer departs with most of his Guard towards Waterdeep. It is rumored he will sign an agreement with Lord Piergeiron Paladinson.

27th Kythorn, Way of the Lion - The Bladestone Foundation expands its classes to include magically enhanced combat. Captain Michael Dunn relinquishes his partial ownership of the compound and moves south with the Whitewood Vanguard.

27th Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - The Whitewood Vanguard and a group of Triadic Knights delivers an artifact of the faith to the temple of Ilmater.

27th Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - After being completed and refurbished, Baldur's Bibliotheca, River Steel's public library, is now ready for the grand opening scheduled for the 2nd of Flamerule. Its purpose will be to teach letters for free to all those who require it.

29th Kythorn, Along the Chiontar - A group of adventurers tracks a disappeared wagon to a city occupied by pirates. The cargo is recovered and some of the pirates arrested, although the Captain flees. A stag smoking a cigar is spotted in the area.

30th Kythorn, Baldur's Gate - Simor Hinus (preaching of Banite dogma), Seven pirates of Captain Butterbeard (murder, robbery), Peter Gibu (aiding an orc in murder and treason), Amra Engar (holding a pact with a fiend) are sentenced to death.


1st of Flamerule, Everywhere - The sky darkens, cattle dies, a dark thick rain that causes rashes and kills plants falls. The earth trembles and meteors fall from the sky causing damage to people and property, although these events eventually cease. Abominations arrived seemingly out of nowhere attack the travelers and the Weave becomes unreliable, causing spells to either fail or generate unpredictable effects. The gods become silent and all clerics are unable to cast any spell above the Third Circle. Helmites still retain their full powers, but Helm remains silent as well. Factions of the Coast immediately mobilize to help the population in this chaos: House Darius, Order of the Radiant Heart, Order of the Silver Rose, House Vale, Everwatch Knights, Bladestone Foundation and other religious orders and adventurers.

1st of Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - Magic items seem to be malfunctioning or to have lost power completely. There are several cases of simple, rudimentary spells turning into fireballs of gigantic proportions, spawning writhing masses of nightmarish creatures, trees growing out of walls and mold growing rapidly in proportions and gaining consciousness. Some of the building are damaged by the meteors, however a particularly large one falls on the Halls of Inner Light. The Hanalite priestess Tia'tae and the dwarven priestess Danya die in the attempt to shield priestess Lily of Sheela Peryroyl, who survives albeit in shock. Keeper Runa Helvig loses a leg and is brought unconscious to Vale Estate. Spellcasting is now outlawed in Ducal Lands.

1st Flamerule, Candlekeep - Books gain a form of sentience, pronouncing random sentences written on them and flying around. All ink turns into a poisonous, cherry scented syrup and the air becomes pastel colored.

1st Flamerule, Beregost - A blizzard of blood hits Beregost.

1st of Flamerule, Nashkel - Every wooden or stone object exposed to direct sunlight causes an electric discharge. As the event only lasts a day the death toll is relatively small. Five peaks disappear overnight from the horizon.

1st of Flamerule, Roaring Shore - Strong winds and furious waves are witnessed, along with a strange pest in the form of watery slugs that have found their way inside people's homes. Word spreads that the High Captain Rensby Caine, known as "The Pious" and a true Favored of Umberlee, went into a thunderous rage and for now has sailed from Roaringshore, even amidst the angry waters.

1st of Flamerule, Reaching Woods - A black dragon spits acid seemingly at random in the forest, and deliberately destroys many Eldath shrines desecrating them and corrupting the land. The forest dwellers who die become undead.

1st of Flamerule, Zhentil Keep - An item falls from the sky and hits the Black Altar.

2nd of Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - River Steel's Bibliotheca officially opens.

4th of Flamerule, Western Heartlands - The war between Alliance and Zhentarim slows down. The Zhentarim's raids are less effective as now the Alliance knows how to move. The unreliability of magic makes both sides hesitant to attack.

5th Flamerule, Cormyr - Mystra is killed by Helm in the Stonefield. Her dying shout is heard everywhere and Her divine casters as well as all arcanists can feel her death.

5th Flamerule, Trade Way - The Everwatch in recent days as well as friends in the Vanguard, Triadic Knights, and Order of the Silver Rose marched from Nashkel in Amn to Baldur's Gate and back along the Trade Way in a March of Vigil.

5th Flamerule, Lion's Way - A group of mage slayers begins killing spellcasters in the area near the Friendly Arm. They have been identified as a group travelling with a wagon and luring spellcasters away with the request of a Remove Curse. The Bladestone Foundation pledges to protect all spellcasters from them.

5th Flamerule, Nashkel - A series of tornados spontaneously appears in the middle of Nashkel. Ser Alexander Marshall, Ser Gaven Arkalis, Maevyn Edgar, Thok, Yuri Lichelina and Jak Dimburrow assist the population.

6th Flamerule, Amn - Amnian trade suffers due to the silence of Waukeen, however Milil's avatar appears in Atkatla among His faithful.

6th Flamerule, High Forest - It is rumored that a god walks in High Forest, where nature is being celebrated.

6th Flamerule, Waterdeep - Selune makes Herself manifest at the House of the Moon.

7th Flamerule, Greenest - The group of mage hunters who has been executing spellcasters after Mystra's death, visits Greenest Inn asking for someone capable of removing curses. Rhaeg of the Commons volunteers presenting himself as a mage. He follows them at an isolated place and is attacked, but manages to defeat the assassins. There the body of a Red Wizard is found, along with sharran pamphlets that hint to the fact that this might not be an isolated cell.

8th Flamerule, Candlekeep - A meeting of all faiths takes place in Candlekeep to discuss the silence of the gods. In the middle of it two mystran acolytes arrive and explain the circumstances of Mystra's death. This happened in the Cormyran Stonefields, where She called her followers to "bring order again". There she was met by Helm who killed Her. Later on, Deneir, the Lord of All Glyphs and Images settles in Candlekeep. He explains that all the gods have been cast out by Lord Ao, the Overgod, because they had become lax towards their faithful and because someone among them stole the Tablets of Fate, that have engraved all the gods portfolios and the order of things. Helm was left to guard the Celestial Staircase with the strict order of not letting anybody through unless they had the Tablets of Fate. This is likely the reason behind Mystra's death. Candlekeep immediately mobilized to spread the truth far and wide.

10th Flamerule, Lion's Way - An altercation takes place between Rhaeg and a Grey Orc. The former is defeated, however the arrival of Ser Alexander Marshall, Ser Gaven Arkalis and Maevyn Edgar forces the orc to flee.

11th Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - The trade company Deck of Cards predicts an increase in their profits due to the great demand for wands and potions.

11th Flamerule, Triel - Alber Fobhalt and Basil Schollar win the annual Triel Trophy for research with their Everwatch Golem.

11th Flamerule, Roaring Shore - The Seer Rabbie Rivers declares his intention to take shelter at the Broken Goblet of Roaring Shores.

11th Flamerule, Nashkel - A group of adventurers defeat a lich, taking advantage of its dependency on magic.

11th Flamerule, Winding Way - A river boat full of luxury foods is lost in the turbulent waters of the winding way. Bandits, adventurers, and local islanders research and recover some of the lost cargo.

13th Flamerule, Amn - An unusually cold weather is registered in the Cloudpeaks. An unusual number of paraelemental of ice have gathered near the temple of Auril.

15th Flamerule, Amn - Magic is outlawed and the Cowled Wizards purged. Mages in amnian territory are punishable with death or exile.

17th Flamerule, Candlekeep - Deneir, the First Scribe, confirmed that the chaos of the Weave will get worse the longer Mystra's seat remains vacant. He also explains that a portfolio, if unclaimed, may vanish.

18th Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - An altercation takes place between Rhaeg of the Commons and a member of Ordo Veritatis, a group of Helmites known to spread the false narrative that the unworthy gods have forsaken their faithful and are being killed the "the only true god" Helm and uses their unrestricted divine magic to corroborate this narrative. Rhaeg has been denounced to the Flaming Fist.

20th Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - An art gallery is opened at Everwinter Estate.

21st Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - Rhaeg turns to the Flaming Fist to be questioned about assaulting a man. The matter is settled with a fine.

22nd Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - Acid rains on Baldur's Gate. A series of portals open near the orphanage and spawn flesh abominations. Thanks to the conjoined efforts of the Flaming Fist, City Watch, Knights of various faiths and adventurers, the manage was defeated. Traces of a summoning ritual are found nearby.

24th Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - Ser Amos Thistle turns himself to the Flaming Fist and is arrested. On the same day, a tiefling known as Lazlo Kern manages to access the Ducal Palace and attempts to the life of Duke Belt. The attempt fails, but everyone now has to uncover their face when entering or leaving the city.

24th Flamerule, Uldoon's Trail - A wanted demon summoner was defeated by a traveler she ambushed.

26th Flamerule, Amn - Rumors spread of a noble who turned his village into a communal settlement where everyone receives a set income provided by the many hands of the village. The small village begins restructuring to provide and accommodate its richest and poorest all the same. It is rumored that the change happened after the noble read Common Cause, a political manifest written by Rhaeg of the Commons. The book is outlawed in the neighboring city.

28th Flamerule, Amn - Many Mystrans relocate from the temple to Vale Estate.

30th Flamerule, Baldur's Gate - The play The Tale of Two Sisters takes place at the Whitemask Theater. Written by Nea and directed by Rose Rivineth, it counts Firenzio Del Ama, Lucretia Chastain, Netanya d'Abdelledion'dy'Quellium and Lily Summerheart among its cast and Sirion Te'dwa as supporting cast.


The silence of the Gods and the chaos of the Weave still plague the Realms.
Increased attacks of lycanthropes are recorded on the Coast. Rumors say that this is due to the presence of Malar's avatar. Meanwhile, increased snowstorms in the Cloud Peaks cause rumors of the presence of the Frostmaiden to spread.

The undead that dwell in the Fields of the Dead, once organized and guided by an unseen power, are now completely out of control due to the steady decline of the magic taking hold of them. Driven only by the urge to extinguish all life, these creatures have been seen several times in the northern Ducal Lands.

An impressive package of measure to increase security is put in place by Triel after consistent donations from the Order of the Radiant Heart and other factions of Baldur's Gate. The new trespass law is making farming safer in the area.

In Baldur's Gate Eon Eyzt, the third son of House Eyzt, is offering a reward for the return of a valuable recipe book and a short sword, stolen from the family in unknown circumstances.

Cases of people suddenly departing to pay off their debts are circulating around Baldur's Gate.

A giant spider is plaguing the Cloakwoods. Large numbers of the goblin races have also been found probably slain by this odd beast.

Negotiations continue around the Friendly Arms hamlets about working practices in the forest trades.

Further north, the trading ship Winterwind of Neverwinter is lost at sea, likely due to pirate activities.

Land caravans around Beregost have gone missing in the night.

In the Sunset Vale, the farm raids perpetrated by the Zhentarim forces continue, while the army moves towards Darkhold to break the siege. Darkhold still stands, despite a collapsed section of the walls.

In Amn, rewards are offered to those who capture unregistered arcanists.

1st Eleasis, Uldoon's Trail - A trader from Triel is ambushed, bringing the recent record of safe travel to an end.

1st Eleasis, Ulgoth's Beard - A prominent farmer near Ulgoth’s Beard, subject of recent threats over his aggressive land buy policy, is found poisoned.

2nd Eleasis, Baldur's Gate - By decree of the Dukes, for the duration of one year, a stipend is granted to the most vulnerable citizen of Baldur's Gate. This decree, called the Common Courtesy, is met with mixed feelings. Strongly supported by the Commons, it is met with dread by the representatives of the Chalice of Siamorphe, fearing this would encourage people to not work. The Triadic Collective has mixed feeling, with strong support from the Ilmatari on one side, and concerns over fairness from the Tyrrans. The Prosperity League seems to have no opinion about it, mostly focusing on promoting the freedom to worship the evil deities dogma in Ducal Lands.

2nd Eleasis, South of Beregost - A gargantuan blue snake appears south of Beregost. The creature causes violent bursts of Wild Magic and the appearance of elementals of all elements and creatures that respond to the description of white slaadi. It "devoures the earth" and then disappears below ground.

3rd Eleasis, Beregost - The town decrees no refuge will be offered to the arcanists fleeing from Amn. The town will maintain a neutral position on the matter.

4th Eleasis, Scornubel - A battle takes place between three silver dragons and the black dragon Vuthairmalsvirjhank. The black is defeated, although one of the silver dragon perishes in the battle.

5th Eleasis, Baldur's Gate - House Divine opens its doors for an exhibition of art created by local Baldurian artists.

5th Eleasis, South of Nashkel - An explosion erupts while a group of prisoner is being escorted to their execution, leaving some wounded. A woman is killed after stepping in front of a wagon.

5th Eleasis, Waterdeep - A battle ensues between the Moonmaiden and the Lady of Loss. Selune is rumored to have the upper-hand, forcing Her sister to retreat.

6th Eleasis, Baldur's Gate - A ceremony is held in honor of Priestesses Tia'tae and Danya, who passed in the untimely destruction of the Halls.

7th Eleasis, Baldur's Gate - The common populace identifying with the Mystran faith has starts protests in front of the local Temple of Helm in the Palace District.

7th Eleasis, South of Beregost - A meeting of the practitioners of the Art takes place to discuss the current amnian stance. At some point, conflict sparks due to the presence of necromancers and undead, although the latter are defeated. According to the witnesses, a duel takes place between a dreadknight and a member of the Triadic Collective, although in the end the former retreats north after collecting the symbols from the necromancers. The Bladestone Foundation agrees to give shelter to the persecuted mages and five of them are escorted to Warrior's Rest.

13th Eleasis, Tantras - After tormenting the Dalelands, Bane moves towards Tantras. A battle takes place between Torm and Bane's avatars. In order to defeat the empowered tyrant, the Loyal Fury reaches out to His clergy on Toril and gives them the choice to sacrifice themselves to empower Him against His foe. Alexander Holgart, Simon Sainteclaire and Thomas Garlendt are only some of those who make this noble sacrifice, dissolving into gold dust. Both deities perish in the strife, but a sense of relief washes over the realms with the realization that the Tyrant is no more.

15th Eleasis, Baldur's Gate - A giant flesh monster appears in the Palace District and attacks the Vale Estate. With the aid of many, including the Flaming Fist, the flesh monster is destroyed, though not before dissolving an unfortunate soldier.

15th Eleasis, Sword Coast - Suddenly, various people drop dead for no apparent reason. In Baldur's Gate itself, over 57 persons, mostly humans and halflings, are affected. It is believed that this is related to the Godswar.

15th Eleasis, Lion's Way - The Green Enclave is banished from the premises of Warrior's Rest, after a disagreement over the Bladestone's Foundation project to build an outpost in the beach south of Candlekeep.

17th Eleasis, Zhentarim controlled lands - A coup orchestrated by Manshoon takes place after the death of Bane. The members of the banite clergy are assassinated, although Fzoul Chembryl is rumored to have fled.

18th Eleasis, Cloakwoods - Hedge Knight Yuri Lichelina comes across a cave filled with spiders, although he finds no trace of the giant spider that is rumored to be stalking the woods.

20th Eleasis, Baldur's Gate - The Grand Opening of River Steel's Bibliotheca takes place in the Eastern Farmlands.

21st Eleasis, Greenest - A group of adventurers is attacked by minotaurs outside the settlement. Although the creatures are pushed back, it is unknown where they came from.

21st Eleasis, Western Heartlands - The Zhentarim forces cross the River Reaching, albeit moving at a slower pace due to the more effective tactics of the Lords Alliance, the scarcity of supplies and the Silence of the Gods.

23rd Eleasis, Lion's Way - The dispute between the Bladestone Foundation and the Green Enclave is solved and the ban lifted.

26th Eleasis, Cloakwoods - According to the local rumors, Hedge Knight Yuri Lichelina finds a well leading to a cave full of spiders and drow hunters.


The Weave continues to distort and reports of ever-growing examples of wild magic and destruction keep coming. New, devastating effects of Wild Magic are witnessed, including cracks in the earth that spill lava, extended red mist, earthquakes, oily slime oozing out of the spellcaster's pores, loss of hair on those around the spellcaster and growth of hair on the plants around the spellcaster.

Faerun celebrates the death of Bane.

A battle takes place in the perimeter wall leading to Darkhold. The Alliance takes a crushing blow, caught between two forces. Rampaging undead, fire giants and drow take part in attacking the sieging army's position.

An animated corpse is rumored to be stalking the area near Kraak Helzak.

The efforts of the Bladestone Foundation to clean up the Lighthouse South of Candlekeep continue.

The 7th Company of the Flaming Fist secures a position in the Field of the Dead, around the Vault containing the restless dead.

13th Eleint, Fields of the Dead - The Triadic Church and their allies face and defeat the necromantic Cult of the Onyx Serpent.

13th Eleint, South of Baldur's Gate - Two men of the Flaming Fist are murdered after killing a kobold. "Feel the weakling's strength" was written on a note left attached to the bodies.

17th Eleint, South of Cloakwoods - An ominous area of darkness appears in the woods, as well as a large amount of undead. Witnesses also notice the presence of undientified creatures that "looked like genasi but without elemental traits". The creatures were dispatched by a group of adventurers led by Yuri Lichelina.

17th Eleint, South of Candlekeep - The books recovered from the Lighthouse by the Bladestone Foundation are brought to Candlekeep. Those seem to be ledgers of a sharran cult.

21st Eleint, Fields of the Dead - Members of the Triadic Church mobilize with the 7th Company of the Flaming Fist, carrying with them supplies and equipment for an extended stay. One of their detachment finds that the entire population of a village has been entirely killed and gathered in the same amorphous pile, that promptly reanimates. The abomination is defeated and the village burned to the ground.

25th Eleint, Baldur's Gate - The trial to Amos Thistle takes place at the Ducal Palace. The defendant is condemned to have his sword hand severed and agrees to renounce the last name Blackrose and cooperate against the Zhentarim. He is then entrusted to the Order of the Radiant Heart for his rehabilitation.

26th Eleint, Fields of the Dead - A barrier appears around the Vault of the Dead.

26th Eleint, Bridgefort - The fort is looted by the very same creatures that were posted there before heading to Soubar. It is rumored that this happened by order of the commander.

26th Eleint, Bridgefort and Fort Prominence - Amos Thistle visits the two forts accompanied by the Order of the Radiant Heart, the High Lady and Lord Vale. The mercenaries are dismissed and the remaining men are given the choice to either leave or remain under Amos Thistle's service against the Zhentarim. The old banners and symbols of evil organizations are removed and burned.

29th Eleint, Baldur's Gate - The construction works of the public kitchen for the poor begin in the Harbor District.

29th Eleint, Roaringshore - Two altercations take place, likely due to a dispute on faith and then revenge for the outcome of the first altercation. In both cases the bifurcated bodies were surrounded by a swirling maelstrom of teardrops daubed in their own blood.

30th Eleint, River Chiontar - Due to an effect of Wild Magic, the river is now filled with pink poisonous water.

30th Eleint, Thundar's Ride - The elf known as Arkaw is killed in an accident caused by Wild Magic.


A white dragon and a shadow dragon are rumored to have fought in the Cloud Peaks. An upside down mountain has also been observed in the same area.

Two traders suspected of being spies were arrested in Triel.

A green dragon who made their hoard near Winding Waters is forced to flee by a group of adventurers.

A formidable and very large black ooze has been spotted within the Nashkel mines.

The presence of agents of the Black Network is reported at the Amnian border, apparently at the purpose to negotiate the retrieval of arcanists in Amnian custody.

The Bladestone Foundation continues their efforts to aid the arcanists fleeing from Amn.

It is rumored that the company of Scorpions is responsible for the devils attacks north of Gullykin.

The wanted figure Beth Baywater leaves the coast for good.

Beregost authorities declare that the assassin known as the poisoner is no more, after a conjoined effort of the militia and groups of adventurers clear the house.

The first issues with the Common Courtesy start appearing, as merchants are rising their prices in the attempt to keep out the poorest bands of the population and at the same time there is an increase in aggression towards the receivers of the Courtesy at the purpose of stealing from them.

2nd Marpenoth, Scornubel - The dock is set on fire, although the citizens manage to get the fire under control. The Zhentarim are accused of orchestrating the sabotage.

4th Marpenoth, Fields of the Dead - A large battle erupts between the fifth, seventh and eighth companies of the Flaming Fist and numerous undead. In the end, the Fist pushed towards the Vault of the Dead. It is rumored that during the difficult battle, Jergal Himself dispatched the great evil in there. The Vault is now destroyed.

6th Marpenoth, Baldur's Gate - A ceremony to commemorate Torm and the fallen for just cause takes place at the Temple of Torm.

5th Marpenoth, Cloakwoods - The Hedge Knight Yuri Lichelina, the druid Sane and an unknown individual faced a large number of drow and giant spiders in a cave.

5th Marpenoth, Wood of Sharp Teeth - Yuri Lichelina defeats an orc champion after a lengthy combat.

7th Marpenoth, Baldur's Gate - Part of the city walls turn into a flesh monstrosity fought by adventurers and the Flaming Fist. At some point it returns to normal, as the whole city becomes an area of dead magic.

8th Marpenoth, Boareskyr Bridge - A battle takes place between the avatar of Bhaal and three people who were later on identified by Lord Arunsun as a woman named midnight, a man named Cyric and a human warrior named Kelemvor. Adventurers join the fight and Bhaal is killed by Cyric. The explosion that follows wounds many and corrupts the water. After the three teleport away the area becomes an area of dead magic.

9th Marpenoth, Roaringshore - A man is brutally murdered in front of the altar of Umberlee.

10th Marpenoth, Baldur's Gate - A noble known as Lord Forseeth is accused by House Divine of stealing their designs.

13th Marpenoth, Darkhold - According to rumors, Manshoon visits Darkhold as Imperceptor Vyshasa is handed to the orcs of Uruk Lurra. Tarina is now the new Dreadlord.

15th Marpenoth, Roaringshore - Two stolen purses were returned to the legitimate owners sealed by the Coin of Hoar.

16th Marpenoth, Western Heartlands - The end of hostilities and consequent establishment of a peace treaty between the Lords Alliance and the Zhentarim is announced throughout the lands.

16th Marpenoth, Wood of Sharp Teeth - Yuri Lichelina, Sane Fensen and Karai dispatch an encampment of orcs but are forced to retreat by a larger force.

17th Marpenoth, Western Heartlands - Darkhold starts a campaign to recruit mages. This causes many opposing replies, including that of Lord Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun.

18th Marpenoth, Roaringshore - A man is killed in Roaringshore, a note with his alleged crimes is found pinned to his hand. The murder is attributed to a faithful of Hoar.

21st Marpenoth, Doron Amar - An ancient green dragon merged with an archfiend that has been threatening the village for months, finally attacks the settlement with a flock of its brood warband of orcs pacted to him. The village and their allies have the upper hand but according to some citizens, the attack caused the death of around 40 civilians and an unknown number of rangers.

23rd Marpenoth, Cloakwoods - The giant mechanical spider that was terrorizing the Cloakwoods is defeated by a group led by a mithril-clad figure. According to the rumors a dragon and the mysterious entity known as Donol was also present in the form of a dwarf.

24th Marpenoth, Toril - The voice of Lord Ao, audible everywhere, marked the end of what will be known as the Time of Troubles, decreeing the power of the gods, now allowed back in their own divine realms, will depend on their faithful. This saw the ascension of two new deities, once mortals: a new Mystra, once a mortal woman named Midnight, and Cyric who acquired the portfolios of the Dead Three after the last of them, Myrkul, is defeated near Waterdeep. Torm is brought back to existence by Lord Ao Himself and announces great reforms for His church. A new tool of corrupting magic created by the Lady of Loss, the Shadow Weave, is announced by the churches of Mystra and Selune. Although the effects of the Chaos of the Weave have mostly disappeared, there are still areas where magic is chaotic or completely absent. This marks the end of the Era of Humanity and the beginning of the Era of Upheaval.

24th Marpenoth, Baldur's Gate - At the temple of Torm, Ria Olwyn, the adopted daughter of the former head priest, announces the new duties and reforms of the Church of Torm. She also spoke of the rise of Cyric, a new power of evil.

After 24th Marpenoth, Bloodhawk Manor - The restoration of Bloodhawk Manor begins and it will now be known with a new name, The Citadel of Strategic Militancy, as the Red Knight begins to gain traction.

27th Marpenoth, Baldur's Gate - Lord Kelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun led a group made of members of the Church of Mystra, the Guide of Candlekeep and Sean Asen of the City Watch above the dome of dead magic on the city of Baldur's Gate through a levitation spell and with them conducted a ritual to allow the Weave to reknit. Once the ritual was completed, he shed some light about the Shadow Weave and the newly ascended gods.

29th Marpenoth, Baldur's Gate - An altercation takes place between the Flaming Fist and the inmates of the Fist's prison. This has apparently started when an inmate stabbed to death a guard who was bringing him a meal.

30th Marpenoth, Baldur's Gate - The Temple of Mystra and the Azure Arcanists are guaranteed an exception in the decree on casting. In the meantime, after various sermons of a Cyricist preacher, the cult starts gaining followers.


House of Cards reports a minor theft in Nashkel. Business in Baldur's Gate seems to be going well, due to the current wealth on the back of the common courtesy. Rumours that rogues, charlatans and local thieves have their share of excess gold persist.

Four salmon poachers are arrested by the militia in Amberfield.

Rabble Rivers, "the seer" of Roaringshore, departs the coastal settlement.

A fight takes place in the Cloakwood between the Shadow Druids and a group of displaced spiders. Those who survived scattered.

A small hamlet on the east registers a growth due to the protection of a druidic community.

A necromancer and his undead are destroyed south of Nashkel by a passing patrol from Beregost.

Rumors circulate around the Friendly Arm Inn about the terrible performances of a dwarven minstrel.

A sharp decrease is registered in the numbers of the Mage Hunters in Amn, arcanists as well have all but disappeared in the area.

Patrols of the Bladestone Foundation, aided by the Order of the Silver Rose continue on the Coastal plains. Construction works at the lighthouse south of Candlekeep continue, albeit slower.

The visiting trader Fylion Glastonferry is robbed on the docks of Baldur's Gate, however the robbers are driven away by some "good citizens". It is rumored that there is now a bounty on the head of Sylas, the Cyricist leader of the group. He is presumed dead, as according to rumors he was among the dead robbers found in the sewers.

10th Uktar, Baldur's Gate - The Temple of Ilmater announces that the elderly Father Marcus passed away. Those present claim his passing was serene.

12th Uktar, Baldur's Gate - A Ducal Court's session takes place. The most discussed topic is the diplomatic relations between the Dukes and the Zhentarim.

12th Uktar, Triel - Triel and the surrounding hills are declared vassals of Elturel. Captain Julia Vanders of the Hellriders is given the tile of Baroness of Trielta.

Darkhold withdraws from the Northern Barony.

The number of addicted homeless people in the sewers is sensibly diminishing. Many were helped by the Temple of Ilmater. A red haired bardess is recalled from some of them.

From Roaringshore, come rumors of a woman accompanied by two skeletons dressed in finery.

20th Uktar, Cloakwood - According to rumors, Lord Osric Vale enters the woods accompanied by four between druids and members of the Green Enclave. A ritual is conducted and a shout is heard at some point. When Lord Vale comes out he is observed having two arms again.

24th Uktar, Baldur's Gate - Lazlo Kern and his his conspirator Bartlot Edwards are put to death outside the city walls for the attempted assassination of Duke Belt.

24th Uktar, Triel - Ser Alexander Marshall is now knight of Elturel in service of Baroness Julia Vanders of Trielta.

30th Uktar, Baldur's Gate - The efforts of a group of criminals to infiltrate the Wide fail due to the increased number of guards, but the criminals manage to flee.

30th Uktar, Friendly Arm - An attempted theft is thwarted by the guards of the inn.


Winter fully sets in the Sword Coast, causing trade and other activities to halt.

House of Cards report a settling of the local market as winter conditions progress. They imply stocks are in a good place and many ships are in place for winter works.

Roaringshore - Information on the Gifts of the Gods, Yondalla's hideout and the book series of Ramsi and Younger are selling at high prices.

Cloakwood - The settlers of a local hamlet relocate to better paid fishing jobs.

2nd Nightal, Baldur's Gate - Some members of House Divine manage to track and kill some of the responsible for the sacrifice of elves that took place in Roaringshore on the month prior, however one of the culprits releases a toxic substance upon his death that causes the members of the house to fall ill. The group is cared for at the Temple of the Broken God.

7th Nightal, Beregost - Lord Francis Sesqua, who is known for his extravagant circuses and collection of exotic animals, arrives in Beregost with his collection of animals.

Roaringshore - The settlement is suddenly hit by a plague that disappears as quickly as it came after the arrival of a healer who cured the plague with very unorthodox methods. It is rumored that Talona's Price was paid and the healer was indeed her pawn.

Amberfield - A shrine to Helm is attacked and destroyed. The local militia is confronted by a group of Devils, so they retreat and wait for reinforcements. By the time they arrive, the militia is already defeated and reinforcements are in trouble until the first group of Hellriders appears. Two devils are destroyed and the flees.

Amn - The cultists and undead that caused trouble in the hills north of Nashkel are dispatched by a group of knights. In Nashkel is also rumored to be hidden a mace, whose recovery is due to be rewarded 200 bags.

Kraak Helzak - Colossal creatures of various shapes start wrecking havoc across the trade routes. King Battlehammer orders for the creatures to be killed on sight.

12th Nightal, Baldur's Gate - Archmage Maraav Deinir of the Azure Arcanists, official Mage Guild of Baldur's Gate, swears fealty to the Dukes.

13th Nightal, Trollclaws - The Phoenix Company organizes an expedition to investigate the rumors about the giant creatures seen in the area.

Baldur's Gate - House Vale expands its business towards sea trade.

Trielta - House Marshall starts an effort to assess the damage in the area and any zone of dead magic.

16th Nightal, Beregost - A journal and some valuable gems are stolen from Lord Gerard Travenhurst.

17th Nightal, Baldur's Gate - After rescuing a child from a collapsed building, Jak Dimburrow earns the honorary title of Delver Knight of House Vale.

17th Nightal, Trielta - Ser Declan Nash of House Marshall dispatches a group of orcs attacking a small village.

Baldur's Gate - Renovation works of the Everwinter Estate begin.

19th Nightal, Baldur's Gate - A musical performance is held for the children of the orphanage by the bard Rose Wintertal.

Kraak Helzak - It is discovered that the great increase in size of the creatures near the dwarven settlement are caused by a strange black ooze to whoever comes in contact with it among other effects. The local dwarves and other allies start hunting the creature immediately.

20th Nightal, East of Baldur's Gate - A celebration in honor of the Forest Queen, organized by the Green Enclave, takes place near the River Chiontar.

Baldur's Gate - The dwarven masons guided by Bhor Stonecutter begin working on the reconstruction of the Halls of Inner Light.

28th Nightal, Kraak Helzak - It is discovered that the responsible for the black ooze was a Slaad. The creature agrees to leave in exchange for a story, that is provided by a woman named Eres. It is also rumored that one of the creatures affected by the ooze, a rabbit of gargantuan proportions was cured by the parasite infestation caused by the ooze and returned to its original size, being therefore adopted by one of the adventurers.

Darkhold - Reparations of the damages caused by the war are ongoing. It is also rumored that the Castle is being remodeled. Among the changes is the transformation of the Temple of Bane into a Temple of Cyric and the expansion of the mage wing. Trade continues despite the refuse of the Lords Alliance to trade with Darkhold. Sshamath and the Dragon Coast are said to be the current trade partners of Darkhold.

Baldur's Gate - Free seeds are distributed to the local farmers by House Vale. The farmers are assisted in their work by Kervel, a priest of Chauntea.

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Candlekeep Public Collection Reference
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Trial for House Divine Vs. James Forseeth
Baldur's Gate, 23rd Hammer 1359 DR
Transcribed by Seeker Tiawyn Aleaneldeth and Guide Edelgarde


Magistrate Kyemore
Magistrate Clerk Frem
Netanya d’Abdelledion’dy’Quellium - prosecution party
James Forseeth - defendant
William Slitherspeak - attorney
Norman Crogs - prosecutor
Frederick Dire - witness
Dutch Westwood - witness
Vilmar Dall - witness
Sister Ashenie Darakh - witness
Mathilde Farmer - witness

Hidden: show
Magistrate Clerk Frem: Welcome to you, those members of the city of Baldur's Gate. Our Trial will begin momentarily. I am the clerk for Magistrate Kyemore, Clerk Frem. Before you, you will find a small square of parchment. This being a public trial, you will write down your verdict and enclose it within your provided envelope. At the end of the trial they will be collected and delivered to the Magistrate to be taken into his ruling against the accused. Madam if you don't sit properly you will be removed. This isn't your home.

Unknown woman: But I wasn't sitting at all!

Magistrate Clerk Frem: Court will begin in session momentarily. Sit down. All rise for the honorable Magistrate Kyemore.

[Magistrate Kyemore enters the court]

Magistrate Kyemore: Be seated. This court will be observing the case of House Divine versus Lord Forseeth on the accounts of Impersonating a noble, stolen property, and the stealing of ideas. Defendant you may rise, and state your name and identity to the court.

William Slitherspeak: Great magistrate, my client here is unable to speak due to a recently broken jaw. He suffers from memory loss and visions of a towering man beating him senseless. Nevertheless, I've prepared what I could find of his identity.

Norman Crogs: This isn't good.

William Slitherspeak: To my left is a James Forseeth, he is a struggling merchant from Waterhaiven.

Magistrate Kyemore: On the count of impersonating a Lord, how does he plea?

William Slitherspeak: Guilty, honorable Magistrate.

Magistrate Kyemore: Hm.. On the counts of stolen property?

William Slitherspeak: Not guilty, Honorable magistrate.

Magistrate Kyemore: Finally on the question of attempt to steal an idea. While there is no law here, we shall interpret what we do have.

William Slitherspeak: Not guilty, honorable magistrate.

Magistrate Kyemore: You may be seated. Now for the prosecution. Please state your full names to the courtroom.

Norman Crogs: Norman Crogs, honorable Magistrate. Lawyer for the temple of Tyr.

Netanya: Netanya d’Abdelledion’dy’Quellium, Matron - House Divine your honor.

Magistrate Kyemore: House Divine. You're the... The house. That designs the buttons, yes? Yes, yes. Very good. You may begin with your case.

Norman Crogs: Thank you. Honorable Magistrate we've come here today to prove the accused had come to House Divine with the intention to from a Baldurian artist not once but twice! Indeed, not only did the false lord enter House Divine to take their belongings, he wanted to take them so that he could make them and sell them for his own! We will see through our witnesses a story that unfolds and tells the tale of a criminal. One that is unsafe to leave out unchecked. For if it is the kind matron Netanya today, it is the shrine of suffering tomorrow! That is all, honorable Magistrate.

Magistrate Kyemore: Thank you mister Crogs. Please be seated. Mister Slitherspeak. Please approach.

Frederick Dire: Of course they got one of them kinds.

Magistrate Clerk Frem: Silence in the back!

William Slitherspeak: With pleasure. I will have to ask the court to excuse me, I'm terribly tired this afternoon.

Magistrate Kyemore: You have not prepared a rebuttal, mister Slitherspeak?

William Slitherspeak: I have honorable Magistrate, but I stayed up throughout the night praying for my client at the shrine of suffering. I'm certain my opponent shares my foggy nature after affording a lavish party, while some of us were preparing to save a man's life from a terrible sentence.

Norman Crogs: Objection, relevance.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Slitherspeak, make your point.

William Slitherspeak: We intend to prove my client had no intention of stealing property, and would like to counter House Divine for the amount of ten thousand gold for damages. My client is an outsider of Baldur's Gate and this bodes a terrible representation of the city as a whole. On Ducal Land he was beaten, mangled, and held against his will while trying to flee from House Divine's residence. I've no elaborate case to be made, I only speak for the truth. Today we will see how the prosecution's argument falls apart like the cheap garments of House Divine.

Norman Crogs: Objection!

William Slitherspeak: Nothing further.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Crogs we will begin with you.

Norman Crogs: Then we had better start from the beginning. I would like to call Matron Netanya to the stand.

Netanya: Your honor.

Norman Crogs: Matron, would you recall to the court the day you met "Lord Forseeth"?

Netanya: Yes I shall. On the 9th of Marpenoth an individual, identifying himself as ‘Lord Forseeth’, entered the Divine Estate with the expressed intention of helping me garner clients among nobility in other realms. As such he requested my designs to present to these nobles for consideration. Delighted I offered him my public portfolio and was willing to offer him a tour of our facilities. Being a "noble" I assumed his intentions were pure.

Norman Crogs: As one should.

Netanya: But as fate would have it he dropped the ledger he was holding, owing to an earthquake, sending to the floor detailed drawings of my proprietary garment designs and assembly specifications that he somehow illicitly acquired. It was evident ’Lord Forseeth’ was planning to fraudulently pass my designs off as his own. He at first tried to claim them as his own but attempted to flee when that assertion failed my scrutiny test. He was held at the Estate until authorities could arrive to apprehend him.

Norman Crogs: During this time. Did you ever once order anyone to grab him?

Netanya: The “Lord” was eventually taken by the authorities and questioned as he likely was also impersonating a noble but the authorities informed me there was no legal structure for penalizing the fraud he was attempting to perpetrate. However I determine to pursue the case nonetheless because such frauds should not be permitted without penalty of law. That is all you honor.

Norman Crogs: A few questions for the court if you would allow, Matron.

Netanya: Yes, but I neglected to add something. I only instructed my House Guard Mr. Westwood to hold him as he attempted to flee the Estate.

Norman Crogs: As any respectable leader of their house would. At any point in this situation did you ask for Mr. Westwood to strike the defendant?

Netanya: No I did not. In fact I told him to striking the defendant wasn't necessary. Mr. Westwood is a former member of the Purple Dragons so his actions are at least understandable.

Norman Crogs: And during this time, was the defendant subdued? Or would you say he was still a threat?

William Slitherspeak: Objection, leading.

Norman Crogs: Fine, allow me to rephrase. How would you describe his behavior when he was caught?

Netanya: Angry as anyone caught red-handed would. Demanding we release him.

Norman Crogs: Entirely reasonable, matron. You were defending your livelihood. Nothing further, Honorable magistrate.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Slitherspeak.

William Slitherspeak: I have a few questions myself. Ms. Netanya, a pleasure to see you again. How've you been?

Norman Crogs: Objection, relevance.

Netanya: Quite well since you entered my Estate this morning quite rested Counsel.

William Slitherspeak: Can I not be pleasant?

Magistrate Kyemore: Get to the point Mister Slitherspeak.

William Slitherspeak: So then. My client entered your House for the purpose of business under a false identity.

Netanya: Yes. As you say.

William Slitherspeak: To such we've agreed, James should face the consequences of impersonating nobility. My client was wrong to do so. During your conversation with my client, did he at any point tell you he was going to steal anything?

Netanya: Those with ill intentions don't normally admit the crime they plan to commit against you.

William Slitherspeak: Did he demand you give him the secrets of your craft?

Netanya: He asked for our portfolio which is public and we gave it to him. He asked for a tour of our facility and I was willing to offer it given he had presented himself as Noble so I had no reason to assume he had ill intentions.

William Slitherspeak: I'm here to put your fears to rest. For my client, other than having the portfolio was only caught with sketches of your attires and designs. And if I was able to so easily stop by and get a copy of your portfolio? Then the portfolio was not stolen. It was offered to the public.

Netanya: No correction. He had propriety sketches that he illicitly obtained. That information isn't available in our public portfolio.

William Slitherspeak: So then, it must have been the sketches. The sketches must be the stolen information. Well, if sketching your designs is a crime? Yes or no, are you wearing a House Divine design today?

Magistrate Kyemore: Please answer the question Ms. Netanya.

Netanya: What he was was knitting and weave patterns as I said that information isn't available in our public portfolio. Even the designs you see in our public portfolio are only released when they are delivered to the client not when they are still being designed.

William Slitherspeak: I should have known better than to ask an elf to give a short statement. I mean just look at their names.

Norman Crogs: Objection!

Netanya: Any other questions counsel?

Magistrate Kyemore: This will be your only warning, Mister Slitherspeak.

William Slitherspeak: We're almost finished. Allow me to repeat. The sketches were where the information was stolen. Sketches of your designs that included sewing patterns.

Netanya: That's what we recovered from him when he dropped his ledger.

William Slitherspeak: I assume you are wearing one of your own creations, so it would be reasonable to say that anyone in here today that sketches you could be on trial next. Where does it end?

Netanya: If they attempt to pass them along as their own that they personally designed and crafted much like a someone trying to pass off an invention as their own.

Magistrate Kyemore: Ms. Netanya you do not have an open floor. You will need to answer what questions are given to you. I will ask you once to respect our courtroom.

Netanya: My apologies your Honor.

Magistrate Kyemore: Anything further mister Slitherspeak?

William Slitherspeak: Nothing further.

Magistrate Kyemore: You may be seated Ms. Netanya. Mister Slitherspeak. You may call a witness to your defense.

William Slitherspeak: Thank you honorable magistrate. The defense would like to call Mr. Westwood to the stand.

Magistrate Kyemore: Please come forward.

William Slitherspeak: Mister Westwood! How grand to see you again. Woah there, don't hit me.

Norman Crogs: Objection.

William Slitherspeak: Out of line, I shouldn't jest. Mister Westwood, would you like to state your occupation with Ms. Netanya.

Dutch Westwood: I've worked with Matron Netanya for a number of years, she is kind as she is fair.

William Slitherspeak: A former purple dragon, she says?

Dutch Westwood: Former.

William Slitherspeak: Wonder how that happened. On that fateful night, what would you say the demeanor of the accused was?

Dutch Westwood: Arrogant, but not entirely unpleasant.

William Slitherspeak: You're an awfully strong man, did you find him imposing?

Dutch Westwood: No.

William Slitherspeak: Unimposing, alright. So did you see any weapons on him?

Dutch Westwood: No.

William Slitherspeak: So not much of a threat, just a bit of a jerk pardon my language.

Dutch Westwood: I'd say so.

William Slitherspeak: And if there were a law against that, we'd all be locked up.

Dutch Westwood: I get your joke, but you're not funny.

William Slitherspeak: Moving on, when you were ordered to stop him: Were you able to take him down quickly?

Dutch Westwood: Yes.

William Slitherspeak: How many times did you hit him after that.

Dutch Westwood: I can't recall, I lost count. He wouldn't drop what he had in his hand.

Magistrate Kyemore: Please answer the question's Mister Westwood. This is not an open floor.

William Slitherspeak: Was it more than once?

Dutch Westwood: Yes.

William Slitherspeak: More than three times?

Dutch Westwood: Yes.

William Slitherspeak: Five? Ten?

Dutch Westwood: Lost count.

William Slitherspeak: So its fair to say less than twenty, but more than ten?

Dutch Westwood: Yes.

William Slitherspeak: And at this time, was he subdued?

Dutch Westwood: Yes.

William Slitherspeak: Nothing further.

Norman Crogs: We have no questions for the witness.

Magistrate Kyemore: You may be seated Mr. Westwood.

Norman Crogs: The prosecution would like to call Mr. Vilmar Dall to the stand. Mister Dall. Could you recite to the court what you observed that day?

Vilmar Dall: On the day of the theft, I had visited the Everwinter Estate to be fitted for a suit for the wedding of my employer, Miss River Steel of Baldur's Bibliotheca. After the fitting, I spent some time conversing with Miss Mathilde Farmer, seated behind Guide Edelgarde there, to pass the time until the weather cleared. As a fragile mage deprived of his magical items during the collapse of the Weave, I was unable to return to the Bibliotheca immediately, and was present when the earthquake dislodged "Lord" Forseeth's notebook from his hand.

William Slitherspeak: Objection, rambling.

Magistrate Kyemore: Overruled.

Vilmar Dall: At this point, Lady Netanya observed one of the House's private sketches - containing detailed instructions on the fabrication of the garment that could not be reproduced by mere observation in this courtroom - amidst the fallen notes. The defendant, naturally, denied that the sketch belonged to House Divine, claiming it as his own. Wrestling the sketch free from Lady Netanya's grasp, he proceeded to shove me into the fountain - to nearly catastrophic effect given a prior injury before running towards the exit.

William Slitherspeak: Objection, false titles.

Magistrate Kyemore: Ms. Netanya has not been declared a noble of the city. Refrain from official titles when addressing in the court.

Vilmar Dall: Very well. In any case... Mister Westwood proceeded to tackle Mister Forseeth before he could escape, punching him in the face. Madam Netanya instructed Miss Farmer to fetch an officer of the Flaming Fist or the City Watch. Given my inferior physical capabilities, I offered to take her place. When I returned, the defendant had a swollen face, presumably from Mister Westwood's subsequent efforts at subdual, but continued vocally complaining that they had no right to detain "his Lordship". Not long after my return, the Watch arrived. Madam Netanya was informed that the theft had no clear legal precedent, and advised to pursue the matter with the magistrate, as she has now done.

Norman Crogs: Thank you Vilmar. A few questions for you.

Vilmar Dall: As you wish.

Norman Crogs: Have you been to the estate before?

Vilmar Dall: One prior visit, if I recall, to inquire about the process of purchasing the garment I mentioned at the beginning of my statement.

Norman Crogs: In any previous visits, do you recall Matron Netanya ever asking their guards to apprehend someone?

Vilmar Dall: No. To the best of my knowledge, this is as unprecedented a situation for the House as it is for Balduran law.

Norman Crogs: Is it fair to say if she had, she would have a fair reason?

Vilmar Dall: Based on the one example I have witnessed thus far? Yes. Had I not been disabled by both the damage to the Weave and my brief encounter with the fountain, I might not have needed explicit instruction to incapacitate the defendant with any number of reversible transmutations, most likely flesh to stone or baleful polymorph, despite not being affiliated with the House. In context, I would have considered it my civil duty to do so.

William Slitherspeak: Objection, rambling.

Magistrate Kyemore: Please answer the question directly, mister Dall.

Vilmar Dall: I did. Yes.

Norman Crogs: Nothing further.

William Slitherspeak: Vilmar Dall. A pleasure. You work often with Candlekeep?

Vilmar Dall: Regrettably, my studies tend to be primarily individual, without assistance from outside organizations. So, no.

William Slitherspeak: That's too bad. I hear its nice. How about some of the more local places. The hall of many shelves?

Norman Crogs: Objection, relevance.

Magistrate Kyemore: Sustained, get to the point mister Slitherspeak.

William Slitherspeak: How well would you say you know, miss Netanya?

Vilmar Dall: Well enough to know our worldviews differ on a number of points, and that I would not enjoy being in her employ, despite her occasional inquiries to the contrary. Beyond that, you may need to narrow your question down somewhat.

William Slitherspeak: So you would say you know her better than you know my client?

Vilmar Dall: There are few in this room who could say otherwise unless they had never met her. As you have said yourself, the defendant is an outsider. An outsider whom, unless I have misunderstood the actions of the Watch, has spent most of his time incarcerated.

Magistrate Kyemore: This is not an open floor mister Dall.

Vilmar Dall: Defense counsel seems to disagree. Or is there a point, Mister Slitherspeak?

William Slitherspeak: Incarcerated for claiming to be a noble. Its too bad they don't throw away everyone who does that hm? Nothing further. Honorable Magistrate, with the hostility of the witness I would like to offer striking his testimony from the trial.

Magistrate Kyemore: Granted. The citizens will not consider the witnesses testimony into their ballot. You may be seated mister Dall."

Vilmar Dall: Hmph. It's alright to be hostile to the truth, but not the honeyed words of a snake. I needn't await the outcome, then.

Magistrate Kyemore: Let this be a reminder, you are amongst the court of Tyr. Proceed.

Norman Crogs: Honorable Magistrate, we the prosecution would like to call forward James Forseeth.

William Slitherspeak: Permission to accompany him, honorable Magistrate?

Magistrate Kyemore: You may.

William Slitherspeak: Hang in there James.

Norman Crogs: James, in your own words. Could you describe that night?

James Forseeth: [Unintelligible vocalizations redacted]

William Slitherspeak: Go on James. Do your best.

[James Forseeth starts sobbing]

Norman Crogs: Nothing further. If there is no further questions for James Forseeth we would like to call Sister Ashenie to the stand.

William Slitherspeak: You are a terrible human being. Nothing further.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Slitherspeak, keep your personal remarks to yourself. The court calls forward Sister Ashenie.

Sister Ashenie Darakh: Your Honor.

Norman Crogs: Sister if I may ask you. What are the symptoms of a broken jaw?

[William Slitherspeak points towards James Forseeth]

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Slitherspeak! I will not tell you again!

Sister Ashenie Darakh: It depends on how much it has been broken, how many times, and how it was tended when it happened. Swellings, violet to blue bruises, difficulties in speaking, sharp pain might compose some of the symptoms.

Norman Crogs: I see, and about how long do these symptoms remain? What is the recovery time?

Sister Ashenie Darakh: It depends how deeply it was fractured, and if other wounds have come to add to the previous one. It depends on the remedies used to. Without a medical expertise of the precise wound, I could not tell.

Norman Crogs: What would you say the higher end of that recovery time could be? A month? Two? Or more?

Sister Ashenie Darakh: It can be beyond any recovery time if the jaw keeps being broken or beaten.

Norman Crogs: Allow me to be direct. What if you could examine the accused, after all it's only to help.

William Slitherspeak: Objection. This is entirely out of line.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Slitherspeak. Do you find any reason why your client should not be accessed by somebody that could assist him in his recovery?

William Slitherspeak: This is a courtroom. Not an infirmary.

Magistrate Kyemore: The two of you. Approach.

Sister Ashenie Darakh: In my knowledge, a medical expertise needs to be ordered by the judge while the investigation period still runs. It might also need time before we can properly come to a conclusion without pressure.

[Attorney and prosecutor argue quietly in the background]

Magistrate Kyemore: The court will allow him to be examined, but mister Forseeth will not be asked to testify twice. You may proceed Sister Ashenie. Proceed.

Sister Ashenie Darakh: Your Honor Magistrate Kyemore, which are the questions this expertise should answer? What should I examine exactly?

Norman Crogs: We would like to examine the time in which his jaw was broken.

[Sister Ashenie proceeds to examine the defendant]

Magistrate Kyemore: Thank you Sister. Please return to the stand.

Norman Crogs: Thank you Sister. Now for the court please answer to the best of your ability.

Sister Ashenie Darakh: Could you repeat your precise question, if I may ask?

Norman Crogs: Do his wounds appear to be older or newer than three months?

Sister Ashenie Darakh: The original break is likely many months ago. I could not tell precisely because it has not been tended, and its healing was either disturbed, or did not proceed correctly.

Norman Crogs: So then you would agree that its difficult to tell how much was due to mister Westwood, and a stay in the Flaming Fist prison?

Sister Ashenie Darakh: There is an original break, and additional damages that are recent. I cannot tell how much was due to Mister Westwood.

Norman Crogs: Thank you, Sister. Nothing further.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Slitherspeak.

William Slitherspeak: No further questions. Thank you Sister Ashenie. Threefold blessings to you.

Magistrate Kyemore: Please be seated. The court will call its final witness, and make its decision after final arguments.

Sister Ashenie Darakh: Your Honor Magistrate Kyemore, given how deeply the wounds and fractures are, I would humbly ask you, with the consent of the man before you, that I can apply a balm.

Magistrate Kyemore: Time will be afforded post trial.

Sister Ashenie Darakh: Thank you, Your Honor.

Norman Crogs: Honorable Magistrate we would like to call Frederick Dire to go over trade secrets.

[William Slitherspeak laughs]

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Slitherspeak!

Frederick Dire: Dirty red tiefling bastard.

Magistrate Kyemore: Order!

Norman Crogs: Mister Dire. Could you state your affiliation with the temple of Gond?

Frederick Dire: Aye, I go there to work on things because I want to be around people. Most people complain about the smell, but when I'm there they have to work with me!

Norman Crogs: I meant, are you a member?

Frederick Dire: No, like I said. I'm a creator, just a different kind.

Norman Crogs: And in your creations what have you made?"

William Slitherspeak: Objection relevance.

Norman Crogs: Establishing credentials, honorable Magistrate.

Magistrate Kyemore: Sustained, continue mister Dire.

Frederick Dire: I made a device that changes hair, and I'm going to make a goblins horde with it.

Norman Crogs: Right... And how do you as a creator prevent other people from taking your inventions and selling them as their own?

Frederick Dire: Makers mark. Right in the metal.

Norman Crogs: And whats to stop someone from replicating your designs with their makers mark?

Frederick Dire: First off, they don't know how to find it. Secondly, they're too stupid.

Norman Crogs: In the case of stealing an idea, it could be poor for your business?

Frederick Dire: Yeah, I can't have people running around saying they're Frederick Dire. I'm not in this to create, I want the gold. Someone takes my idea, I'd kill them.

Norman Crogs: Let's stick to the direct questions. You agree that someone taking your trade secrets could be detrimental to your work?

Frederick Dire: Yes.

Norman Crogs: Would you agree maker's marks are only a deterrent to those who know where to find it?

Frederick Dire: Yes.

Norman Crogs: And what about the common person, do you feel faithfully they could tell between a replica and the real article?

Frederick Dire: No, they're stupid. That's why we need to jail these bastards.

Norman Crogs: Nothing further.

William Slitherspeak: Well then, I guess that leaves me! Mister Dire, you consider stolen ideas a threat?

Frederick Dire: Yes, of course I do. Its always been an issue.

William Slitherspeak: Since when?

Frederick Dire: Since you people started crawling out of your holes. It's terrible, you think we suffered enough in the devil war and then they make someone like you a lawyer, and another white haired one a lord. We do too much to please you people.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Dire! Keep to your question.

William Slitherspeak: Must be hard, answering someone like me.

Norman Crogs: Objection, relevance.

William Slitherspeak: I'll get to my point. Say I were to make a device like yours.

Frederick Dire: You better not.

William Slitherspeak: -Say-, I did. I would have to have access to your wealth of knowledge to produce your creation.

Frederick Dire: Which you don't have.

William Slitherspeak: No, I do not. Not only would I have to be an expert at your design, I would need to become an expert forger. True?

Frederick Dire: Yes, but you people are tricky.

William Slitherspeak: I don't doubt it.

Norman Crogs: Relevance?

William Slitherspeak: I'll make it clear for you. Yes or no. It would be easier for me to learn how to create one of my own than it would for me to create one that mimics your own.

Frederick Dire: Yes.

William Slitherspeak: Nothing further.

Magistrate Kyemore: Be seated mister Dire.

Frederick Dire: You know Baldur's Gate was a better place before the more of you came around.

Magistrate Kyemore: Mister Dire!

Frederick Dire: First they make them Lords, and then they're serving our drinks? Whats next!

Magistrate Kyemore: Be seated! Now then we will move to closing arguements before we come to the verdict. Mister Crogs, I had expected better of you to control your witnesses.

Norman Crogs: Yes honorable magistrate. Allow me a moment with my client, honorable magistrate.

[The prosecutor briefly confers with Netanya]

Norman Crogs: Honorable Magistrate, we would like to offer our closing remarks with a final witness.

Magistrate Kyemore: A final witness? You have exhausted all witnesses, mister Crogs.

Norman Crogs: It would be a closing argument providing additional details and remarks of the case by Mathilde Farmer.

Magistrate Kyemore: The court will allow it. Please provide the closing argument miss Farmer.

Norman Crogs: Miss, Farmer. You were there on that night. Simply explain to the court the circumstances of the night and what you witnessed."

Mathilde Farmer: Netanya and I was seeing to a client, when Lord Forseeth visited our House. He entered the halls yelling and screaming, demanding to see the master of the House. I left our fitting room, to offer the lord refreshment, which he agreed to, not leaving out his disappointment with the speed of which it arrived. He was rude, demeaning, and insulting. Calling us servants and questioning why we were even in his presence, I refer to Vilmar and I. I left the room briefly to retrieve a sample of silk to show him, but when I came back their struggle had already begun. This is not an innocent man, it's someone seeking a shortcut by stealing other peoples work. And not a kind a man.

Norman Crogs: Thank you miss Farmer. We rest our case.

Magistrate Kyemore: You may step down. Closing remarks from you mister Slitherspeak.

William Slitherspeak: Terrible tragedy we've faced today. A miscarriage of justice, but the opportunity to make it right. Lets go over the facts of the matter. Mister Forseeth has a broken jaw from his time in House Divine. His incarceration by her demands led to further injuries and hostilities. This man isn't made for a life of crime. That is why I ask the court of have mercy on him in his guilty plea to the charge of claiming lordship. It's clear to see, we have an opportunity to save this man from death at the hands of the Flaming Fist prison. Now, to the subjective matter. They're telling you he walked into House divine and stole this. The same portfolio I got a copy of today. Oh! But he had sketches of her stitchings. Anybody who has painted or sketched anyone in a dress has those. And what about the processing of these goods? The creation there of? Allow me to issue you the true narrative of what happened here. Not based on what we think he was trying to do, but what happened. James Forseeth walked in to House Divine posing as lord to seem important. He spoke with Matron Netanya, and was given a portfolio available to the public. He had sketches on him of fabrics and stitching, as some would who would be interested in the process. When he dropped these, paranoia proved over cooler heads. Thief! They yelled. My client became scared and ran for the door. And they beat him, and beat him again and again. They ran and got the Flaming Fist involved. Do you know why he was put away for impersonating a lord, and not stealing? Because nothing was stolen. Its. Fiction. Could he have built his own business? With what silk traders, buildings, or workers? We acknowledge he isn't a lord. What is true, is we will never know what his intentions were because he had his jaw broken trying to flee. A desperate, scared man. The defense rests, honorable Magistrate.

Magistrate Clerk Frem: With both sides at rest, the court will ask for the second count. Have your ballots passed forward down the isle. The second count, theft. The stealing of property.

Sister Ashenie Darakh: Your Honor Magistrate Keymore, could you repeat the precise charge and to which law it refers in the legal system of Baldur's Gate, if I may ask?

Magistrate Clerk Frem: Theft.

Magistrate Kyemore: As he says. Theft.

[The ballots are passed]

Magistrate Clerk Frem: Thank you. See your envelopes to your right and review for the third count. The third count unprecedented, and will carry the same sentencing as a high form of theft at the Magistrate's recommendation. This will be Theft of an idea, attempt to make a forgery.

[The ballots are passed]

Magistrate Clerk Frem: Finally. In the counter charges provided by mister Slitherspeak, please use your final ballot to decide if House Divine is guilty of wrongfully holding and bringing harm to the defense."

[The ballots are passed]

Magistrate Clerk Frem: Honorable magistrate, I have the ballots from the citizens of the city.

Magistrate Kyemore: Approach. Very well. Rise. In the first count, impersonating a lord, you plead guilty. This charge comes with a hefty fine or beheading depending on the circumstances. James Forseeth, I don't find you to be a very wise man and you have found yourself upon serious charges today. With your plea of guilty, I will reduce your sentence to a fine. Twenty thousand gold, and your stay in Baldur's Gate's prison will end as of today. On the second count of theft. This count includes fines or further punishment depending on the severity there of. These further alternatives could include the loss of a finger. Judging by your appearance, I would hope you would consider making such an attempt again. However, in agreeance with the court I do not deem you a thief. On the second count of theft, you have been deemed, not guilty. On the third and final count of theft of an idea. We of the court have never been posed with this ruling, but we may interpret it under the existing law of theft at this time. On this third count, you are deemed here by the temple of Tyr, not guilty. However. The court has an order for you, mister Forseeth. The portfolio will be returned to House Divine. Finally, on the counter proclamation of mister Slitherspeak. A monetary charge against, miss Netanya and mister Duskwood for wrongful violence. The court finds Netanya guilty, and to pay a monetary value of ten thousand gold coins. However, this amount I have adjusted to the circumstances hereby this trial this evening. House Divine and miss Netanya, as well as many baldurian's have right to protect their businesses under what they preceive to be a threat at that time. I find agreeance with the court that mister Forseeth was of no threat upon the time. However, miss Netanya didn't command her guard to strike him. Therefore the amount has been raised to thirteen thousand gold payable by mister Duskwood. With all in order today, we are adjourned for the time being. Mister Forseeth you may leave free of the court today. Thank you for your attendance. We will recess and prepare for Samuel Flounder v Thomas Almier whereby mister Flounder is accused of stealing mister Almier's pig.

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Rashemi folklore and tradition
by Nailya Gazieva


Commonly translated to The Journey, it is a simple thing to explain but much harder to grasp the full meaning of. Rashemaar is often thought of as barbaric, isolationist lands that know little of the world beyond – but it is not so. At the age of eighteen winters, though with some variation, many but not all choose to pursue Darjemma. They set out to travel extensively for a year to find their place in the world, themselves and as adults. There are exemptions as to why a child of Rashemaar may postpone or extend their Darjemma, commonly it is due to duties that bind them to their families.

Darjemma is as spiritual and cultural as it is practical. It takes insight, braveness, and endurance to travel away from the cradle of the motherland and to return with a new understanding of the world. Commonly the returnee will be asked what they have learned from their journey, both on a personal level but also news and rumors of what is going on in the world at large.

The Wychlaran are the ones to collect and archive this knowledge so it may further serve Rashemaar, including paths travelled and shortcuts found so that the next who travel may visit a new place or one much further away. With the help of the Wychlaran, a youth setting out on Darjemma may be aided in traveling a certain distance and to a specific location.

The Ethran, as is the novice rank of Wychlaran typically set out on their Darjemma with a guardian meant to keep them safe. While it is commonly an adult warrior, berserker, or similarly able-bodied individual it is also not entirely unusual that several set out on their Darjemma together. Whether or not they stay together is left to fate and wanderlust.

Another thing of note is that Wychlaran who travel away from Rashemaar vow to not show their face to any but their kinsmen until the day they return. It is forbidden for us to explain why but I can say that is has much to do with the connection we share with our lands and the spirits within them.

To try and remove the mask of a Wychlaran is equated to assault with lethal intention. They will defend themselves to their full ability, often cursing the perpetrator severely making them a bloodsworn enemy of Rashemaar. Should the Wychlaran survive, they will seek vengeance at any cost.

A brief explanation to the Wychlaran

The Wychlaran are the protectors of Rashemaar, keeping the people safe and communing with the spirits. A novice wych is called Etrhan and is placed under a Hatrhan which translated to learned sister. How quickly or slowly they rise in rank is a balance of capability and relation between the two. A Hatrhan that has shown excellence is elevated to Othlor, a True One. The word of the Wychlaran is law in Rashemaar as they carry the voice of the very spirit of Rashemaar.

The traitors to Rashemaar and the Wychlaran are called the Durthan, they seek to bind dark spirits and undermine the stability of the motherland. It is not uncommon that they ally with or eventually become among the ranks of the much-loathed Red Wizards of Thay.

Spirits of Rashemaar

As I have come to understand during my travels all the way to the Sword Coast, how others see spirits can often vary from our understanding of them. Spirits come in many categories and some of these can be described as elemental, spirits of fire, earth, water, the winds, ice and storms. Spirits that embody concepts, wisdom, knowledge, pride, and strength among others. Another common type of spirit are the spirits of heroes; powerful individuals or Rashemaar that remain to serve her and her people.

The Spiritfolk I have yet to see outside of Rashemaar during my travels. They are born out of union between human and spirit in ways that can often be quite mysterious. Occasionally it is the matter of reincarnation for a spirit while other times it is a more straight-forward union. The exact details of such I will not be explaining here. The spiritfolk appear much like humans or even half-elves, with lither body types and slender faces. Their bodies lack hair other than on their heads, and they are renown for an inherently and incredibly friendly disposition.

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Nations: System for the People
By Yurielendorimbor “Yuri” Lichelina

The concept of government and the role it plays in society has been a topic of discussion and debate for centuries. Throughout history, various forms of government have emerged, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Autocracies, for example, concentrate all the power in the hands of a single individual, leading to potential abuses of power. On the other hand, governments where only a select few, such as nobles or the rich, have the right to vote, perpetuate social inequality and ignore the voices of the majority. However, there is one form of government that rises above the rest and provides a fair and just system for all citizens: a liberal government with a Monarch, Racial, Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches. This form of government provides a balanced approach, where the monarch and executive branches provide stability, the racial branch ensures representation of diverse needs, the legislative branch enacts laws through representative democracy, and the judicial branch interprets the laws and protects citizens' rights. In this essay, we will explore why this form of government is the best choice for society, especially in comparison to autocracies and governments where only a select few have the right to vote.

The first advantage of this form of government is the presence of a monarch and executive branches, which provide stability and continuity. The monarch, as the symbolic head of state, provides a sense of national unity and pride, while the executive branch, responsible for the administration of government, ensures that policies are implemented in a consistent and efficient manner. In this system, the monarch and executive branches serve as a counterbalance to the more democratic branches, such as the legislative and racial branches, ensuring that decisions are made not only in a timely manner but in the best interest of the country as a whole.

The racial branch of this government is designed to ensure representation of the diverse needs and interests of different racial groups within the country. In this system, representatives from each racial group are elected to serve in the racial branch, providing a platform for marginalized communities to have their voices heard. This not only promotes equality and fairness, but also helps to address potential conflicts and tensions between different racial groups, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued within society.

The legislative branch, elected through representative democracy, is responsible for enacting laws that govern the country. The legislative branch is divided into an upper and lower house, providing a system of checks and balances that ensures laws are made in the best interest of the people. The lower house, comprised of elected representatives from each district, is responsible for representing the needs and interests of their constituents, while the upper house, comprised of appointed members, serves as a more deliberative body, providing a second opinion and perspective on proposed laws.

The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the laws and protecting the rights of citizens. This branch operates independently from the other branches, ensuring that justice is dispensed objectively and impartially. The judicial branch also serves as a watchdog for the other branches, ensuring that they operate within the bounds of the constitution and the law.

Finally, the system of preferential voting used in this form of government allows for a more representative and equitable representation of the people's interests. Preferential voting allows citizens to rank their preferred candidates in order of preference, ensuring that the elected representatives truly reflect the will of the people. This system also ensures that minority opinions and interests are taken into consideration, as candidates with lower support can still be elected if they are the preferred choice of those who support other candidates.

There are several counter-arguments to this form of government, including:

Limited Suffrage: One of the main criticisms of this form of government is that it should still limit the number of people who are eligible to vote. Despite the use of preferential voting, some argue that not all members of society should have a say in the decision-making process, as they may not have the necessary knowledge or expertise.

Royal Prerogative: Critics argue that the monarch branch, with its extensive powers, can effectively undermine the principles of democracy and the separation of powers. The monarch may use their influence to sway decisions in favor of their own interests, leading to a concentration of power in the hands of a single individual or family.

Racial Issues: The inclusion of a racial branch in this form of government could also be a source of controversy, as it may create a sense of division within society based on race. Some argue that race should not be a factor in determining representation or influence in government, as it could lead to unequal treatment of different groups.

Inadequate Checks and Balances: While the separation of powers is a key feature of this form of government, some argue that it may not be enough to prevent abuses of power. The interplay between the various branches of government may not always be effective in preventing the concentration of power in the hands of a single branch or individual.

Inefficient Government: Critics argue that this form of government may not be as efficient as other systems, as it requires a great deal of negotiation and compromise between the various branches. This may lead to a slower decision-making process and a lack of decisive action in times of crisis.

Despite these criticisms, it is important to consider the overall strengths of this form of government, including its commitment to individual rights, representation for all members of society, and a system of checks and balances to prevent abuses of power. Ultimately, the decision to adopt this form of government must be made through a democratic process, taking into account the opinions and needs of all members of society.

[End of Part 1]

There are several arguments in favor of this form of government, including:

Representation for All: This form of government provides representation for all members of society, including minorities, through the inclusion of a racial branch and preferential voting. This ensures that the voices and needs of all members of society are taken into account in the decision-making process.

Separation of Powers: The separation of powers is a key feature of this form of government, providing checks and balances to prevent the concentration of power in the hands of a single individual or branch. This helps to protect the rights of individuals and prevent abuses of power.

Individual Rights: This form of government places a strong emphasis on individual rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech, non-evil religion, and assembly. These rights are protected by a robust judiciary and enshrined in a constitution.

Democratic Process: The use of preferential voting ensures that the government is elected through a democratic process, reflecting the will of the people. This helps to maintain the legitimacy of the government and promotes accountability.

Stable Government: The combination of a monarch and executive branches provides a stable and experienced leadership, while the legislative and judicial branches provide checks and balances to prevent abuses of power. This helps to maintain stability and promote long-term development.

Overall, this form of government provides a balanced approach to representation, rights, and stability, making it an attractive option for many societies. It strikes a delicate balance between individual rights and representation, while also ensuring that the government remains accountable and responsive to the needs of its citizens.

One method of minimizing the effects of Royal Prerogative and Inadequate Checks and Balances would be the introduction of a constitution. One which plays a crucial role in defining the values, principles, and structures that guide a society. It lays out the framework for how power is to be exercised, and how decisions are to be made. It establishes the rights and freedoms that citizens are entitled to, and provides the means for those rights to be protected. A well-designed constitution provides a stable and predictable foundation for a society, and helps to ensure that the government is accountable to the people it serves.

One of the most important functions of a constitution is to establish and protect individual rights. This can include civil liberties such as freedom of speech and non-evil religion, as well as economic rights like property rights. The constitution can also specify the limits of government power, and provide mechanisms for holding government officials accountable for their actions. For example, it can establish and empower the previously mentioned independent judiciary to enforce the rights of citizens, or provide for regular elections to ensure that the government remains responsive to the will of the people.

Another key benefit of a constitution is that it helps to maintain stability and continuity. A well-written constitution provides clear guidelines for how government should operate, which can prevent disputes and conflicts from arising. It can also ensure that power is not concentrated in the hands of a single individual or group, which helps to prevent abuses of power and maintain a balance of power.

Finally, a constitution can serve as a symbol of a nation's values and aspirations. By setting forth the principles and values that the society holds most dear, it provides a shared vision for the future and a source of inspiration for citizens. Whether it is enshrining the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or guaranteeing equal treatment under the law, a constitution can help to build a sense of common purpose and national identity.

The constitution of a government is a fundamental and crucial element of any democratic society. By establishing and protecting individual rights, promoting stability, and serving as a symbol of shared values and aspirations, a well-designed constitution provides the foundation for a free and prosperous society.

In conclusion, this form of government offers a unique blend of representation, rights protection, and stability that is well-suited to the needs of societies and most importantly people. By providing representation for all members of society, including minorities, through the inclusion of a racial branch and preferential voting, this form of government ensures that all voices are heard in the decision-making process. At the same time, the separation of powers helps to prevent abuses of power and maintain stability. Finally, the use of a constitution and robust judiciary protects individual rights and freedoms, while the combination of a monarch and executive branches provides experienced and stable leadership. In light of these factors, it is clear that this form of government represents a compelling alternative to traditional autocracies or governments where only a select few have the right to vote.

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A Guide to Farming in the Sword Coast
By Kervel Greencrest

Welcome dear reader to this humble guide to farming. I'm Kervel Greencrest, a priest of Chauntea, veterinarian and a lifetime long farmer. Let me congratulate you in taking a step towards a productive life filled with honest work that gives you fruits of your own labor in abundance. Since it is not that easy to become a farmer without any experience, this guide will help you to clear things out and understand the basic steps you have to take in order to start your farm. Be sure to seek advice on you local clergy and faithful of The Golden Goddess when you need any advice in growing your own produce of her Bounty of Life. So what is needed in order to get started? Lets examine this next.

-"I only know you need dirt, and water, to grow anything. And seeds of course."
This is something that a certain beautiful Sunite once said to me regarding farming. While these things are true of course, being a farmer is much more than that. Time, patients and dedications are key aspects of becoming a farmer. This is a way of life and not your daytime job. You are raising growing and living things that require frequent care and mending, just like any living things. You cannot just throw it out there with what it requires and expect it to flourish on its own. This is a long term deal that defines your schedule for years. A trade that has little days off. Farming requires total dedication, love, and passion in order to succeed. Your mindset needs to be right before you even begin. Once we are set there we can begin with the other basics.

Land is crucial for your choice of crop and the manner of growing it. Shape and composition of the land are key aspects in determining what can be grown and the fertility of the soul is vital. This along with the climate and environmental factors of the region set what you can grow successfully. You should have your soil tested and determine, based on the results, which field will meet the requirements of your desired crop. Depending if your soil is well-drained and loamy you would want to grow crops that flourish in these conditions such as wheat or barley. If the soil is more heavier textured and soggy, yet still loamy, then Oats may be a better choice. In selecting your site, you should keep crop rotation in mind, so that you consider what was growing in a certain field previously and what might grow there in the future.
To minimize disease and insect pressure, cereal grains should not be grown in fields that previously grew cereal grains or other related crops such as corn in example. This is the case with grains. The type of plants you want to grow is heavily influenced by the land you have available. If you have hills and height difference, then perhaps squash would be entirely better choice than a wheat field that rely on as even fields as possible. You should always make your fields long and narrow strips, so that you have to turn your plow around as few times as possible. If your land has rich and diverse fauna naturally, a meadow for example and you have the space, then perhaps raising livestock is an entirely better choice for you. You should have some of your seedbed preparation done in autumn before the frost settles in soil. This will free you time once the frost melts and the soil is more workable again before the annual sowing in Ches or Tarsakh.

Irrigation is vital in farming. Another important factor is whether the field has access to water or not. A proper water source is needed within a sensible journey in case season is dry or the climate is not so favorable this year. A few small and long drains should be dug within the fields in case the season becomes full of rain and the soil soggies too much. If the distance is great to the water source then it might be a good choice to build a water tower or barrels that hold the water in great quantity for later use and is filled as needed. Building a well is naturally a good choice.
If you can help it. A community is an advantage in the life of a beginner. A group of like-minded people are a boon and can aid each other in various ways and provide synergy. You could have more horses and oxes for the blowing of fields as well as other livestock providing more manure to fertilize the fields properly. You can lend a broken blow, hoe, shovel, pitchfork or anything in time of need. A part-time small storage can be constructed to store your produce before it is sent off to market or larger granaries. A well can be constructed for all to use. Cost and need of labor is reduced. A small local place of worship to Chauntea can be built for prayer and asking favor of The Grain Goddess in times peace and of dire need.

Seeds are best bought in advance. You might have a hard time finding a large sum of seeds in early spring when you should start your sowing. You should buy some seeds into your storage, but not too much. In case you find it better to switch crops to avoid disease or rotate crops. Best time to buy seed is autumn and early winter. When you store your seeds, make sure that you store them in a dry place.

When it is time to begin work on your field remember these steps:

Soil preparation. You should know by now what kind of soil and crop you work with and begin preparing the soil. Soil preparation is done before sowing the seeds. This is done by plowing or by hand. Loosening the soil increases water and fertilization absorption into the soil. This anchors the roots of the plants into the soil and lets it breath. After turning the field it is important to level and manure it properly.

Sowing of the seeds. Sowing the seeds can be done with a furrowing tool, broadcasting in larger area by hand and covered, or placed in a already made funnel in the soil and covered. The method is depended on the crop you grow. Regardless it is important to leave a proper distance between the seeds. After the field has been sowed properly, it is also important to water it properly if no rain comes within a few days.

Crop period. This is the time to care for your plants from first sowing to the last harvest. Remember to remove weeds regularly throughout crop period, roots included. Make sure to always irrigate your field properly following the weather throughout this period. Take daily walks in your fields and keep a sharp eye for disease, rot, pestilence or insects. Watch your fields for thieves. Place scarecrows.

Harvest. The principal harvesting generally occurs in Eleint for most matured crops. Harvesting consists of cutting the crops systematically. After that Field drying and stacking or piling are optional. After the crops have dried they can be theshed. Storing the grain is vital after it has dried and prepared properly, avoiding rotting and spoiling of the harvest. Harvesting can be done using scythe, sickles and knives. Other plants require different methods of harvest of course, but grain is commonly farmed plant in Western Heartlands.

Make sure you give proper prayer and thanks for the Goddess of Agriculture. Seek advice and help of Chaunteans - faithful when ever needed. Attend the annual Greengrass celebrations to blow off some steam after a hard seasonal sowing. Inform the clergy so they can observe solemn High Prayers of the Harvest during a ritualized annual ceremony coinciding with the start of the harvest. Praise and enjoy the Harvesttide and celebrate your way of life every chance possible.

I thank you reader and wish you a life of bounty and plenty working and growing the gifts of growth and reap.

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The Tale of Two Dragons
by Guide Edelgarde Spades
Candlekeep - 1359 DR, Year of the Serpent

To Julius.
May your new path bring you peace.


In my three and a half years on the Coast I have seen many things.
I have seen invading armies of fiends, a vampire willingly destroyed and reborn by the grace of Sune, a drow reborn into an elf and the avatar of the First Scribe walking among us. Yet, the thing I find most surprising of all is that no matter how much I believe I cannot be surprised anymore, there is always something that manages to do so.
This story is no exception.

This is a story that runs partially parallel to the Book and The Dragon, but it also gives it closure. If you have not read it already, it is highly recommended you do so in order to better understand this volume.

A Fateful Encounter

The first time I met Julius was in the spring of the year 1357, during the events of the Book and the Dragon. When I wrote the book, I left that part willingly vague and although this is not usually like me, I judged it the best course of action for the safety of the readers.

In the fourth chapter of the book I recount the investigation into the curse that killed Yiryss, the wife of the brass dragon Lyvinicus Drycus and the discovery of the diary of Alexander Calborn, a fallen ilmateri who used the very same curse to kill his mentor, a bronze dragon named Igadol Zymeta. In the book I mention that Calborn was changed after a "fateful encounter" and such change caused him to pervert his own creation, a spell capable of bringing back a loved one from the brink of death, into a curse that caused the victim to die of old age.
What I did not say is that this fateful encounter was with a green dragon, whose name I have sworn to never utter, whose chosen human form is that of an old man named Julius.
After killing Igadol, during a training session in the woods, Calborn fled and Yyiriss followed him. She witnessed him claiming innocence and scribbling his name in the dirt only to die in the attempt to utter it.

Immediately after reading about Julius, I recalled that one of the sisters at the temple of Ilmater mentioned that an old man under the same name had visited the temple and was accompanied home by Sister Ashenie. Without wasting any time, I saw myself to the Temple of Ilmater to warn them.

This confirmed what we had learned a few days prior during an unrelated investigation: that a young red dragon, Dryandret the Flawless, was in Baldur's Gate because he had a feud with Julius and was likely hunting him. We put together a group of people and, thanks to the insight of Sister Ashenie we went to speak with Maltz, who apparently knew Julius, and he directed us to his house.
Upon our arrival, we found the house empty, with a pool of dried blood in the middle of the kitchen. A quick investigation revealed that he was not the original occupier of the house either, as it belonged to a family. A note signed by the green told us to meet him at a tavern in Roaringshore, tavern completely warded against magic. Somehow he was ten steps ahead of us and we likely had to play along if we wished to save the inhabitants of that house.
It was my brother who first noticed something was not right: there were no signs of struggle and, upon a magical analysis Sister Ashenie noticed the blood belonged to a sheep. I quickly looked around for any belonging of the house owners, in order to attempt a scry, but at that point an acolyte did something very rash and attempted to scry the dragon. She saw him in humanoid form, a younger one, sitting on a ship and sipping wine. And he looked straight at her. She staggered back and panicked. I scryed the house owners and saw them dining in a tavern, blissfully discussing on how to cook duck and ignorant of what was going on in their house. Before letting the vision go, I looked at the wine and noticed it was not swaying: they were not at sea.
We all agreed it was a terrible idea, as this would render us powerless while the dragon would retain all his capabilities, especially in light of what my scry and the Blood Vision revealed. All except Sister Ashenie.

After she communed with the Broken God, she seemed confident that no harm would come to us and was determined to attend the meeting with or without us.
Ser Alexander Holgart wouldn't let her go without him and in the end we all ended up following to Roaringshore.


This time, the Green was not in the guise of an old man, but rather a dark haired captain with glowing green eyes.
He claimed that the reason for his presence in Baldur's Gate was to erase the red dragon, as he did with Igadol and as he would do with those who uttered his real name. He was not ahead of us, he just expected Dryandret to hunt him and left that note for him. He was not surprised when someone attempted to scry him. What he did not expect was to find a cadre of Candlekeep scholars and triadic faithful.
At this point he looked at me. Complimented me for piecing this all together, his demeanor something in between respect and irritation.
The green admitted he corrupted Calborn, but claimed to be uninvolved in Yyiriss' murder, which was perpetrated by the men of the blue dragon Azurel Sunderspark. He claimed all he wanted was to leave the city unmolested and to be left alone to "erase" the red in a quiet way. He wanted our word that we would never utter his name to anybody in exchange for the location of the weapon that killed Igadol and an artifact capable of bringing back a victim of that weapon.

I was conflicted, and I was not alone in this. At the time I had yet to take the path of priesthood and embrace the way of Preservation, which would ultimately lead me to abandon destruction, and with it any form of violence, entirely. At the time, fighting the chromatic sounded like the only viable way. Now I was forced to reconsider. How could I trust a Chromatic dragon? Knowing what he did, the pain he caused and he could still cause I believed he deserved to die. I was ready to step up as judge and jury albeit not wise enough to do so. Most of all, letting him walk away felt like betraying Lyvinicus. That did not feel like my choice to make, yet I was there, not him, and I had to make that choice whether I liked it or not. I became aware of how many lives that curse had already claimed and that refusing the Green's offer would likely add at least one more to the pile. Then I asked myself what sight I thought would be more welcome to Lyvinicus: the Green's lifeless body or his wife alive? At that point I saw as clear as day that Ashenie was right all along.
So I sealed the deal, made him promise he would never go after the one we would bring back, and then we parted ways.

The following day, a glowing branch was delivered without fail at my door. I examined it carefully and made sure there was no mistake: that item contained an already granted Wish spell. The branch was light, but felt terribly heavy in my hands, as heavy as a mortal life can be. Yet, Julius had been true to his word.

When we met with Lyvinicus next, we told him the truth. All of it except the name of the culprit that I let walk away. Told him I made a choice that was not mine to make, but that I was there to make. Then, finally showed him the branch. For the second time since I had met him, the brass was silent. I watched the soft gleam of the branch reflect in his reptilian eyes of brass while he just stood there with no single clue of what would happen now.
When words found him again, he told us that the branch was familiar to him, as it belonged to a type of tree that only grew in a particular forest. He had visited that forest centuries ago, with Yyiriss. There they found a young green dragon, beaten and wounded. Lyvinicus was ready to put him out of his misery, as he fully knew what his kind would become. Yet, Yyriss insisted on sparing him. It was clear who that green dragon was and it was also clear that despite of what he said, that branch was not to buy our silence but was meant to repay this old debt. Fate had a weird sense of humor.

The Year of the Shadows

From there, the events unfolded as told in The Book and the Dragon. Yyiriss was brought back and Azurel Sunderspark defeated. Julius did as he said: erased Dryandret and then disappeared himself and we all thought the matter closed, with a bitter-sweet ending.
All except Sister Ashenie.
She never gave up on bringing back Alexander Calborn and Igadol Zymeta, never ceased to look for a way that would allow it. I thought the matter impossible, after all without a miracle or a Wish spell, the curse could only be removed by the one who devised it.

A year passed and, surprisingly, Julius made his appearance again. He met Ashenie in the Reaching Woods. This time he looked weakened and confused. She attempted to help him with a rejuvenating infusion, but he refused. She would later on mention that at that moment there was no hatred in his eyes, if only for a brief moment.
I met him not much later, south of Wyrm's Crossing. I recognized his human form and approached him, while he was feeding birds.
We spoke at length and he recounted the meeting with Sister Ashenie, that he was surprised she did not harbored hatred towards him. Then added that he was telling me this because he respected me and considered me his equal. Unlike that time in Roaringshore, I became wary of that observation. I had since then learned to judge the value of compliments by the requests that follow later, if any. At the time I had started my path towards the priesthood of the First Scribe and I wondered if that was a proof of my resolve. After all, I knew, and likely he did as well, that the seed of doubt is capable of uprooting even the most solid foundations if left to germinate. Whether his or mine would take roots first was yet to be seen.
I queried about his weakened state and he mentioned a curse that was laid upon him a long time ago, long before the death of Igadol.
He voiced his desire to be left alone and that he was hunted by metallic and chromatic alike. I told him it didn't have to be like that and what he did could still be undone. He retorted that the only way to undo the curse was for him to do so and that would require the use of a mineral called blaperle, but bringing back Igadol would be his undoing. He said he did not regret killing him, as he had hated him since the time he was defeated by him. He was spared and told that he would kill him if he trespassed again. It was at that point that one of the birds he was feeding burned itself in the campfire. Julius picked him up and took the wound upon himself.
I told him that if he hoped to find peace this vicious cycle had to be broken, then asked him if he was fond of essays. He gave an affirmative answer and I gifted him an essay written by himself on free will. In hindsight, that was perhaps my way to plant the seed. Before we parted ways, he said that if I wanted Igadol to be brought back I had to give him something more.

Upon learning about this encounter, Sister Ashenie pursued her goal with renewed vigor. She now felt determined not only to bring back Calborn and Igadol, but also to lift the curse that was placed upon Julius. She communed with an Archon of the Broken God, Abrariel of His Mercy and queried about Alexander Calborn. The Archon claimed that Calborn could not be restored, as there was nothing left of him. He had sought to erase suffering through death, but in doing so he caused a great deal of it. Sister Ashenie then said that she would still hold onto the oath she spoke on the tomb of Igadol: that she would at least undo the damage done by her former brother in faith.

After these events, we did not see Julius for many months. The Time of Trouble struck us like a bolt from a clear sky, while the very foundations of the Weave shook and the gods walked among us. The First Scribe graced our halls with His divine presence and I was welcomed with His blessing in His Church. At the same time we faced deep losses, the most felt was that of my friend Sir Alexander Holgart, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of duty, lending his strength to the Loyal Fury in the battle of Tantras. When the Time of Trouble concluded, as suddenly as it had started, I, like many, was not the same person as before. Seeing the Divine up close, albeit in a weakened state, can give a sudden and powerful perspective on our place in the order of things. I like to think that when I met Julius next, I did so as a wiser person.

He visited Candlekeep shortly after the end of the Time of Trobules, but he looked very confused and ill. He did not even seem to recognize me. He did however mutter something about the purpose of his visit: looking for information about a blue gem. I suspected he was referring to blaperle. When he had first mentioned the stone, all these months prior, I had researched the stone independently, fearing he might seek to use it for nefarious purposes like its green counterpart. The research did not reveal anything of concern, therefore I judged relatively safe to provide him with the research, in the hope he somehow had changed his mind on Igadol. At the time I had no hope he would have a change of heart, but I thought possible that he would judge bringing him back advantageous for him.


Julius visited Candlekeep a second time in Alturiak 1359.
He claimed to be on his way to the Shrine of Suffering and although he looked less confused than he was when we last met, he certainly did not look in better shape. I offered passage, but he refused saying that he would fly.
On the next day I left towards the Master's Library for my yearly pilgrimage, but on my return I visited the Shrine to make sure he had arrived. With relief, I acknowledged that in Baldur's Gate there were no panicked rumors about a green dragon landing in the middle of the city, and when I spoke with Sister Ashenie, she claimed that he never reached the shrine and decided to look for him.

On the 10th of Ches, our investigation led us to Beregost, where he was dining at the local tavern. Sister Ashenie approached him and queried about his well-being, pleading for the bronze to be brought back and offering to help him with his curse. He claimed she was bold to seek him and even bolder to ask something of him - personally I could not disagree with that - and again refused saying that his curse was his own. This time though, he seemed open to the idea of bringing Igadol back, on the condition that we recovered the blaperle, which he claimed could be found in the scepter of an ice giant king in Icewind Dale. I asked for a measurable quantity, in case we decided to acquire the mineral through other means. He queried whether we thought we could not reason we the king. I retorted that perhaps we could, but we had to be ready in case we could not. He implied that the king was an acquaintance of his and likely one who owed him something, so he offered to go with us and gave his word to keep us safe on the condition that we prepared an offering for the king in exchange for his scepter. We agreed to reconvene in Candlekeep after making the necessary preparations.

Me and Sister Ashenie agreed to pool together whatever diamond we kept for resurrection rituals and then set out to wait for Julius. Unlike the year prior, sheer emotion had not entirely dulled my logic, which at that moment was screaming that something was not right. The more I thought of it, the less it seemed likely that the king would part with such symbol of power for a few gems or that a green dragon could not get hold of a worthy treasure. That he needed us, both incapable of fighting, to recover such item. Yet I was hesitant to voice such suspicions to Julius, fearing that this would ruin our only chance, not to mention that Sister Ashenie would likely go along with that with or without me. So I opted to follow through, but not without a contingency plan. Before departing, I penned a note, that I then sealed and left with Winthrop, with the instruction to open it if we were not back in a tenday. The note explained where we were going and most importantly mentioned the Green's name. I judged that this could give me some leverage with him should he decide to betray us and that if we did not come back in a tenday even if he did not betray us, it could only mean that the giants killed the three of us and a dead Julius would not care about who knew his name.

Julius teleported the three of us to a snowy peak. He shifted to his draconic form and strode towards the fort at the horizon, while we followed waist deep in the snow yet shielded from the worst of it by the blessing of the First Scribe. Julius and the two guards at the door exchanged threats as profusely as a group of gentlemen would exchange pleasantries, until finally the two giants agreed to lead us to the king.
As we approached, King Mordel showed Julius his lance, which I recognized as a weapon that killed at least three dragons, in place of a greeting. We offered the gems and, unsurprisingly, the King declined so we asked for his terms.

"I will kill the Ilmatari as a warning, and then take the red haired one in exchange for the gem. I have no use for weakness." he said.

Even though I was ready to weasel our way out diplomatically, and potentially make use of the note, I had worried so much about Julius' betrayal that I had underestimated the quickness of the King to pass from words to deeds. Words died on my lip as the King's lance was already swinging towards Sister Ashenie. What I did not expect was a green scaled wing colliding with the aforementioned spear, which embedded itself in it.

"Do not threaten my possessions!" the green shouted, taking the spear down into his chest and I would have found such sentence most concerning weren't we surrounded by the swinging spears and axes of the guards, with only Julius' wings shielding us.
Fortunately, it seems that we weren't the only ones who staggered in surprise, but the King did as well His hesitation gave Julius the chance to bite his head off.
In the brief moments this bought us, Ashenie grabbed the staff and shielded us with Etherealness, while I teleported us away to the beach north of Candlekeep.

"What is mine shall not be taken. Only a fool..." were his last words before he died on that beach.
I assessed that what had killed him was a spear of dragon slaying and estimated that, after pulling it out, a spell of Revivify could potentially work, although I knew this would have been unprecedented for a chromatic.
I dislodged the spear and Sister Ashenie prayed for him to come back. Nothing happened.
I wondered if that was it. If this was how it was going to end: with both him and Igadol dead. I was fully aware he defined us "property" twice, which is not uncommon for a green dragon, yet I could not explain why he went as far as dying for something expendable. As I reflected on such a cruel twist of fate, Sister Ashenie kept praying. She laid one of the blue diamonds on the wound and chanted in Celestial. I do not recall the exact words, as in the cascade of events I regrettably forgot to transcribe them as it would have been proper for a servant of the First Scribe. The song was a plea for him to be allowed to come back and correct his past mistakes, in light of his martyrdom.
And then, something happened.
A warm, amber light blossomed around the dead dragon, moving across his body as she chanted. Then, Julius' eyes opened, no longer green but gold, like a metallic's.

"You would cry for a creature as me. You truly are pathetic" were his first words after he was reborn on that beach.
Sister Ashenie collapsed with exhaustion, but still remained awake. She would later on reveal that her plea was heard by Mount Martyrdom and that she was allowed to give up a piece of herself, which somehow embedded itself in Julius. She could hear a voice telling her his nature would remain the same, but his heart would differ from his kind.
"I told you that you had my word" she simply said as I helped her up.
"What is to become of a wretch like me. Saved by somebody so insignificant" he complained. I am sure, like many dragons he had been for a long time old enough to understand how small mortals are compared to many beings in the order of things. I like to believe that in his death and rebirth he became wise enough to understand this does not make us any less important: the very same wisdom that makes his metallic counterparts so dear to me.
He stated he would hold true to his word and undo what he did to Igadol, ready to accept his fate should this prove his undoing. I responded that if this would come to pass, it would be the undoing of us both, potentially the three of us, since as far as I was concerned we owed him our lives.
He shifted to his human form, this time a healthy and robust one albeit still that of an old man, and carried Ashenie up the cliff towards Candlekeep. Even in her weakened state, she queried about his curse. He said there was no curse to begin with and it was all a ruse for people to underestimate him.
At that point, I voiced the doubt that had been plaguing me since our departure: why did he need us to recover the blaperle? He simply stated that he planned to exchange us for the scepter, but the king suggesting it angered him beyond words, even though now he could not remember how it felt to be so full of hatred.
Before we parted ways, we convened to meet with Julius in a tenday, after making the necessary preparations for the ritual of resurrection.


On the 17th of Ches, we met with Julius at the Shrine of the Suffering. He tasked me with breaking the curse and Sister Ashenie with performing the resurrection ritual. He handed me a book that contained the ritual he had devised, something akin to a Wish spell. This required six different gems, plus a ruby and a black pearl. We managed to pool together what was requested except the ruby, so Revered Brother Khalso parted from his ruby ring, gifted to him by a friend, and gave it to us to complete the ritual. In that moment, I felt I could relate, as the black pearl I provided was a gift from my brother, who had long departed the Coast.

Once the necessary preparations were made, Julius teleported us to Igadol's memorial, which consisted of a statue in his likeness, built near an abandoned shrine of Tyr. A purple flower had been planted there by Sister Ashenie when, more than a year prior, she had sworn to bring him back.
Despite the dark and the pouring rain, we prepared the ritual circle, which poetically had the two cherished mementos, the ruby and the black pearl, in the center. The three of us shielded the candles from the rain until the last step of the ritual: a memory of the curse forgotten by many had to be spoken into the blaperle. Julius, among us, was the only one who had met him so he ended up speaking the words:

"You said to me that we were enemies. You told me never to enter the west again, or you would kill me. It was then I thanked you for your arrogance and swore I would not."

Swirls of light wisped off each of the gems, floating gently in the rain, then suddenly the candles went off and the two gems in the center broke into dust. The curse was broken.
With the curse gone, Sister Ashenie knelt in the circle and started chanting her plea for Igadol to return. A gentle light started pooling together into a grand light. As the light grew stronger, I had to shield my eyes accustomed to the night. That did not prevent me from noticing Julius walking away without a word. I did not speak nor attempt to stop him, but if that was a farewell I wished him to find peace in his path.
As the last words of the prayer were spoken, Sister Ashenie collapsed from exhaustion and the ground was shaken by powerful wings.
The colossal figure of a bronze dragon now stood in front of us, shimmering in the light. He seemed to recognise us, but also the voice of his enemy. We explained Julius' role in lifting the curse, yet he remained convinced that he remained a creature of darkness and despair and had to be destroyed.
Both of us pleaded for him to reconsider. I pointed at how many this vicious cycle had left dead and Sister Ashenie recounted of the Green's death and rebirth with feeble voice.
As the sun made its way to the sky, Igadol shifted to his human form, an armored knight in pale yellow colors, and knelt in front of Ashenie, thanking her for bringing him back and uttering a quiet prayer, bathing her in a gentle light.
Sister Ashenie explained that she felt the need to repair what was done by Alexander Calborn, but Igadol mentioned that he had long forgiven him and that the man he once knew would have been proud of her deeds.
Sister Ashenie then produced a small necklace from her basket and handed it to the bronze.

"He will need you, if you allow him to follow the path of Mercy. This is for him, until he can find a suitable owner, and pass the charges, that were once spoken by Abrariel of His Mercy." she said.

He took the pendant in his armored hand, likely considering the words that were just spoken. This was understandably a lot to take in for the newly returned dragon.
I asked if death was the only path towards justice. He said it wasn't and asked me if I truly believed he could be redeemed. Sister Ashenie suggested he should ask Julius this question instead. Igadol reflected on the fact that if what we said was true, he would be an enemy of all chromatics and the five headed beast herself, but had no place among metallics. "Unless you shelter him", Sister Ashenie finished the sentence for him. He admitted she was asking a lot of him, but he promised to do what he could.
Before we parted ways, I suggested that if he passed by Calimshan he might want to visit Lyvinicus and Yiryss. Justice too. A smile came to his stoic face as he reminisced his friends. He responded that he would thank him when he has a century to be talked at.
After talking about past memories, he once again turned into his draconic form and departed.

Before we left, me and Sister Ashenie headed towards the ruined temple. She spoke a prayer, closing it with Sir Alexander Holgart's parting words: "Threefold Blessings upon you". I smiled, wondering if he would one day know how this story ended.


I do not know what happened next.
I like to think Igadol reunited with his friends and they all found forgiveness in their hearts. That Julius found a place to belong. Although rational thought tells me that it is unlikely for this to happen, the other part of me, the very same that came to understand the tides of fate even though it cannot put them into words, believes this is how things have to go.
I would say this is a story of choices, whose outcome was ultimately determined by the will of a woman. Yet, it has reached a point where we must let go, and leave it in the hands of fate. And in the hands of the interested parties, or rather claws.


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Poems and Songs of the Coast
Compiled by Guide Edelgarde Spades
Candlekeep - 1359 DR, Year of the Serpent

[This volume seems to be a work in progress. A collection of songs and poems performed at various events. The pages are illuminated with floral motives]

Melodies of Hope
by Tiawyn Aleaneldeth
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

My beloved one. Can you see what has changed since the fight began?
Had you closer then.
This is not the end. Hold my hand one more time like we used to do. Side by side.
See, the sun is defeating the night.

I sing my melodies of hope. Flowers grow in the barren ground.
I see them all around.
Only the wind will know. Hear the whispers so far away.
Dreams of a brighter day.

Shine bright now, let us shine brighter.
Shine bright now, love only guides us.
My melodies of hope. Fill the sky of the darkest night.
See how they shine a light.

[Instrumental Solo]

See this barren land. Let's rebuild it the way we imagined it.
Our day has come.
Don't you worry now. May the wind have your back.
And the sunlight be warming your day.

I sing my melodies of hope. Flowers grow in the barren ground.
I see them all around.
Only the wind will know. Hear the whispers so far away.
Dreams of a brighter day.

Shine bright now, let us shine brighter.
Shine bright now, love only guides us.
My melodies of hope. Fill the sky of the darkest night.
See how they shine a light.

The melodies of hope. My melodies of hope.
My beloved one. I can finally see with my heart again.
Let us begin.I sing my melodies of hope.
Flowers grow in the barren ground.

I see them all around.
On with the wind we go.
Can you take us so far away?
Greeting a better day.

Shine bright now, let us shine brighter.
Shine bright now, love only guides us.
My melodies of hope. Fill the sky of the darkest night.
See how they shine a light.

Heyaah, heyoooh... My melodies of hope.

Suffocating. Drowning
by Vrok
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

Trudging along. Trying to the find the courage, to carry on.
The path uncertain. Beset on all sides.
By smiling, lying bastards. With death in their eyes.

Reaching down, deep within.
I find the strength, where it has always been.
Now I abide, broken but whole.
My scars a reminder, to stand straight and tall.

No regrets for my past, nor the door to it shut.
The path was set before me, the way it was meant.

Unknown Title
by Rose Rivineth
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

Sometimes I can’t wait to die
I won’t lie
Gonna be a ghost and fly
No need to cry
It’s just my next ride.

Sometimes I can’t wait to die
I'm not looking for goodbye
But to put a twinkle in your eye
Gonnabe a ghost and fly
No need to cry
I'll be more than alive.

Sometimes I can’t wait to die
Done with how life makes me sigh
I put on a smile because I try
Gonna be a ghost and fly
No need to cry
I'm a mad girl and I'm fine.

Sometimes I can’t wait to die
I won't lie
Gonna possess a doll oh my
Harm the forest what do I spy
Don't get on my bad side

Sometimes I can't wait to die
I'm not looking for goodbye
But to put a twinkle in your eye
Gonna possess a doll oh my
Harm the forest what do I spy
Better run and hide.

Sometimes I can't wait to die
Done with how life makes me sigh
I put on a smile because I try
Gonna possess a doll oh my
Harm the forest what do I spy
Stab stab stab and skin your hide.

Unknown Title
by Adrian Baker
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR and in Baldur's Gate on the 15th of Ches 1359 DR

Mismatched and alone, in disarray
Thrown in the darkness, day after day
One striped, one dotted, one with a hole
All alone, without a matching soul.

But hope never fades, it's always there
In every breath, in every prayer
And renewal comes, like a fresh new start
A chance to mend a broken heart.

The striped one saw, the dotted one too
And in that moment, their spirits grew
For though they were different, they both longed
To be together, to belong.

So they hopped and rolled, across the floor
Till they found each other, once more
And as they hugged, and twirled around
A newfound joy in each other, they found.

Hope and renewal, in the unlikeliest way
As two souls, found love that day
And though it may seem strange, it's true
This tale of hope is about two socks, not me or you.

by Sera
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

Home, where I, belong
Where, sandbirds, they fly
Glittering sands, oh, so calm

Shining moon, up in the sky
Home, home in the sands
Where the rivers flow and time, goes by

Endless rivers, oh, so calm
Where will I roam? Near, or far?

Home, where dreams are gone
Where, sandbirds, they cry
Dusty dunes, under red moon
Streams, of gold, jewels of the sky

Home, sandbirds are gone
Where have they gone? Free to fly?
Endless river, where will I go?
Near or far? When will I know?

Hush now, child, don't say a word
Soon, you'll see, pretty sandbirds
Hush now child, don't you dare cry.
See the sandbirds, up in the sky.

Do You Watch the Sky?
by Tiawyn Aleaneldeth
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

What a day today, full of excitements.
On my way home they echo like an anthem.
There's sad and painful moments.
But the joyful moments outnumber them.

Family and friends, don't want to worry them all the while.
I have to force myself to tell a few lies with a smile.

Stop taking things upon yourself, bittersweet.
Feeling the direction of the wind of season.
And watching out for flowers at your feet.
For flowers, not worries, all has a reason.

If you can be a little grateful, we can be merry.
Are you watching the sky as the sun sets?
Time now is something we receive, don't be wary.
I'll teach you how to make progress.

Whatever you may have lost, no fear.
One day for sure it'll com back into your hands.
It gets a little dark around here.
The night is painted with stars above these lands.

Hey, until tomorrow comes as it should, are you watching the sky as the sun sets?
You watch a dream in your way, you could. As time passes, doesn't it all seem beautiful?

Yes! The day as it is comes to an end, and a night comes that resets everything.
Go and see the new day, don't pretend. Why don't praise yourself for anything?

Hey, let's smile and look up like we do. Be alive in your own way, that's just you.

by Niyressa Dawncrow
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

The moon is high, the night is dark.
The hero's journey's just a start.
The bittersweet taste of victory.
Is all that's left for you and me.

Heroism, heroism,
The path we take is full of schism.
Bittersweet, bittersweet,
The price we pay is oh so steep.

The road ahead is long and winding.
The dangers many, the foes unkind.
But we'll press on, we'll fight the fight.
And we'll emerge into the light.

Heroism, heroism,
The path we take is full of schism.
Bittersweet, bittersweet,
The price we pay is oh so steep.

The stars above, they shine so bright.
A beacon in the darkest night.
We'll follow them, we'll find our way.
And we'll emerge into the day.

Heroism, heroism,
The path we take is full of schism.
Bittersweet, bittersweet,
The price we pay is oh so steep.

The journey's end is drawing near.
The final battle, the end is here.
We'll give our all, we'll fight with pride.
And we'll emerge on the other side.

Heroism, heroism,
The path we take is full of schism.
Bittersweet, bittersweet,
The price we pay is oh so steep.

The Bard's Song
by Rose Wintertal
Performed by Sera at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

Now you all know the bards and their songs.
When hours have gone by, I'll close my eyes.
In a world far away, we may meet again
But now hear my song about the dawn of the night
Let's sing the bard's song.

Tomorrow will take us away far from home
No one will ever know our name
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away

The fear of today
It will be gone...
Due to our magic songs.

There's only one song, left in my mind
Tales of a brave man who lived far from here
Now the bard songs are over and it's time to leave...
No one should ask you for the name of the one...
Who tells the story...

Tomorrow will take us away far from home
No one will ever know our name
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow all will be known and you're not alone...
So don't be afraid in the dark and cold
Cause the bards' songs will remain!

They all will remain...
In my thoughts and in my dreams
They're always in my mind...
These songs of halflings, dwarves and men...
And elves come close your eyes...
You can see them too.

Unknown Title
by Vrok
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

Dullened senses, numb to all.
As I hide in my corner, curled in a ball.
This dubious solace, earned I say
A wretched thing, this pit in my soul...

How has it come to this?
I scream in my head.
It was under my control.
Now, the capricious creditor
Claims his toll.

Quicksand stretches all around,
Stuck in between.
Too scared to die, too tired to live.
What is this hell,
I have made through sin.

Hope! It comes striking true.
Glistening brightly like the morning dew.
Those who have come before,
Guide me down the path to more.

Steady at times, at others I fall.
Still learning, what to make of it all.
The fire within, slowly building to a roar.
I finally found, what I was searching for.

Unknown Title
by Adrian Baker
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

At first there is but a sound.
Just a tiny tapping in the distance.
Like drums carried on the wind.
It does not grow louder.
Only the rhythm of it increases.

Then a sensation of chill.
Like a damp tunic against bare skin.
Or the morning dew through opened tent.
It never grows to true cold.
Only growing in dampness.

Something slumbering awakens.
Stirred to rise by sound and chill.
An armless lazy stretch.
A mouthless yawn without voice.
An eyeless gaze in darkness.

Smothering blankets thrown aside.
The sleeper now awoken.
Listening to the sound of drums.
Tasting the damp chill all around.
Time to rise, and be free.

Up! Up, out of bed!
Fully awake. Alive again!
Push through the darkness!
Drums getting louder, pounded by giants!
Dampness like an ocean, enough to drown!

Up! Up! Rise, be free again!
Light ahead, freedom beckons near!
Hurry now, lest darkness consume again.
Legs firmly planted underneath.
Push! Push! Fight against the tide!

Blankets pulling down again.
Limbs getting weaker!
Not strong enough to make it!
Too weak after long slumber!
Darkness closing in again.

Skin caressed by air! So close!
One more push, despite body breaking.
Face touched by the sun's warmth.
Yes! Yes! Life is just beyond!
The threshold reached, breaking free!

A meadow in full bloom.
A windflower breaking from the soil.
Greeting spring once again.
For us, a dramatic story.
For it, yet another cycle passed.

Jenny Was Never
By Rose Wintertal
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

Jenny was never an agreeable girl,
Her tongue tells tales of rebellion!
But she was so fast and quick with her bow,
No one quite knew where she came from!

Jenny was never quite the quietest girl,
Her attacks are loud and they're joyful!
But she knew the ways of nobler men,
And she knew how to enrage them!

She would always like to say,
Why change the past, when you can own this day?
Today she will fight to keep her way.
She's a rogue and a thief, and she'll tempt your fate.

She would always like to say,
Why change the past, when you can own this day?
Today she will fight to keep her way.
She's a rogue and a thief, and she'll tempt your fate.

Jenny was never quite the wealthiest girl,
Some say she lives in a tavern.
But she was so sharp and quick with her bow,
Arrows strike like a dragon!

Jenny was never quite the gentlest girl,
Her eyes were sharp like a razor.
But she knew the ways of commoner men,
And she knew just how to use them!

She would always like to say,
Why change the past, when you can own this day?
Today she will fight to keep her way;
She's a rogue and a thief, and she'll tempt your fate!

The Song of the Puffin

by Lylan'Synor Syr'Asiryn
Performed at Warrior's Rest on the 14th of Ches 1359 DR

Gather 'round friends let me tell you a tale,
Of a bird that has my devotion...
They spend their days a-ridin the waves,
Of the North to Western Ocean...
These birds are distinguished gentlemen,
Like mini toucans in tuxedos...
Call them clowns of the sea,
or a sea parrot.
They're my little fine feathered heroes!

Oh to be free like a bird of the sea,
A being that soars above spray.
Likе a bird on the breeze I'll live lifе with ease.
In the lovin' puffin way!

Their rainbow beaks, each black button eye,
Reflecting the blue of the sea & the sky
But if you look up and just see a penguin-
That's a puffin! because penguins can't fly!

Oh to be free like a bird of the sea,
A being that soars above spray
Not your average seagull, I'd be far more regal
It's the lovin' puffin way!

Young puffins are called pufflings!
Oh how sweet is that name?
What if small humans were called humlings-
It doesn't quite ring the same!

Oh to be free like a bird of the sea
A being that soars above spray
Diving meters for fish, it's their favorite dish
It's the lovin' puffin way

To puffin means to be smoking
In the frozen most northern states
They always pack a pretty good punch
If not at sea- on our plate-
People eat puffins!?

Oh to be free like a bird of the sea
A being that soars above spray
I'm not talking the cereal, but the aves imperial
The lovin' puffin way

And yes they're a splendid species,
That always keep stealing the scene
Their beaks delightful, their eyes insightful
But they groan louder than a zombified Hin!

Oh to be free like a bird of the sea
A being that soars above spray
Don't play poker with puffins 'cause the'll be a bluffin'
Oh make me a puffin as cute as a muffin
Like a bird on the breeze I'll live life with ease
In the lovin'...

Spring Love
by Tiawyn Aleaneldeth
Performed in Baldur's Gate on the 15th of Ches 1359 DR

Fires! in my heart every mile,
Begin burning with spring here to be,
With warm sunshine, I see in your smile,
As a chill in the air carries your kisses to me.

Winter's cold, darkness and loneliness,
Chased away by your lips, and your soft smile,
in your eyes reflects sunshine and happiness.
Shine, like the new growth, not just for a while.

Always, bright as the morning spring sky that awakes.
The warm sunshine reflects love from your eyes,
Fiery passion rises from your soul, as dawn breaks,
A new day reveals promises of time, ahead it lies.

Dreaming here next to you, nearby warming fires,
I gladly paint these words, and they're only for you,
With a brush dipped in promises, wishes, and desires.
On a canvas, sewn together with dreams, that come true.

You are my love, all yours is my heart,
even when all would be said and done it won't fade.
Believe in the enduring strength of love, near or apart,
it's all in you and me, if we trust it's never too late.

I want to do, what spring does with the cherry tree,
but by the wind, away from you, I would -not- be swept.
Through everything with you I would be.

Do you accept?

All of Em Bloody Thing I Luv
by Einar Madbeard
Performed in Baldur's Gate on the 15th of Ches 1359 DR

I luv me some dark ale and I luv me sharp axe!
Em sounds of orcs’ heads cracking do help me relax!
And I luv me lad Raujax te polish me axe’s cracks!
In tis gentle embrace he… me always traps!

And I luv me ol’ shield, tis me most trusted friend!
While em tieflings backstab ye, he’ll be there till the end!
And I luv me spikes ‘ere, how they rip through em guts!
When em greenskins lose orchoods, it drives buggers nuts!

And I luv me sweet Brunhild, she’s the bestest lass!
Em fat buttocks of hers none of ye could ever surpass!
And I luv me some poetries te finish me bloody day!
All of me fine adventures fer ye, honest folk, they do portray!</i>

Now tis was me little poem fer ye fancy lot!
And it gladdens me te see how much joy tis has brought!
Now let's crack em bloody barrels and gulp down some ale!
Can't say fer ye all, but I luv mine dark, bitter and pale!

Farewell to Baldur's Gate
by River Steel
Performed in Baldur's Gate on the 15th of Ches 1359 DR

With heavy heart and tear-stained eyes,
I bid farewell to Baldur's Gate,
Where friendships bloomed beneath fair skies,
And memories of love and hate.

The streets I've wandered, day and night,
In search of tales and ballads grand,
Now echo with my bittersweet plight,
As I prepare to leave this land.

The taverns, where I sang my songs,
And strummed my lute with joyful glee,
The taverns, where I sang my songs,
And strummed my lute with joyful glee,

Oh, dear companions, by my side,
Whose laughter echoed in my ears,
The thought of parting makes me bide,
And fills my heart with sorrow's tears.

My family's hearth, so warm and bright,
Where stories shared and love abound,
Shall soon be but a distant sight,
As I depart to unknown ground.

The city walls, so grand and tall,
Have been my shelter and my home,
But now I heed adventure's call,
To distant Waterdeep I roam.

Yet, in my heart, a pang remains,
For friends and family left behind,
Their absence felt like endless pains,
Their memories etched within my mind.

Oh, Baldur's Gate, I shall miss thee,
Your streets and people, near and far,
But onward I must sail the sea,
To chase my dreams beneath new star.

So, with a heavy heart, I go,
With gratitude for all I've known,
And with a song upon my lips,
I bid adieu, and take my own.

Farewell, dear friends, and fond adieu,
Though far apart, you'll be with me,
For memories shared shall remain true,
As I embark on destiny's decree.

Unknown Title
by Rose Rivineth
Performed in Baldur's Gate on the 15th of Ches 1359 DR

Watch the darkness and the light
Disappear into the night
Dance in shadows although unseen
Grace the light again I gleam
Flower born and shadow grown
We travel now through unknown

Why no lassie will polish me axe!
by Einar Madbeard
Performed in Baldur's Gate on the 15th of Ches 1359 DR

Love me a lassie to keep me well-fed!
Love me a lassie to warm me my bed!
Love me a lassie to help me relax!
But no lassie will ever polish me axe!

Oh no, no lassie will polish me axe!
It's only for Raujax, that cheeky brat!
When we get naked, he comes at me hard!
And I scream at him, "Fist me, fist me, me lad!"

And he fists me, he fists me, oh fists me so hard!
Then me lad Raujax gets to me axe!
And he polishes, polishes all of its cracks!
He whacks it, he smacks it, he swings it, me lad!

It gladdens me, gladdens me, I've got nothing to add!
And we lie there naked with stars above!
After a wee bit of brotherly love!
Oh how much I miss ye, Raujax, me dove!
Oh how much I miss ye, Raujax, me dove!

Love me a lassie to keep me well-fed!
Love me a lassie to warm me my bed!
Love me a lassie to help me relax!
But no lassie will ever polish me axe!
Oh no, no lassie will polish me axe!

by Tiawyn Aleaneldeth
Performed in Baldur's Gate on the 15th of Ches 1359 DR

You'll be writing your own story from now on.
The road continues on for much longer, the road of life
I'll give you colors of a rainbow, the paint one.
There may be throbbing, no more strife.

Your dazzling smile will send away each sad sound.
Along with this, do your favorite things.
Happiness and love shall be found.
They will give your heart wings.

If we held our hands, can it make you feel warm?
I wonder if it makes you comfortable.
You are the one, I won't do you harm.
Our road still continues on, we're capable.

The wind carries seeds of hope, it's reborn.
Light is the buds of your dreams.
They will bloom again in the morn'.
All is beginning anew it seems.

You can count the things that you lose and mend.
Then close your eyes and focus, you'll be fine.
All things can be counted, but the person holding your hand.
You see, they'll will make you shine.

If you laugh, someone will be happy too.
Just hang on and become stronger.
There's no reason to be blue.
The time of joy will last longer.

You'll be writing your own story from now on.
The road continues on for much longer, the road of life.
I'll give you colors of a rainbow, the paint one.
There may be throbbing, that is life.[/i]

[The following pages are left blank, likely to add any future poem and a separate note is attached to the volume]

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to read this volume.
If you notice any mistake or know the title of any of these songs, feel free to leave a note ((PM Me)) and I will work to amend it.

In Faith,

Guide Edelgarde

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