The Farmlands Refugee Camp

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The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by DM Golem » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:56 pm

The Farmlands Refugee Camp
The village of Tymount, located north of the Winding Water in the Fields of the Dead, came under attack by trolls being driven on by fiends. And yet, over the course of two days, teams of mages organised by the Order of the Radiant Heart ferry the people of Tymount and the surrounding farmlands south, by magic, to Baldur's Gate, while adventurers rally to their call, defeating a host of trolls.
Knowing the danger still persists, the refugees, numbering some four hundred, seek shelter in the south. A camp of refugees springs up in the farmlands east of the Radiant Heart compound, with some even settling within the compound itself. For now the Order of the Radiant Heart offers protection, but the number is significant and their resources are overstretched.
A sudden influx of people with little more than what they could carry on their backs or in their pocks. Farmers by trade, mostly, although some with other skills. Its not yet clear how they will make their way, but a number of groups have stepped forward to aid, including local nobles, merchants and knights.

(((Participating guilds may post here with any support given. Posts will be reviewed for approval by myself and primarily DM Unicorn and DM Invictus and edits will be required for RP that overreaches in effect! If you are seeking to deliver resources and so on it is best to contact the three of us first)))

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by sweetlikesplenda » Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:32 pm

A missive is penned to be delivered to House Darius

Lord Darius

I write to inform you that a large group of refugees are currently being housed in and around the farmlands. As we spoke earlier, in the case people would need to flee the Fields of Dead, I now call on your offer of food supplies to feed these unfortunate people. Any assistance your company can provide would be most valuable.

Aaron Lyonaler
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by flipside43 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:42 am

A letter is penned and left at the Radiant Heart Chapterhouse.

Sir Lyonaler,

We'll have initial relief supplies gathered and sent over as soon as possible. Our clansmen were already planning and organizing when I received your missive. We should reconnect in a few days once folks are settled to see what else they may need or what else can be done. If I am tied up in the courts, our Marshal Nathan Winterborne, Steward Fingal Darius, or new Chamberlain Othonis Neren can provide you with whatever support is needed. I believe a few had joined you in the Fields.

Lord Darius
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Winterborne » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:36 pm

Nathan arrives at the camp and makes an assessment. He speaks with those who are in charge of organizing and discusses a few things with them, then heads back towards the city with a large set of notes.

A few days later, he returns with a group of wagons. He speaks with the folks seemingly in charge of the camp and helping to manage it - Likely members of the Radiant Heart and Ilmateri Temple.

"In light of the Refugee situation unfolding in Baldur's Gate, House Darius has decided to contribute a continuous supply of goods as well as offers of employment for displaced families. These wagons contain Lumber, Leather, a variety of foods and wines. Stoves for heating. There should be enough there to build shelter for any refugees here, though they'll take time to build. We'd like to offer work as well to any who wish it. Short or long term, it does not matter, but our pay is fair and will allow people who have the will a chance to provide for themselves and their families as well as cutting down on mouths to feed in the camps. Continued support of the camp and its denizens by our House will be offered for at minimum three months, regardless of whether anyone seeks employment or not."

The blond man held out a stack of flyers to be distributed to those who wished them. They read:

House Darius Seeking Employees

A Balduran Trade house in the city, House Darius is offering employment to able bodied men and women, including loaders and unloaders, dockworkers, fish processors, and shipment packers.

Perks of the job include warm food and drinks at the Minstrel's Muse and honest pay. This position can be temporary (for as long as you are displaced to the city) or permanent. Provide food and shelter for yourself and your family in these uncertain times with an established employer!

Additional work is being offered for prospective able bodied folk as guards for the Darius Estate. Training and equipment will be provided, and perks of the job will be as above but will also include lodging.

This is planned to be a long term position and will continue after the refugee crisis ends.

Rumor would be that a few refugees decided to seek employment with the company already, and that they and their families have been generously taken care of.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by whatsittoya » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:54 pm

A hooded woman identifying herself as Gemma Ashford, a chaplain of Lathander and the Order of the Silver Rose, now-knighted and carrying herself with a bit of uncharacteristic confidence, approaches the refugee camp and observes it thoughtfully for a time. She's accompanied by a tall and handsome knight identifying himself as the priestess' husband, Layne Ashford. Together they speak with a few of those gathered before departing in a hurry.

They return some hours later with a borrowed packhorse and an assortment of kit in the form of medical supplies (bandages, salves, and potions), food (dried fruit and meat, honey-seed cake rations, and soup stock), and an OSR triage shelter with a small number of sickbeds in order for the priestess to administer her personal healing touch as much as she's able.


((Please remove 10k gold of personal expenditure from Gemma Ashford's inventory when convenient))

(((OOC: Reviewed and approved by Golem, ask a DM to remove it IG!

IC Response: The refugees largely avoided injury during their evacuation, but of course, with 400 people in tight spaces, accidents happen and so Gemma is hard at work with the aches and pains and scrapes of daily life. Particularly those of the children!

Her actions are well received, although some of the more curious children do ask why she wears a hood.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Featherfox » Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:11 pm

Victoria keeps her promise to stay with the villagers until every last one is evacuated successfully. Then, even after the villagers are relocated, Victoria splits her time not adventuring between the Ilmater Temple and the refugees.

When helping at the Ilmater temple, Victoria talks with the priests on advice in giving comfort and aid to displaced people, as this type of suffering is new to her.

With the advice she does receive, she puts it into practice offering to help the refugees in any way she can; from carrying heavy objects (16 passive Str), to helping with basic chores.

While helping the villagers, Victoria will seek out the young boy who tried to borrow a sword to fight. She wants to show the child how helping the people behind the scenes is harder, and more noble, than simply killing things. After learning what the child wants to do most, she'll either conscript him into helping around the tents, or help him locate a Tymount militiaman so the boy can learn to fight properly.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem

IC Response: Victoria manages to find a Tymount militiaman to take the boy under his wing, an older man who seems to welcome the opportunity. The boy seems rather exicted by this!)))

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Fury_US » Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:32 am

The day following Tymount's evacuation, the Northern Watch's Commander, Wren Di'Corvi, brokers a deal with Jackard Marks of the Rocky Creek Trading Company for the delivery of foodstuffs consisting primarily of dried meats and wild game. Per agreement, Mr. Marks will make immediate delivery to the Radiant Heart Chapterhouse, and Commander Di'Corvi will personally handle incurred costs, settling up with the Merchant at a later time.

Commander Di'Corvi would then seek volunteers among the Northern Watch for those willing to offer manual labor in seeing to the camp's sanitation needs, as well as security.

(((OOC: DM Golem approved! Delivery not yet made.)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by DM Spartacus » Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:45 am

Inspired by individual effort from among their number the Temple of Ilmater is not slow to have volunteers join the efforts in bringing comfort and treats to the displaced villagers.

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Steve » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:23 am

The Knight-errant Henryk Urde, representing the Temple of the Just God within Baldur’s Gate, was witnessed assisting the Knight-strategist Lyonaler in preparing the hilltop defenses for Tymount...but having taken severe wounds during a wave of enemies bearing down upon the civilized local, he gathered what remaining strength to organize the villagers in a fashion quickest for teleportation to the farmlands of Baldur’s Gate. His calm and fearless demeanor hopefully kept the villagers at calm during the worse of the attack, until they were truly safe.

Now, as the refugees make camp, Henryk Urde can be seen offering any man, woman or child from Tymount lessons in swordsmanship and martial skill, so that each individual soul, should they wish just vengeance upon the perpetrators of their refuge, and call upon the Even-Handed to bless them in taking justice, will be as adequately prepared to fight for what is right.

If any of the Tymount citizens that show prowess with the sword or the war hammer, Knight-errant Urde would personally offer to provide minor enchanted weapons, as would be commonly available to purchase from Baldur’s Gate merchants.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem.

IC response: Henryk would find that a dozen of the militiamen come forward for further training, along with one or two of the younger refugees. Also, a cluster of children seem keen to learn directly from a "knight". It is quickly clear that Henryk would have his hands full seeking to train them all and could do with aid. However he is able to offer basic lessons alone and over time, may identify those with more skill. Of course, this would be a quicker process if he recruits aid.)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by DM Golem » Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:38 am

(((Messages up to here reviewed, with clarifications requested and IC responses edited into the posts.

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by chad878262 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:11 am

Seeing the needs of the many refugee's, Finneaus organizes the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange to set up collection posts within Baldur's Gate, indicating the SCCE will match all donations given for the support of the refugee's. Funds are to be utilized to purchase additional food and medicine to combat disease that tends to crop up when so many are so condensed without the amenities found within the city walls. He would also utilize the funds to hire on skilled trainers to assist in providing the refugee's with skills for those wishing to change their future paths. He would be seen making his way through the throngs of refugee's, ignoring any odd, fearful or hateful looks at his Tiefling heritage (cat-like yellow eyes and shadow stuff that sometimes 'leaks' from him like mist off water in the early morning). During his walks he would stop to talk to many refugee's, especially children. Those who aren't overly fearful of him would be given a few coins from his own pouches as well as words of encouragement. He would attempt to cheer them, offering a silver lining that perhaps now they might consider a future path that they dreamed about, but were never given the chance to pursue. The city has great need of metal workers, alchemists and farmers in order to support the coming war efforts against the vile devil threat and these men and women (and in the future children) have the opportunity to lend a hand in that support.

IC Response: Given the devilish fate these people had just escaped from, and the fiendish aspect of the tiefling, Finneas is welcomed by a fearful reaction. Very few will approach him, although the glint of coin does join some of the poorest.

(((OOC: DM Golem approved! )))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by thids » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:06 am

A one eyed man, clad in lusterless scales and chain, approaches the camp. He brings no food, tools, wine nor clothes, instead keeping his distance, observing the refugees. He approaches those seeming able-bodied, engaging in idle chatter, inquiring about their fate, current circumstances and their skill with the blade. To those that indulge him, he leaves a few coins and a promise of a repeated visit.

IC Response: The militia are obviously the most able bodied, and of course Henryk's attempts at training would be apparent.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by VDub » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:49 am

A Luckbringer of Tymora can be seen walking among the refugees. He offers healing to those that need it. I shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear if they should wish to talk about their experience. He offers a bit of gold to families that need it, telling them that things will return to normal eventually, and that they need to hold their faith closely in trying times such as these. He holds small prayer sessions for any and all that wish it.

The Luckbringer is determined to keep their spirits up while their lives are being shaken. He does so with a warm smile and a comforting voice.

IC response: The Luckbringer's efforts, as both a sympathetic ear privately, and as a priest publicly, go over well. There are always those who will turn their backs on positive thinking, of course, but generally the spirits of those he interacts with are lifted. It is a vital role in reducing frustrations among these people.

(((OOC: DM Golem approved! 40,000 GP to be taken by DMs.)))

(((DM Soulcatcher took the 40k. Thank you!)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by ValerieJean » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:20 am

The doors of the Chapterhouse would open as none other than the Grand Master himself stepped out, though by now it was likely not a bizarre or rare case, the tall man would seek out the Refugees, man, woman, and child alike, and speak with them he would inquire about any further needs they may require, if they needed work he would help point them in the direction of those of the Darius Co and eccetera. Gaven in passing to those assisting would give them his thanks and a warm smile.

With the supplies coming in from the Darius Co, Golden Wheel, and Rocky Creek Gaven would administer them where to store the food, place lumber against the walls and the like trying to keep the living space of the Refugees unaffected by the supplies coming in. The man would thank those transporting it and to send his thanks back if he did not do so himself first, he would also put in orders of Furs, as the oncoming Winter worried him for the refuges under his care.

After all that he would look over the area and find the best place to begin digging, outside the walls, for more outhouses as with the surge of folk in the area they will need it, disease cannot be risked. Gaven would be found picking up a shovel and gathering some of his Vigilants to assist him in the endeavors of creating more outhouses for them.

IC Response: The Vigilants' hard work with their commander sees to appropriate sanitation for the camp. Sister Rachel of the Temple of Ilmater is on hand, and offers directions as to sites to dig, lending Ilmatari experience in the matter of such camps.

(((OOC: DM Golem approved! No delivery yet)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by izzul » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:09 pm

After the defense at Tymount, the earthy man takes his breath slowly and contemplate on the temporary victory that they had. He knows that he is a slow learner, he knows that he needs to stay humble and down to earth as the Earthlord commands, he knows that he needs to stood his ground even when it takes few days of battle and hiking are killing his feet. Steadfast!

Krueger listens to the command from the Grand Knight and assist people that wants to help to show them towards Darius Company Warehouse. Refugees that need food and shelter might find fish, clamps, crabs, bedrolls, cooking utensils and all other resourceful manner around the docks.

As a trader himself, he tries to sell whatever left of his extra trade and uses the coin for their needs. He also found another Red Knight looking to help during this trouble times.

IC Response: Some of those refugees with spare coin, the wealthier ones, would be able to follow Krueger to the Docks and of course the Wide, and purchase some neccessaries.

More would do so, but most are concerned that the big city is dangerous. They do not seem to the willing to make such a trip unless their safety was assured. Perhaps more manpower escorting them would persuade them.

(((OOC: DM Golem approved)))
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