Ameris Santraeger

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Ameris Santraeger

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Brother Ameris Santraeger, Priest of Ilmater
"I have found that Mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice."
Portrait commissioned by His Excellency Ardepan Santraeger, Count of Suldaskar, Warden of the Eaves of his eldest son and anointed heir, the young lord Ameris Santraeger, to commemorate the youth's first victory over the forest savages. At the time of the sitting, Ameris was nineteen years of age.

Full Name: Ameris Santraeger. His maternal house is Deshar.
Date of Birth: 12 Tarkash 1324, the Year of the Grimoire.
Place of Birth: Castle Santraeger (known also as Castle Suldaskar), County Suldaskar, Duchy of Ithmong, Tethyr
Race: Human (Tethyrian, with some distant ancestors from Calimsham)
Age: 28
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Cut short all over, a mousey brown. No facial hair
Skin: A light tan
Eyes: His right eye is his natural pale green. His left is cloudy and milky white, and clearly blinded.
Handedness: Right
Posture: Generally carries himself with formality and a stiff posture. When treating patients, and with those he is close to, this lessens.
General Health: In good health. He used to keep himself fit and strong, a habit he took up to discharge duties within the Radiant Heart. He maintains it as well as he can now he is travelling.
Hygiene: Immaculate in terms of cleanliness, as befits a healer.
Scent: Soap, when doing Ilmater's work. Otherwise, especially on formal occasions, a faint cinnamon scent.

Physical Description: A soft featured man of average height with a toned, although not heavy, build. He has green eyes and his mousy brown hair is cut neat and very short all over his head. He is Tethyrian in appearance, but his tanned skin reveals some ancestry from south of the River Agis. He maintains a cleanly aspect outside of battle. When angered or bitter, his features seem sharper and crueller than they do normally.

He most commonly wears the grey robes and priestly skull cap of the Adorned, and always wears these when attending to duties as a priest. He has two sets of robes, a simple grey suit reminscent of that worn by the church in Tethyr, and a more flowing set of robes which is akin to that worn in Calimsham, despite his Tethyrian extraction. It is rare Ameris does not wear his holy symbol around his neck. It is formed in the shape of a bloody rack, the symbol of Ilmater. A small icon embosses it, showing Saint Ramedar offering a blessing to Pasha of Calimsham. Hidden behind the symbol itself are two knots of twine, one white, one black. Ameris also wears the red wrist-cords typical of the Ilmatari, a newer one around his right wrist and an older, faded one around his left. The priest almost always has, tied to his belt, a tightly woven braid of black hair.

Ameris' casual clothing is well tailored, if simple in cut and limited in extent. Unusually for an Ilmatari, he is fastidious with regards not just to cleanliness but the neatness and cut of his clothing, one might even say style, although it remains simple attire.

When not in his vestments, and particularly on social occasions, Ameris foregoes the graphic brutality of his holy symbol for a pin formed in the shape of the rock violet symbol of Saint Ramedar. Nowadays, when he can he sometimes replaces the pin with an actual rock violet, should the seasons allow. Sometimes, however, he wears another pin. It bears the harp, crescent moon and stars symbol recognisable as that of the Harpers.

When adventuring openly, Ameris wears a heavy suit of plate with a fully enclosed helm embossed with a lion. He carries a large towershield which bears an engraving of a triadic knight - in particular, a stylised Knight Kuldar of Barakmordin, a knightly order based west of Saradush in Tethyr. At his side is a heavy longsword in an archaic, unfamiliar style. The blade is formed of alchemical silver, and glows with energy when put to use. Ameris rarely draws the blade except when blood is to be spilled, and is reluctant to spar with it. He has secondary weapons the form of a heavy Greatsword and a similarly heavy mace, both of which he wields with rather less skill than his longsword.

Due to the dangerous nature of his affiliations, he often travels the wilds in disguise, which he changes semi regularly.
Hidden: show
((Some artwork of Ameris by Considerate_ - both eyes intact!))

Breakdown of Visible Items

Holy Symbol of Ilmater: This hangs round Ameris' neck on a reinforced darksteel chain, to prevent it being severed in battle. The main symbol itself is rectangular and formed of wood, with the blood represented by bindings of red twine. The icon of Saint Ramedar, not much larger than a coin, sits in the centre of the rack. It is simple, and formed of a dull bronze, showing a man in voluminous robes and turban kneeling before a tonsured monk.

Two knots of twine are tied behind the symbol. Close inspection would reveal them both to be formed of hair, one a dark black, one a pure white. Generally such inspection would only be possible by tearing the symbol out of the priest's dead fingers.

The symbol is small enough for the priest to clutch comfortably it in one hand, which he often does when channelling the power of his god. During particularly powerful invocations, it has been known to glow with a grey-white light; or, rarely, a red light, which can be off-putting to observers.

Red Cord: Ameris wears a single red cord on is right wrist, emblem of the Ilmatari. The one he used to wear around his right wrist was newer but has been gifted to an orphan from Kheldrivver, Amanda; the one around he now wears is faded and dull with age. He can be seen touching it in moments of faith, and kisses it during prayers.

Harper's Pin: A silver pin, bearing a harp surrounded by a crescent moon and stars. This does not bear the powerful magic often associated with such artefacts, although Ameris is seen to be shielded in battle even when he fights with a blade alone.

Green Jade Ring: This ring is found on the ring finger of Ameris' left hand, except in battle. It is cut from a piece of jade, cold and smooth to the touch. To the causal observer, it looks unremarkable.

Iron Band: Ameris wears a rimmed iron band on the middle finger of his left hand, a variant of a style common in Rashemen. There is faint script visible upon close inspection around the outside of the ring. It is in the rashemi script, and Ameris is yet to translate it.

Black Braid: A braid of silken black hair hangs from Ameris' belt. It is bound tightly, and is quite long, representing a significant period of growth for the person it came from. Ameris is rarely seen without it.

Lion Warplate: A suit of heavy plate bequeathed to Ameris from the stores of the Order of the Radiant Heart, the warhelm of which is embossed with the snarling face of a maned lion on the brow. The armour is unwieldy in nature, but has been enhanced over time with superior boots, gauntlets, and helm, as well as an inset magical ring. Now it bestows the wearer with increased vitality and strength, thus Ameris' movements do not seem impaired despite the suit's heavy weight.

Aegis of Barakmordin: A heavy tower shield clad in steel. It bears a heavy enchantment and the silver inlay on the front depicts a stylised Knight Kuldar of Barakmordin - a triadic knight. Around the edge lettering spells Justice, Mercy, Duty.

Resurgence: A heavy longsword carried at Ameris' left hip. forged in an archaic, dated style. It has a heavy, slab like cross-guard simply decorated with an inlaid, vine-like pattern. The grip is large, suitable for two handed use, the weapon itself not being far off a broadsword in size and shape. It is clearly far more suitable for slashing than stabbing. The weapon's blade is forged of a silvery alloy, and the same vine-like pattern can be seen replicated in blueish tints in the glittering metal. When Ameris draws the blade it glows brightly, and energy races across the surface of the strange metal. It seems to react to its wielder.

The blade is stored in a leather scabbard engraved in gold with a pair of rampant lions, although this is covered when the priest moves under disguise.

Not knowing its true name, Ameris christened the blade Resurgence. It was lost for many months.

Unyielding: A sword of Cormyrean make, gifted to Ameris by Cecilia Lafayette. It was engraved with the word Endure, and bears a blood red cord around the handle. He treasured it for some months but gifted it to an impoverished paladin of Ilmater, Reine Arlynson, after Resurgence returned to him. Reine named the blade Unyielding, and wielded it during the wars against the undead in 1351. After Reine's heroism led the Dukes to reward her with a finely crafted blade, she returned Unyielding to Ameris, so it might find a new home in due course.

Previous Items

Triumph: An elven longsword forged of mithral, with a pommel in the form of a Santraeger lion sigil. This was the ancestral longswords of the heirs to the Counts Santraeger, won in battle with elves in the Forest of Tethir. It was gifted to a close confidant as a sign of trust; yet this confidant returned it instead to Telia Santraeger, to be held as a family heirloom.

Pin of Saint Ramedar: This pin is formed in the shape of a rock violet and formed out of a pale silver. A simple piece of jewellry, it can also serve as a holy symbol due to Ameris' reverence for this most peaceful of Saints. It has been gifted to the sorceress Nex once more, after a period during which she had returned it. Ameris has sought himself a replacement of more mundane make.
"...give shelter and kind counsel to the lonely, the lost, and the ruined."
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Re: Ameris Santraeger

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"Stand up to all tyrants, resisting in ways both great and small."
Accent: Ameris speaks in the sing-song Tethyrian dialect of common. His inflection and sentence structure reveals him to be of of high birth.

Philosophy: "Cowards are cruel, but the brave love mercy and delight to save." It can be a challenge for him to live up to this however.

Deity: Ilmater, the Lord on the Rack. He venerates the other triadic gods and is equally respectful of Lathander and the faith of his birth, Helm. He also offers up prayers to Mystra now, and perhaps surprisingly Tymora.

Initial Alignment: Lawful Good, now Neutral Good with a definite Lawful slant. Historically Lawful Neutral.

Profession: Adorned Priest of Ilmater, fairly appalling Harper, family man.
(formerly Knight of the Radiant Heart, formerly anointed heir to Count Santraeger)
Spouse: Telia Santraeger, born Telia Navra. Married Elesias 1351; Courting from Uktar 1350 DR (although you could cut the tension with a knife before that).
(formerly courting:
"Reena" (1342 DR);
Perenda Sarneh (fiancee 1342 - 1343 DR);
two other brief dalliances, one fondly remembered, one best not mentioned.)

(formerly trying really hard to court, but she wasn't having any of it: "The Bardess" (1349-1350)

Amanda (Adopted Eleint 1352)
Dag (Adopted Eleint 1352)
Timmy (Adopted Eleint 1352)

Base Class & Proposed Development: Cleric, Fighter, Hierophant, Harper Agent

Languages: Common, Alzhedo, Thorass, Celestial, a smattering of Elven

RP Tools: Diplomacy, Divine Healing and Medical Knowledge, Harper Blessings and Lore, Aura of Courage (Immunity: Fear).
Background trait: Foreigner, he is culturally very steeped in his homeland. Knowledge of Tethyrian culture, history, and society (particularly noble society) is high.

Ameris usually displays fine, courtly manners to those he meets, whether prince or pauper. He can, in fact, appear reserved and stiff because of this.

Generally the cadence of his voice is soft and understated, intentionally so. When angry, it becomes clipped and harsher, commanding in tone. Its generally a transformation people do not like. It is a transformation that comes about more often when tired and stressed although its fair to say its infrequent.

Ameris prays frequently and often, both set prayer and free form prayers self-composed. His main prayers are undertaken at dawn, and accompanied by meditation. There are usually another four, shorter prayers, at later points during the day. He prays in both common and alzhedo, often reserving alzhedo for personal or very holy prayers.

Ameris has a tendency to toy with the red cord round his wrist, when he wears it. He will often clasp his holy symbol when praying. In times of moment or upcoming high risk, he will tap or touch the braid at his belt. He scratches his nose or cheek when uncomfortable, and his lips grow thin when annoyed.

Ameris enjoyed gardening at the Seminary of St. Ostus, although he has not practised it recently and it might have been an aspect of his spiritual journey during his conversion.

He has taken to writing, both prayers and sermons as well as a journal which he largely keeps private. He enjoys learning of history and foreign cultures but is chiefly an expert in his own country, Tethyr, as well as Ilmatari faith. His knowledge of the human pantheon is good; knowledge of others is limited, although he has learned a little of the Seldarine (and somewhat less about the history of Cormanthor) since becoming a Harper.

Ameris enjoys philosophical and intellectual debate, and he does not mind being challenged on his beliefs in a light-hearted manner. This is not so much true when in debate with those who are adversaries. A sharp tongue can be seen then if anger shows through.

He is a lover of fine wine, has grown to enjoy pleasant company and also appreciates artistic endeavour, both the written word as well as visual arts. He has, on occasion, turned his hand to poetry and writing: usually this is private, or of a religious nature. Upon request, rather more emotional subjects are now considered. This all is perhaps surprising for an Ilmatari.

Ameris enjoys sparring and martial contest, a relic of his chivalric days. These mock duels and generate a competitive streak in him, and this sometimes shows past his general bonhomie. It would be noticeable that he does not use Resurgence in sparring, thus having to frequently borrow longswords or use weapons with which he is not expert. Those who have followed his development of the coast may notice that, from the peak of his prowess during his time in the Radiant Heart and the months after, his swordsmanship began to loose its sharpness. Since his injury and loss of sight in his eye his swordskills are rather poorer than before.

Ameris finds it very difficult to lie; he has grown more skilled at just omitting certain facts or remaining silent, but either out of conviction or lack of talent, he does not speak false.

Ameris appears to have an admiration for the talents of bards and others with artistic ability.

It must be said that a large part of his leisure time these days is consumed with the three children him and Telia have adopted: Amanda, Dag, and Timmy. Particulary as the small family is travelling so much, he does what he can to provide stability and the joys of childhood to them.

On the face of it, Ameris is kindly in disposition and endeavours to offer Ilmater’s blessing to all who need it. By default he is courteous and courtly in his demeanour, although the latter is beginning to be eroded by life on the road and the dogged resistance of adventurers to manners. He can still be shocked by gauche, boorish behaviour and, at a push, be angered by it. His chivalry towards women generally remains; it can border on the patronising. This seems an unconscious flaw, though, as considered actions deviate from being so and indeed he expresses a desire to change.

Ameris is somewhat reserved and not generally given to extreme displays of emotion. He is generally very patient in the face of provocation, although when anger comes its sharp. His wife has encouraged him to be less of a "doormat" in her words. Whether this will ever take is unclear. The truth is the priest knows how authoritatian he once was, and seeks to guard against returning to that state, as he honestly believes a gentler approach achieves more. When his anger rises, that view tends to change.

In the past he has been emotionally repressed behind his priestly facade, tormented by guilt over his past misdeeds. This made it difficult for Ameris to trust and rely on friends, or express feelings beyond pious platitudes, or the dutiful compassion of an Ilmatari healer. Attempts to breach his reserve met with embarrassment and distance on his part.

The influence of others on the coast has done much to thaw this icy reserve, and the Ameris of today is a much warmer and demonstrative man, with his warmth and compassion now flowing from his heart, rather than learned by wrote. This is particuarly true with the children he and Telia have adopted, as now warmth has become a duty. His dry, teasing, or self-deprecatory wit is increasingly displayed; a more playful aspect becoming evident to those who know him well. This is something new, rather than a ghost of the past. Its true to say he is finding true happiness in his new life with Telia, despite the rocky road the two of them sometimes walk.

Still, expression of real weakness comes difficult to him, a product of his underlying prideful demeanour, which is otherwise kept in check by a diligent attitude of Ilmatari humility. Only to his wife or very close friends (his "family") is he able to divest himself of his emotional armour and share his burdens.

Ameris was a member of the Order of the Radiant Heart and embraced the knightly ideal during this time, which fit so well with the cultural values with which he had been raised. Reckless mistakes have made his drive for direct action give way to a more circumspect approach, and he is often content to offer words of counsel rather than act directly himself. Yet, there is still a large streak of boldness in him, which can be problematic in dangerous situations.

There is also a streak of anger in him. It is quite well suppressed most of the time, but certain triggers might bring it forth. Its better controlled than before, but stress and disrespect still irk him. He is also protective, physically and emotionally, of his wife. Indeed, since their marriage, he does not like to endure criticism of her as he takes insults to her as insults to their shared name - and his judgment. His reaction can perhaps be too sharp, at times.

As a priest, Ameris is given to sermonising and rhetoric, words remaining his first tool in nearly all situations. He is a vocal opponent of those he considers harmful to others, particularly the Zhentarim and slavers. Ameris speaks often about the importance of righteous conduct and freedom. He has grown more respectful of other ways of life and belief than he once was. He was for a time coy about many of the reasons for this change, but it derives from the influence of the Harpers, a group he is now associated with.

It is clear Ameris still identifies with Tethyrian culture, and in particular is influenced by the aristocratic tradition into which he was raised. Ameris' avoidance of falsehood and deceit arise from his cultural and family background. So does his careful relationship with elves, whereby the anti-elf bias he was raised with leads him to dramatically overcompensate in this regard in his daily life. This said, the last year or so has seen the priest go through a process of choosing and defining his own values, taking what Tethyrian ideals he admires to incorporate them with his faith and outlook as a Harper. This is not always a happy synthesis, and Ameris does find himself torn between the different duties and beliefs he holds.

Ameris can at times appear naive due to his commitment to reaching out to all those in need; in particular his attempts to offer a good influence to sinners who might live a better life. He is in fact more perceptive of the motivations of others than this might suggest. Rather, for him, it is almost an article of faith to act as though trust is given, and a statement of intent for the idealism of his faith becomes a reality. Acting in such manner without being reckless is not something he has yet mastered, and he bears the pain of betrayals still - including one in particular where his good sense gave way to an earnest desire to trust. That pain is now being eased by the very betrayer.

He tends to disapprove when people speak of any sentient being as being inherently evil, although he does not argue that evil should go unopposed or unmarked. In fact, he is now vocal about the opposite and is forthright about arguing against evil and tyrannical ideals. He always has an eye to redemption though; and is vocal about that, too. For him, a sinner abandoning wicked ways is a double victory in removing an enemy and gaining an ally. He often struggles on where to draw the line.

Those who know Ameris well tend to learn that he carries a weight on his shoulders, both feelings of obligation towards the present and guilt towards the past. He is driven by something about which he speaks to few; its also becoming clear that part of this drive may just be an unhealthy work ethic. Certainly Ameris is reluctant to allow himself rest and ease; generally only doing so when its something someone he keeps company with requires. This, of course, is problematic for close friendships and relationships. It can be said that he often spreads himself too thin, both in terms of the duties of his faith or his goals as a Harper.

Strengths: Pious, patient, compassionate, tireless.

Weaknesses: Zealous, loquacious, over-worked, split duties.

- Work to alleviate suffering and poverty in Baldur's Gate.
Abandoned with partial success. 1351's work included fighting the plague and significant donation collection afterwards. The first duties of 1352 included rebuilding lives in the gate and caring for war orphans and the orphans of Mercy's Orphanage while a new home for them is built. Significant sums were raised to fund this, and to provide relief for the poorest who suffered in the aftermath of the war, both by handouts from the temple and working with the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange to set up a soup kitchen in the Docks. His need to flee the city after the incidents with the Butcher has meant he was not able to enact any long term plans.
- Promote the compassionate ideals of Ilmater. In particular, redefine Mercy as a strength, not a weakness, in the hearts of others.
Ongoing. He has convinced some individuals, but some of Ameris' controversial actions have hardened the attitude of others. Furthermore, his own hard stance on tolerance of outright tyrants almost makes him seem merciless to others. His speeches on the ideals of Ilmater perhaps had some influence but were cut short by the Barber.
- Promote freedoms, both personal and political, in the face of overbearing power.
Ongoing. Failure when it comes to Baldur's Gate, in that his attempt to work concepts of freedom and tolerance into his speechings to Ilmatari faithful were cut short by the Barber, and his recent partial return has found that pragmatic ideals of tyranny have gained ground with the recent Zhentarim trade deal.
- Work towards harmony and tolerance between the various races and nations and factions of the Coast, to ensure cooperation against crises and threats.
Ongoing but mostly stalled. Some success in this during the plague. His focus on Baldur's Gate and absence from the Coast has impaired this as an active goal. His recent partial retrun, however, is focussed on this
- Find a balance between his service to Ilmater, his place as a husband and family man, and his role as a Harper.
Mostly resolved now with his understanding that his duties to the children he and Telia adopted comes before all. He has become more skilled at balancing the rest. His choice to return to Baldur's Gate, if only partially, represents an extreme compromise of his familial promises, something that burdens him
- Atone for oaths to Helm broken in his youth.
Psychologically complete. He sought the counsel of Wai-Li of Helm, who set him to stand watch over his wife and Pathfinder's Hall, particularly the orphans there.
- Oppose the work of those who bring suffering, particularly undead, Bhaalists, the Zhentarim, the Red Wizards of Thay, and the works of the Maiden of Pain.
Ongoing. Success with regards to assisting in the defection of Telia Navra and actions back in Tethyr but a general failure with regards to the Zhentarim elsewhere, in particular given the growing Zhentarim influence in Baldur's Gate. A costly victory over the Bhaalist known as the Barber in Baldur's Gate is currently being converted into something more wholesome as the Barber's works of hate are undone. Stalemate with regards to the Red Wizards of Thay's influence in Baldur's Gate, he has failed to reduce it.
- Reach out to groups or individuals traditionally viewed as having goals which are self interested in order to try and persuade them to a more beneficial path.
Ongoing. Last year's work included encouraging people to fight the plague and significant donation collection has taken place this year.
- Bring a peace between his very driven faith and Telia Navra's domestic and familial aspirations. In short, make Telia happy without losing himself.
Complete. Telia's decision to seek a path for herself by taking up stewardship of Pathfinder's Hall is something that has met with Ameris' approval, but she has grown intolerant of his own Ilmatari patience. It creates tension between them. A balance was found, and a commitment to children needing care saw that the rough edges were shorn away in familial duty. A balance of a different sort. Telia's emotional centre being on the children, she has accepted Ameris' driven nature with some sadness. Her ready acceptance of his partial return to Baldur's Gate has, counterintuitively, increased his guilt
- Build a "Hearth"
Ongoing. A concept arising out of his wife Telia's conversations with Eldarian, Ameris' desire to create a home is not often spoken and, indeed, is in its infancy as a concept to him. He was not raised in anything that could resemble a home, but he grows to see the benefit of family bringing warmth - a family of extended surrogate kin, by choice rather than blood. A Hearth is now being built in Berdusk.
- Assist the Bardess in finding faith and happiness.
Incomplete. It remains an important, but difficult, objective. He has recently made a gift that he hopes will aid her in knowing she is not alone.
- Aid Eldarian Al'maire with the shadows that surround the Dawnknight, both literal and metaphysical.
Incomplete. Eldarian has suffered much this past year, with the losses in the war and personal turmoils that have allowed the mark of the shadow demon that once plagued him to plague him again. Eldarian was slain in Tarkash 1352, despite desperate attempts by Ameris and Telia to prevent it, attempts that have been the source of tension with the Church of Lathander. Although the Dawnknight returned, free of some of his burdens, it was some time before the shadow within him left during a mission with Candlekeep.
- Make peace with his former squire, Ronin Marcus.
Partially complete. Their last words were friendly.
- Bring Telia Navra out of darkness and self loathing.
Complete! Partially complete. Complete again. She has left darkness, but struggles with guilt and self loathing, and the trauma of the wickedness she has seen and, in some cases, done. Her deeds for the greater good grow more frequent, but her tongue remains sharp. Her pain is just beneath the surface, and it takes little for the malicious to bring them out, yet nevertheless she has proven herslef capable of good deeds both known and unknown, and won herself a Harper's pin without his guidance. He is very proud of her.
- Aid the bardess in rejecting former sins.
Complete! Probably.
- Do something to atone to the people of Suldaskar.
Complete, as far as is able.
- Find out what happened to Reena. If she lives, try and atone to her.
Partially complete. She lives, and has not forgiven him.
- Come to terms with his family's villainy, so that he can square his love of his family with his dislike of their ideals.
- Help Vicar Neschera overcome her traumatic experience of undeath.
Incomplete, although time and her brothers and sisters in faith seems to have healed her.
- Atone for past sins through service in the Order of the Radiant Heart.
Failed, due to the events surrounding his departure.
- Oust the corruption in the Order of the Radiant Heart and elsewhere among the righteous churches of Baldur's Gate.
Complete, although he was only able to pass on suspicions to others and the sinners evaded justice.
- Pursue and destroy the Shadow Creature.
Complete, at cost.
- Explore Triadic worship with Brother Alexander Marshall and Sister Katarina.
Failed. Ameris thought again about his conviction to such after their departure. He made a final decision, instead, to accept invitation into the Harpers.
- Subtly nag Ayla Elidole into living a less hedonistic lifestyle.
Complete! Sort of.
- Assist Cecilia Lafayette in finding her place on the Sword Coast.
Failed, when she returned to Cormyr. Although it seems circumstances in this regard may have changed, and she has found peace in Lathanderite service and service to Cormyr.
- Aid the fight against the undead rampaging around the coast, and minimising the suffering caused.
Contributions included collections to buy supplies to fight the war effort, and ordering the same through the SCCE, and fighting in direct defence of the city, particulary on the Eastern Walls alongside Eldarian Al'maire, under Reine Arlynson's command, and in the docks district rather awkwardly beside the Khazark Kahanak.

Plot Hooks:
1 - Ameris is a conflicted character currently. His basic nature, his faith, his half abandoned "knightly ideal", his awkward fit as a harper, his difficult personal life. Generally he can be counted on to be a wise (ish) voice for law (if just), freedom and good, if growing somewhat bold. However, circumstances can very much affect his reactions, particularly if left unsupported. This is an area for development.

2 – It is possible Ameris’ past in Tethyr could catch up with him. He left a bloody mark there, both in his youth and during his last trip.

3 – Ameris is a known enemy of evil factions but also a character who has a commitment to peaceful resolution and redemption of evil. This approach is one which is likely to cause both internal conflict as well as friction with allies.

4 - Ameris can be a general purpose low level healing character if a miscellaneous healer in other PC/DM assisted PC plots is required. Similarly he is a trustworthy “talking” character so can assist as a mediator between groups, passing messages etc should such be required in PC or DM assisted PC plots.

Miscellaneous Facts:
- Ameris likes wine from Calimsham, although he's reluctant to admit it. He is very proud of Tethyrian wine, whether its good or not. He isn't fond of Amnian wine.
- Ameris drinks tea most regularly. However, coffee in the Calish-ite style is a rare treat he continues to indulge in. To help him work harder, of course.
- Ameris was well trained in his youth and during his time in the Radiant Heart, and the months afterwards, he could be accorded a skilled swordsman, although not up to the standard of those who dedicate their lives to it. The sharpness of his battlefield prowess perhaps begins to decline, now, given his focus on the arts of healing and his priesthood in Baldur's Gate. Instead, he calls on Ilmater's blessings in battle, tending to fight recklessly, without a shield, relying on faith and righteous fury to see him through. He can be surprisingly brutal in the heat of battle.
- Ameris is reluctant to use his enchanted blade in sparring.
- Ameris recieved a formal aristocratic training which included the arts, decorum, and formal dancing.
- Ameris is growing fiercely defensive of his wife, particularly as she begins to help others in her own right. He overlooks her abrupt manners, and begins to consider criticism of her as an insult to his family name that she bears. It is a last vestige of his aristocratic pride.
- Ameris both reads and writes poetry; most of what he writes is religious in theme, and is more akin to artful sermonising. However, he reads much more widely, and often in Alzhedo.
- Ameris was once very callous towards elves. He embraces now, instead, a romanticised view of them, as if he worries any suggestion of fault on their part will be a return to his old ways. The exception is Sheverashans. For various reasons, he takes a dim, almost aggressive view of them.
- Ameris remains fiercely nationalistic by instinct, although his reason tells him not to be. He is a little prejudiced against Amnians, moreso with the people of Calimsham (but there, familial cultural links tend to make relations complex, in a way love/hate) and has a friendly rivalry with Cormyreans. He is superstitious about Waterdeep.
- For Ameris, the Rule of Five (or rather, Four plus One) is serious business. He considers the number five very unlucky, like all Tethyrians.
- Ameris currently splits his time between Berdusk, where his family is settling, and Baldur's Gate, in order to help the struggle against growing evil influences. This can make him hard to find, particularly as his visits to Baldur's Gate are often unannounced. The fact he is consciously abandoning his promises to his new family weights heavily on him.
//Some fantastic artwork by Angevere, a stylised representation of Ameris and Telia meeting in Triel before she left the Zhentarim//

"Where mercy, love, and pity dwell, there Ilmater dwells too."
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Re: Ameris Santraeger

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"The Judge offers choice; The Righteous teach how to choose."

((Information for those familiar with the nobility of Tethyr - although perhaps not in such specific detail as to the family's internal workings. Elements of this may be known to elves hailing from Tethyr as well))
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Ameris is the first son of the current Count Santraeger, Ardepan Santraeger. Count Santraeger was not the most prestigous nobleman in Tethyrian terms. His fief was County Sulduskar, more of an oversized barony resting between the Starspire Mountains and the Sulduskoon River north of Ithmong. However, the bloodline was old, family tradition dating it back to the fall of the Shoon Imperium, and for all that time the Santraeger were said to have been wardens on Tethyr's borders. The Santraeger holdings had originally been on the southern border, near the ruins of Shoonach, and for this reason their symbol is a desert lion. However, the county was granted to the Santraeger roughly seventy years ago when the previous holders rulers had died in the early stages of the the Elf-Strife. The land grant was given with a financial stipend and toll rights on the Sulduskoon River to raise a castle and support a force of troops to hold the border, and scour the eaves of the forest for elves. Over time this stipend has been reduced and finally withdrawn, placing the Santraeger under financial pressure when meeting their feudal obligations - although they still lived in affluence compared to their subjects, as mining revenues and trade with the lone dwarf hold in the Starspire mountains still provided a good income.

Ameris was therefore raised in comparative privilege but thoughts of duty, family, and status were pushed on him by the Count from an early age. Count Santraegar was a Tethyrian aristocrat of the old school, and while not oppressive for the sake of it he was certainly harsh when he felt the commons needed to be taught a lesson. For Count Ardepan, order and firm rule was for the good of both nobles and commons, and each class had duties - the nobles to lead, to set good example, and to protect the commoners in times of war; the commoners to obey faithfully, be happy with their lot, and to meet their obligations in taxation and rents. He brought Ameris and his younger brother Errilar up in a similar way, and Ameris was therefore schooled that his place was above that of commoners and that the Santraeger and other nobles had a right to rule. Ameris' uncle, Enjivar, a soldier in the service to the Crown Prince Rythan, might have been a goodlier influence, but he died in the Battle of Nightflames in 1334.

Like all Count's son's, Ameris was squired at the age of seven and fostered in the dukes court for four years, at the age of twelve. Upon his return, Ameris was trained by his father himself to rule, and frequently Ameris saw Count Ardepan order a vagrant be placed in the stocks, an insolent peasant be lashed, or a tenant behind in his rental payments be jailed. Among the bubbling social tensions immediately before the outbreak of the Tethyrian civil war, many some commoners took to armed resistance, labelled as banditry by men like Count Santraegar. Count Santraegar was an ardent supporter of the system and the crown and so ordered his men to mercilessly harry any commoners who attempted to resist the unhappy circumstances of their birth. The hanging of “bandits” and “poachers” became common place, and Ameris would be by his father’s side at each execution. Indeed, he was of harder disposition than Erlliar, seemingly taking well to the instruction, and very much a favoured son and heir.
((Information for those with reason to have highly confidential information relating to the nobility of Tethyr))
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Rumours gleaned from Santraeger servants at around the time of Ameris' eighteenth birthday would speak of a scandal involving Ameris and a serving girl at the Santraeger Castle. The serving girl was convicted of theft, punished, and cast out of the family's employ.
((Information for those familiar with the nobility of Tethyr - in detail to those connected with the court of the Duke of Ithmong))
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When Ameris came of age on his eighteenth birthday (1342 DR), he began eagerly assuming adult duties alongside his father, as was expected. For nearly two years, he was as his father’s right hand, hunting monsters from the Starspire Mountains, keeping order among an increasingly recalcitrant peasant populace, and watching the eaves of the forest for elven incursions. An engagement was made between Ameris and the daughter of the wealthy Count Sarneh, presumably to alleviate the wavering financial fortunes of the Santraeger family. However, Count Sarneh publically broke this off at the Duke of Ithmong's winter feast in the winter of 1342/1343, humiliating Count Ardepan and his son. Shortly afterwards, it is said Ameris and Count Sarneh's son duelled. Rumour has it that Ameris blinded his opponent in one eye when he had already been disarmed, a thing shocking to the Duke's court, although affirming the Santraeger as being fierce, resolute warriors.
((Information best known by elves from the Wealdath, if they consider it appropriate))
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In 1343, a pair of elves were arrested in the territory of the village of Willowdell, one of the holdings of the Count Santraeger. The elves were of uncertain importance and intent, however it was deemed fit to try them as spies. Before this could occur, they were broken out by an elven raiding party, who killed some of Willowdell's militia. Ameris was sent out at the head of his father's knights and men-at-arms to give chase, and overtook the elves just shy of the forest of Tethyr itself. In a bloody battle, the raiding party was killed and, it is said, the escapees met a cruel fate at the hands of Ameris himself.
((Information for those familiar with the nobility of Tethyr - although only the broad concept, the details would be a matter of intrigue))
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One day (Spring 1344 DR), eager to please the Count, he rode forth with his father’s men at arms to hunt down some “bandits” on a remote part of the Santraegar estates. During the attack, the bandits proved to be half-starved runaway debtors, with one of the men bravely standing in the way of the Count’s men to try and cover his comrade’s escape. Ameris, at the head of the charge, slew the man despite his brave defiance and rode hard in pursuit of the remainder with the impetuousness of youth. He was pulled from his horse when the commoners rallied, and seriously injured in the ensuing melee.

The Count sent his precious firstborn to the noted Ilmateri centre of learning in County Rivenshire, the Seminary of St. Ostus, north-east of Ithmong. The Count made a generous donation so that the priests there would aid Ameris’ convalescence. While there, Ameris began having fitful dreams, dwelling much on the bravey of the starving bandit and the justice, or lack thereof, in his father’s teachings. The Ilmateri priests counselled the youth on his troubles, and as he healed he took to peaceful meditation and the ordered lifestyle at the shrine to aid in banishing the nightmares he suffered from. Despite healing in a matter of weeks, Ameris stayed on at the temple, at first making excuses to the emissaries sent by Count Santraeger and by the Autumn of 1344 DR he had clearly stated his desire to remain at the shrine and live a life in the service of Ilmater. Ameris had set himself to easing the ills of noble and peasant alike. He swore a vow to avoid taking sentient life wherever possible in the discharge of his duties, the true reason behind this being his own feeling that he had no right to judge others.

Eighteen months of further study let to Ameris being ordained as an initiate, but finally resolving to visit his family, to explain his decision to join the faith of the One Who Endures, and to try and persuade his father to adopt a more just path in rulership. Alas, Count Santraeger, by now filled with rage at his son’s betrayal and new found “weak” beliefs, chased him out of the family home, and eventually the country, on threat of death so as to ensure that Ameris’ brother’s claim was uncontested – and to avoid the embarrassment of a son who had rejected his father and the traditions of the Tethyrian nobility.
((Information for those in Amn or Athkatla between 1346-1348))
Hidden: show
Since then Ameris made his way into Amn, doing what he could in the name of Ilmater, heading for Athkatla where letters of introduction to the keeper of a small shrine in the slums to enable him to complete his training. The young Ameris threw himself into helping the sick and needy on the cruel streets of Athkatla, particularly during an outbreak of plague there. However, he found it hard to look upon the injustice of Amnian society passively, particularly as he grew troubled upon hearing of the calamities in Tethyr. Eventually, he was finally ordained and set about supporting the Shrine's ministry. Yet, one day he came upon a merchant's thugs using violence to force a petty shopkeeper to sign an unequal contract. A pair of broken noses later, and Ameris had intervened. While this was a small mercy for the shopkeeper, the merchant was outraged, using his connections to bring pressure upon the shrine. Soon Ameris was forced to leave the shrine and head north (late 1348) to Baldur's Gate, arriving in Tarkash 1349 DR.

Persons of Note from Tethyr

Immediate Family:

His Excellency Ardepan Santraeger, Count of Suldaskar, Warden of the Eaves (Father: Born 24 Eleasis 1302; Lord and anointed heir from 1307; Ascended as Count of Suldaskar 1331; Slain in a duel with former Master of Arms Jalamir yn Ghazar el Rassin 1347 on 21 Eleint, during the Ten Black Days of Eleint)
Countess Consort Mida Deshar Santraeger (Mother: Born Lady Mida Deshar 13 Mirtul 1305; Murdered by a mob storming Castle Santraeger in 1347 on 21 Eleint, during the Ten Black Days of Eleint)
Errilar Santraeger (Brother, Born 4 Eleint 1326; Lord and anointed heir from Eleint 1344; Captured by defecting Santraeger soldiers then murdered by a Sheverashan archer near Castle Santraeger, in 1347, on 21 Eleint, during the Ten Black Days of Eleint)

Paternal Relatives: (non exhaustive)

His Excellency Coram Santraeger, Count of Suldaskar, Warden of the Eaves (Grandfather; Born Lord and anointed heir 1264; Deceased of natural causes 1331)
Enjivar Santraeger (Uncle, Soldier in the Lifeguard to Crown Prince Rythan; Deceased 1334 at the Battle of Nightflames)
His Excellency Ameris Santraeger, Count of Suldaskar, Warden of the Eaves (Great Grandfather; Born Lord and anointed heir 1234; Deceased of natural causes 1291)

Maternal Relatives: (non exhaustive)

Lord Jesham Deshar, Baron of Goldfield (Grandfather, Born 1287, Ascended as Baron 1315, Deceased 1347 during the Ten Black Days of Eleint)
Lady Zareda Emear-Deshar, Consort to Lord Emear, Baron of Waymantle (Auntie; Born 1302; Deceased 1347 during the Ten Black Days of Eleint)
Tefa Emear (Cousin; Born 1320; Deceased 1347 during the Ten Black Days of Eleint)

Other Personages from Tethyr: (non exhaustive)

Jalamir yn Ghazar el Rassin, Helmite mercenary, formerly Master of Arms under Count Ardepan Santraeger (Born 1288 in Manshaka, Calimsham; Sworn to Count Coram Santraeger in 1312; Raised to Master at Arms 1331; Betrayed and slew Count Ardepan Santraeger 1347; Captured by Lohtrik Sarneh 1351; Rescued by Ameris and Telia Santraeger Flamerule 1351)
Revered Sister Dethliss, Ilmatari priestess, formerly mercenary in Sembia. (Born 1295 in Yhaunn, Sembia; took oaths to Ilmater in the Seminary of Saint Ostus, Tethyr, 1324; converted Ameris Santraeger to Ilmater 1344; Deceased 1351 during battle with fiends at Castle Santraeger.)
Jaster Helimvas, Bandit and robber baron, formerly heir to Baron Iran Helimvas (Born 1324 in Helmfast Castle, County Varyth, Tethyr; fled Tethyr for Amn 1347; acquired Perenda Sarneh 1349; returned to Tethyr with warband of royalist exiles 1350; ravaged the lower Sulduskoon 1350-1351; Deceased Kythorn 1351, murdered with his spiritual advisor by Ameris and Telia Santraeger.)
Lohtrik Sarneh, Warlock and mercenary captain, formerly heir to Count Sarneh (Born 1322 at the Sarneh mansion, Zazesspur, Tethyr; blinded in one eye in a duel with Ameris Santraeger 1343; fled Tethyr for Amn 1347; founded sellsword company with last of Sarneh fortune 1348; swore service to unnamed pit fiend 1349; invaded and ravaged the former County Suldaskar 1351; slain by Sir Yerethan, Knight Kuldar of Barakmordin, in battle at Castle Santraeger 1351.)
Perenda Sarneh, Aspirant Wizard, formerly mistress of Jaster Helimvas, formerly eldest daughter of Count Sarneh. (Born 1325 at the Sarneh mansion, Zazesspur, Tethyr; engagement to Ameris Santraeger arranged 1338; engagement broken 1343; fled Tethyr for Amn 1347; abandoned by Lohtrik Sarneh and becomes Jaster Helimvas' mistress 1349; returned to Zazesspur in Tethyr with Jaster Helimvas 1350; freed from jaster Helimvas by Ameris and Telia Santraeger 1351; engaged to Sir Yerethan, Knight Kuldar of Barakmordin in 1351.)
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Re: Ameris Santraeger

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Persons of Note from the Sword Coast

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Please note this is not exhaustive. This character has met a large number of other PCs in the past three years and as such I have to draw a line somewhere! There will be characters I miss out whose RP I have greatly enjoyed - the ones listed here are primarily those that have had great impact on the character as the intention of this section is to cover my character's history and development without doing a long and dry timeline.

These views are also FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE not from an objective narrator. He does not, and I do not, know what goes on in the heads of characters I do not write!
Friends and Allies:

Telia Santraeger, formerly Navra, a former assistant director of the White Mask Theatre and former Lord Magus of the Zhentarim. Telia is one of Ameris' oldest friends on the coast, him having met her in his first months in Baldur's Gate. Back then, she was an aspiring actress and him a humble priest, although they seemed to recognise in each other an internal struggle which, it transpired, they dealt with radically differently. Their friendship, its intensity long denied, was a secret thing, and indeed was Ameris' main bulwark in the closing months of 1349. Yet the priest always kept a distance between himself and the actress, thinking himself a former sinner unworthy of the affections of what he thought to be a virtuous woman. Indeed he sought affection elsewhere, something he knows now caused great pain to Telia due to what she perceived as rejection. Thanks to this the woman fell farther and faster than she otherwise would have, something for which Ameris blames himself.

The early months of 1350 divided them both in loyalties when Ameris was captured, tortured by Telia herself, and then executed by the Zhentarim. In the aftermath of this their trust fell short of either of them doing the right thing; yet still, when Telia revealed herself to be a member of the Zhentarim, Ameris was devastated - and enraged, a fury and bitterness fed by an underlying affection. In time though, Ameris gained a greater understanding of his own role in Telia's choices - and a greater understanding of what led her to those choices, including the repeated blows life had dealt to her. He refused to let the matter stand, and was one of those who urged her to depart form her evil path.

In the winter of 1350 Telia abandoned the employ of her former masters and went on the run. Ameris made a fateful decision to find her and protect her during this time, lending his support to her efforts to find a place for herself, despite the uncertainty about any change in her morals - a decision made at no small personal and reputational cost to the priest. During this time Ameris and Telia expressed their feelings for one another, declarations clouded by uncertainty and clear differences in outlook. The priest suffered much criticism for doing this from former friends and allies, who considered him to have been corrupted, particularly when their romantic relation came to light. Even after Telia found sanctuary in Baldur's Gate, Ameris and Telia's relationship was fraught and strained, her finding the change to a better path difficult, and him finding true closeness to another hard to achieve. In the end, the support the woman provided Ameris during the plague, her resolute belief that Ameris deserves happiness, and then his grief at her fall at the hands of Thayans pushed the priest to greater warmth and cemented his loyalty to her. It is fair to say that Telia's relationship with Ameris has healed him, just as it has healed her.

Their recent trip to Tethyr, and the suffering she took on for him there, only cemented Ameris' love for Telia. They were wed in Elesias in 1351 by Revered Sister Dethliss, before riding off to events that bore noticeable risk of death. Upon return to Baldur's Gate the pair embark upon a new life, one in which Telia attempted to make her mark in her own right and show the world her change in heart. The first steps in this included continuing editing the Herald and becoming Steward of the Order of Lions, where she spearheaded efforts to see to the safety of three dozen orphans. It is fair to say that Telia has surprised her husband with her positive actions, given they came from her own initiative, especially as he grew to understand at the same time just how damaged she was by her past, including his own rejection of her.

The couple's adoption of two orphans from Baldur's Gate and one from Athkatla marked an evolution of their relationship, exemplified by Telia's willingness to let Ameris follow his beliefs during the Barber crisis, and accepting his decision to spend more time in the city in 1353 following the Zhentarim treaty. Ameris looks upon Telia with pride, these days, seeing now that her changes are not just for him, and nor are they surface only. Indeed, his main worry now is that his own driven faith will make him an unfit husband in the long run - work is never done.

Laitae Lafreth, Great Reader of Candlekeep

Laitae was a reader when Ameris met her, some time ago now. Her learning, and her merciful outlook on matters, did much to set Ameris at his ease and allow him to lessen his prior, well hidden, mistrust of elves. He remains awed by her intellect and learning, and beyond that, her brave decision to choose to embrace her role as a Mystran in the face of the expectations placed upon her by her birth. This is a thing that echoes with him.

Laitae and Ameris find much common ground, and Laitae often speaks of her peception that Mystran and Ilmatari faith have some echoes of each other. Laitae is a well trained healer, having studied under one of the greatest practioners of the healing arts Ameris has ever seen, Sister Louise de la Valliere, who first fostered links between Candlekeep and the Adorned. Laitae's rigorous experimentation on poxes and advice on statistical analysis of disease has been of great significance for the fight against suffering on the Sword Coast, and in the Temple of Ilmater specifically. Ameris may occasionally tease Laitae's bookishness, but his respect for her is significant.

It is from Laitae that Ameris has learned of the elven people and it can be said that it was these lessons that planted a seed in his heart, that has blossomed into a love of harmony and peace for all, beyond the narrow duties he set before himself as Ilmatari. Indeed, his patriotism is now well tempered by a thought towards the common good. Perhaps, in that regard, she set him on the path to the ideals that he now promotes, although no doubt many other experiences and persons contribute to the same.

Neschera, Morninglord of Lathander and Vicar of the Song of Morning temple in Beregost. Ameris and Neschera met in unfortunate circumstances, after she was attacked by goblins on the road north of Beregost. From that meeting, a firm friendship grew, and Ameris considers Neschera the one of the most wise and holy of priests on the coast. He enjoys their philosophical discourses a great deal. She has been, in many ways, a spritual counsellor, and has done much to help Ameris focus on his duties in the present rather than dwelling on the pains of the past. Its no exaggeration to say that when he seeks moral guidance or wise counsel, it is Neschera he goes to. There are few of his problems she does not hear of and they share many of the same values. Many, but not all; his allegiance to the Harp is something that she, perhaps, struggles to understand.

Neschera has been very supportive of Ameris and truly he places her on a pedestal; a golden pedestal, no less. He has reason, as she forgave him in the face of horrors which she suffered on his behalf. She was a target for torment at the hands of a Loviataran priestess who sought to cripple Ameris' faith at a time when it had already weakened. It was the victim, Neschera's, wise and well applied words which saved him from what should have been a shattering of his faith - as he came to see that allowing his faith to break in the face of this crime would only be a dishonour to the Lathanderite priestess.

Neschera has known further hardships in the years since they met; her arrest, then the loss of the Amnian captain she was courting to shadow thief blades being one; her own capture and binding as a death knight being the other. It was Ameris' old blade, Unyielding, that ended her undeath, one of the hardest duties he has ever had to face, and caused him to set aside the blade for a time. Ameris bears guilt at being unable to support Neschera in the aftermath of her pains as much as she deserved. He remains committed to doing what he can should their paths cross again, insofar as she needs.

Cecilia Lafayette, Purple Dragon Knight of Cormyr, Templar of Lathander, formerly a paladin of the Radiant Heart. Despite the fact neither serve in the Radiant Heart Auxiliary anymore, Ameris calls her and considers her a younger sister and cherishes the blade she gifted him, christened Unyielding by Sister Reine.

Cecilia has always represented hope to Ameris and her attempts to balance innocence of heart with a will to see justice done in the service of Tyr represented, for him, an opportunity to help re-juvinate the Order of the Radiant Heart and the righteous on the Sword Coast. In the event, it was Ameris' own misjudgment that was to expose Cecilia to capture and torture at the hands of the Zhentarim, and Telia Navra specifically.

Ameris bears guilt for this, and for being unable to counteract the false tutelage of Eliphas Valkarian while he was Grandmaster of the Radiant Heart, which for a time clad Cecilia's heart in steel. In truth the guilt is deepened by his awareness that he has offered forgiveness to one who did Cecilia such harm; and it is a dear hope of his that those of his extended family can reach harmony; he is glad that steps have been made in that regard.

Ameris admires Cecilia's strength in the face of suffering and is proud of how she has learned from her own mistakes and conquered her own pain. Her rebirth in Lathanderite faith and her service to Cormyr is something he is very heartened by, and he is resolved to support her, as and when he may, should they meet again.

Eldarian Al'maire, Dawnknight of Lathander and Commander of the Templars of the Song of Morning Temple. A surrogate brother; Eldarian at first reminded Ameris a lot of his own dead brother Errilar. He has taken the place of brother, but also the place of a true friend and Councillor, not as some revenant of fallen kin. Indeed, there is little Ameris would not do for Eldarian, and this goes beyond matters of faith, and righteousness.

Both Ameris and Eldarian have known pain and suffering since they met and their friendship has been tested by the need for mutual support: Ameris' struggles with loss and his failures regarding the Bardess, his failure and death at Triel and the collapse of his knighthood following, the loss of Telia and the failures with the Shadow Beast on the one hand; Eldarian's death at the hands of the Red Wizard Kahanak, his self doubts and the possession of the Shadow Demon, his pained relationship with Cecilia and Berea, and the battles with shadows of a more human sort in Beregost on the other. That said, there do remain matters which could test their friendship; the Harp, and the balance between redemption and the combat of evil; and lastly, nobility.

Early in their friendship, Eldarian did much to encourage Ameris to come out of his shell and consider that his life is not a sin; indeed he did more in this regard than any except Telia. The Dawnknight was younger and less troubled in those times, and the irony of the fact that Eldarian's duty has begun weighing him down just as the lessons he taught the Ilmatari have finally begun to bear fruit are not lost on Ameris. It is the priest's intention to remain someone that Eldarian can speak to as a comrade, rather than as a paladin, as the Dawnknight struggles with the wounds of a difficult few years on the coast.

Arkaine Halforken, former Knight Paragon and current Grandmaster of the Order of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary.

Ameris met Arkaine Halforken early in his time on the Sword Coast. Ameris and Arkaine share a homeland, although their relationship with their places of birth are wildly different. Arkaine's half-orcish nature was a surprise to Ameris in a knight of such renown, although he learned to accept it quickly. The Knight Paragon was a distant figure, however, as the walls of his duty, and the many years of self sacrifice and pained service rendered the man focused in a way that is hard to understand for those outside a paladin order. Ameris saw his role at first in the Radiant Heart as a helper and supporter to the paladins, and he is aware that he failed in this mission, directly, when it comes to Arkaine.

It was no secret in the Order that Ameris' peaceful ways, and the increasing voice he found during his service, led him to pursue different methods than some of his brothers; exemplifying perhaps the differences between priest and paladin; or between Ilmater, Helm and Torm. That said, Ameris' love of the Order and his respect for the ideals of paladinhood extended to all his brothers, and while he counselled against paladins presenting themselves as infallible, he also spent much time explaining the actions and defending the reputations of the Radiant Heart; something he has continued to do since leaving the Order.

It is true to say that Ameris' relations with Arkaine are strained, although Ameris regrets that and is of the belief that so does Arkaine; and they remain respectful and able to cooperate when tempers do not run hot. Ameris is aware he let Arkaine down by seeking aid from the Harpers; and it was Ameris who was the bearer of the bad news that the Order had been corrupted from within. They have frequently debated over the topic of mercy as against righteous wrath, with Ameris' aid to various sinners a cause of tension. That said, the truth is that Ameris believes he understands well the burden of paladinhood, and the respective roles of healer, counsellor, warrior, defender, and agents of holy wrath. He might disagree with Arkaine's fervour at times, but he is the first to say that at other times, it is precisely what is needed.

Alexander Marshall, Paladin of Torm, Prelate of the Order of the Radiant Heart and Triadic Knight. Ameris met Alexander when the priest had recently broken his vow of peace, and was close to falling in faith. Their first meeting consisted of Alexander sharing of his own past fall from grace; and reaching out to Ameris' own lack of self worth. That someone would speak in such open terms to a relative stranger did much to win Ameris' loyalty and from then on Alexander, first as Brother, then as Prelate, was a mentor to Ameris. He was supportive of Ameris' work with the Bardess, while counselling caution. Indeed it was he who counselled caution within the Order, as well, due to the sad truths he had uncovered.

Both Katarina and Ameris explored Triadic worship at Alexander's behest and the trio were a common sight on the Sword Coast during the summer months of 1349. Together, the trio each represented one of the Triad, and faced many evils together. Alas, they were unable to defeat the evil within the order itself.

When Alexander sought to bring the Radiant Heart into Triel to inspire hope in the people there that they had not been abandoned, Ameris spoke forcefully in support of him both within the Order and outside of it. Alas, Eliphas Valkarian, secretly the Dreadlord of Darkhold at that point, spoke for inaction and overruled such plans. Sadly, although Alexander found out that a spy was within the Order, he was unable to find out who; although he was thorough enough to put Ameris and Katarina to the test. In the end, it became clear that there was not one spy, but three.

It was a great sadness for Ameris when Alexander departed to other duties; in part of necessity, and in part over his disagreement with the direction of the Order under Grandmaster Arkaine. They have remained in intermittent contact since, although their closeness was tested by Alexander's fall his work around Soubar. Nevertheless, the two men were reconciled when Alexander set out to travel with the Santraegers south, so as to keep them safe while travelling to undo the Barber's work and while they settled in Berdusk.

Katarina of Tyr, Divine Champion and Knight of the Order of the Radiant Heart. Katarina, a former squire to Jonas Rokranon, was an early confidante of Ameris on the coast. She came to knew him when he kept a vow of peace and served the Order of the Radiant Heart as a healer. She counselled him through his breaking of his vow, and his request for forgiveness over his past misdeeds, which had been hidden from the Order; sternly demanding his atonement and compassionately reminding him that such was possible. Katarina helped Ameris a great deal in training with him while he tried to recover his skill at arms after years of disuse, and together with Alexander Marshall the trio spent much time restoring order and fighting evil on the coast.

Katarina supported Ameris when he came under suspicion for his aid to the Bardess, and he supported her when her belief in mercy caused her to allow herself to be a vessel for the spirit of a Netherese ghost, the wife of the lich Bazu who was plaguing the coast, leading to his abandonment of his crusade and his eventual defeat. Her departure after this traumatic experience to a Tyrran retreat was a loss to Ameris, although he understood her need for rest.

Gaervin Goldenshield, Paladin of Gaerdal Ironhand Senior Knight of the Order of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary.

Sir Gaervin is, to Ameris, something akin to the model paladin-soldier. Unwavering, unyielding, stern, reserved, righteous and fair, his faith in his gnomish god reminds Ameris much of Helmite faith; and thus accords closely with the chilvaric ideal Ameris was raised with himself.

While Sir Gaervin has what could be called a quiet charisma compared to some other paladins, his indefatigable and well mannered service of the Order of the Radiant Heart Auxiliary, and the people of Baldur's Gate, has won him high respect for Ameris and has made Sir Gaervin the model of knightly virtue for the priest.

Indeed, of all of his former Brothers, it is Sir Gaervin's disapproval that Ameris most fears; because it would not be given without reason.

Captain Reine Arlynson of the Everwatch Knights

A paladin, yet drawn from the background of a common soldier, Sister Reine (as Ameris calls her) manifests little of the chivalric grace that many who hear the call do. Indeed, she is proud of her gruff exterior, although Ameris believes she belittles her skills at diplomacy and charisma. That said, without doubt Reine is common and she has rightly identified that Ameris will never shake off the air of the nobility within which he was raised. In this regard, Ameris' friendship with Reine has been educational to him; as her honesty and perspective help him amend his own, and cast off some of his more patronising behaviours. Ameris takes what Reine has to say very seriously.

Reine and Ameris have a very different approach to Ilmater and his war on suffering. One the healing hand, one the clenched fist. Yet, they have both spoken of being complimentary; one's duty starts where the other ends. Despite their differences in approach, in birth, and in life, there is remarkably little tension between the two; especially considering the tension that does subsist between the paladin and Telia.

Reine arrived in the city in 1351, just as the plague from the Warlock's Crypt was about to bloom. Focused, disciplined, modest, a workaholic, she was a blessing from Ilmater during that busy time; Reine is, to Ameris, solid, dependable and a true comrade when it comes to devotion to duty; they have collaborated much on Ilmatari matters. It is a matter of regret to Ameris that he has seen shards of the pain that lays underneath, something which in happier times Ameris would have sought out and tried to ease. Yet theirs is a friendship based on a working relationship, and Ameris has contented himself with stating to Reine that his door is open.

Ameris has seen Reine rise from being a Knight of Mops, to a leader of men, with her custodianship of her Kheldrivver recruits, her leadership in the war against the Blight, and her captaincy in the Everwatch. His role as counsellor to her during the war, in the limited extent she needed it, reminded him much of his early time in the Order of the Radiant Heart; it brought him much satisfaction, and indeed is one of the things that helps him settle into his role as priest.

Nëa the Dancer

A little shadow. Nëa is, by now, one of Ameris' oldest friends on the Sword Coast who still remains. Her and Ameris might be an unusual pair at first glance, particularly when they first met. He, then, a Brother of the Radiant Heart, stiff and reserved, and her a playful and mischievous dancer in the shadows. Yet each perceived a kindly heart in the other, and a firm friendship grew. This friendship did become a topic of gentle teasing from Ameris' brothers in the Radiant Heart!

Ameris is one of those who has seen the will to do good beneath Nëa's playful exterior, and indeed they have cooperated on doing the same often. Ameris trusts Nëa implicitly, and it is returned. When threats against Ameris' life began to grow, Nëa took it upon herself to be a guardian for Ameris - of course, without Ameris realising at first. Ameris remains very grateful for this altruistic aid, and indeed for Nëa's words of support over the past few years. He has been unable to repay such to the same degree, sadly.

Nëa and Ameris' friendship has not been without its trials. The little shadow once had a dim view of paladins, for example, and Ameris' reserved nature can sometimes hurt the very elven Nëa. Nëa and Ameris do differ on their approach to laws, rules and oaths and the like, which can cause discord.

The greatest falling out they have had was when Ameris went to the aid of Telia Navra, after she fled Darkhold, without telling Nëa. This caused conflict between the two, as Nëa felt betrayed, and indeed feared Ameris had deceived her all along as an agent of the Zhentarim for a time. Nëa's grudges are legendary, but Ameris' own hurt played its part and he did not try and mend the friendship as he should. In due course, however, both came to their senses and their friendship has been restored. Ameris has, since then, realised he might have taken Nëa for granted and has tried to afford her more consideration and respect. Alas, tension lingers between Nëa and Telia, despite both working to bridge it out of their regard for Ameris.

Mendel, Villi of En Dharasha Everae

Mendel is a man Ameris met through the Harp, an allegiance they both share. Its fair to say that Mendel and Ameris come from radically different worlds, and Ameris is well aware that had they both grown up in Tethyr, they would likely have been enemies. Indeed they have many differences still: Ameris uses 10 words where Mendel would use one; Ameris is hesitant to strike where Mendel is swift; Ameris is plain in approach where Mendel is cunning; Ameris has become an animal of the cities, wheras Mendel is one of the wilds; Ameris fights in heavy armour whereas Mendel relies on speed and skill. Off course, on the other hand, they also share a mutual love of wine! And both have a fierce love of their people that co-exists with their commitment to the Harpers.

The fact that they are firm comrades and brothers brought together under the Code just reinforces Ameris' belief that the ideal of the Harp is something worth fighting for. In having comrades such as Mendel, Ameris has come to understand the Harp better, and how the harmony they work for is not about uniformity, but instead bringing those who are each different together for a common goal.

Ameris is in many ways a student in meddling compared to Mendel. Beyond this, Ameris and Mendel have shed blood for freedom alongside each other several times, both their own and their enemies, and so Ameris has had direct experience of Mendel's strength of will and battle-prowess. Indeed, Ameris considers the wood elf one of the most dangerous men on the coast, and is certainly glad he fights on the side of freedom.

Ayla Elidole, Seeker of Candlekeep

Ayla and Ameris met in unusual circumstances; when he helped pull her broken body from the depths of a lizard infested cavern and restore her to health and vitality. The pair seemed to have an immediate connection, although one might have described Ayla as being like a cat with a new toy. Her forward nature came at a time when Ameris' own faith wavered in a very real way, and he had near given up on the thought of himself as a pure and proper servant of Ilmater. Ayla seemed to recognise, at least, the pain Ameris walked in, and sought to alleviate it.

Their brief affair brought much of the priest's old noble nature out and in many senses his role was something of a performance or re-enactment, a mark of his growing jadedness with life. Yet, after the horrific events surrounding Neraline's betrayal, Ameris brought the affair to an end, as part of a rejection of all physical contact of any kind, from any source. Surprisingly, this allowed a deep friendship to blossom and be revealed. The Sharessan scholar had a keen mind, and seemed resolved to use that to tend to Ameris' hurts instead. Indeed the pair became regular discussion partners and Ameris still retains the first editions of Ayla's philosophical works she gifted him as treasured possessions.

Since Ayla's retirement to Candlekeep, (the membership of which was something Ameris had encouraged in the otherwise carefree sorceress), Ameris has indeed missed her dearly.

The Bardess

When Ameris learned of the death of his family at the hands of rebel peasants, his reaction was an insurmountable grief and rage that nearly broke his faith, and his belief in his service to Ilmater - and did break his Vow of Peace. Following guidance (some well meaning, some malicious) he reaffirmed his faith after a night long vigil within the chapel of the Order of the Radiant Heart. Within he had begged Ilmater to set him to a task, and vowed all of his skills and talents to the Broken God's service, meaning, of course, his sword.

The next day, on the Tradeway, he met the Bardess. A sinner, a creature of dark deeds, she carried secrets of an artefact from a great distance, an artefact which she meant to place in the hands of those who would hide it away, rather than for ill; a noble intent which she herself seemed not to fully understand. She came marked by suffering and the whip of the Maiden of Pain, and Ameris, in his fervour, believed he saw in her Ilmater's mission. It is hard to overestimate the impact this meeting had on the young Ilmatari, and from an early point Ameris had the Bardess on a silver pedestal.

The young priest set about helping the Bardess and protecting her from forces both malign and without understanding; and from her own reckless sense of entropy. As he did so, his own guilt and grief - and the woman's manipulations of him - brought him to an ardent admiration of her; a forbidden longing. Indeed when the Bardess proved as good as her word, and her burden was delivered safely (Ameris' first contact with the Harp), Ameris was adamant to both heal her wounds, and find her sanctuary; regarding such as his first duty. He was distraught when first her safety was threatened, and then, later, when she abandoned his company and counsel.

This loss brewed in Ameris' heart, along with guilt at knowing that his offered affection had been inappropriate from a priest to what amounted to a patient. The ennui resulting caused him to reject Telia's companionship, to loose himself in jaded vices, and to fall for Neraline's subversion. On the verge of breaking, Ameris was buoyed up by the slimmest threads: promises to Neschera, the expectations of others, the support of the Harp and other friends, and, finally, the return of the Bardess.

From then on, Ameris and the Bardess were intermittent comrades, and he would visit her infrequently as time would allow, to ease her hardship and so that they could share council. His obesession remained as a distant longing, and indeed he had begun to realise the selfishness that underpinned it - and how, to the contrary, it was altruism that underpinned his friendship for her, and that his gift to her was stability.

Ameris' death at the Zhentarim's hands drove the Bardess into a bloody flood of grief, and it was months before she would believe Ameris was not some demonic spectre; or indeed, before she would let him back into her friendship and risk being hurt again, Ameris suspects. From then on, the priest set aside his desires and focused on helping the Bardess find faith and purpose; something she often resisted. It had mixed results, and indeed his hopes to see her find such purpose caused the Ilmatari to make a terrible mistake and inadvertently release a shadow beast that cost innocent lives. Hard won lessons, the forgiveness of those closest to him, and the trust his god placed in him, helped Ameris to make the right decision next time.

Its only then that Ameris came to understand that his emotional investment had made him fail to see the difference between providing support to help someone choose, and choosing for them. A re-evaluation of his actions in the past year made him realise that he had been friend when he should have been lover, and sought to have been lover when he should have been friend; and so he sought to set things right. Ameris' support for Telia caused a rift with the Bardess, as she viewed the deserting Magus as dangerous and, seemingly, had felt a certain ownership over the priest.

While, once again, the Bardess and he are comrades, Ameris is well aware that his duties and vows to others fetter his ability to be the support he promised. He perceives a distance between them for this reason, and it feeds a secret guilt that is an itchy scar still.

Layana of the Greyfox, born Mordiggian, Adorned of Ilmater

Ameris met Layana when she arrived in the Baldur's Gate region and took up service in the Temple of Ilmater as a Sister of the Adorned. A gentle and peaceful woman, she kept a vow of peace and, while Ameris persuaded her to join the Order of the Radiant Heart at first, she eventually refocused upon her duties to Ilmater.

Layana is one of the most gifted healers Ameris knows, her surgical skills exceeding his own considerably. Her gentle nature, though, seemed dismayed at the brutality of the world, and the hardships that she encountered on the coast only worsened this. Ameris' own cruel background (and cruel nature, at times) means he has often been the type to react with anger where Layana reacted with sadness, but both seemed to understand the other's sense of powerlessness against a hostile existence.

Such was the trust between the pair, Layana was the one Ameris turned to when first aiding the Bardess, and indeed the pair did much to keep the woman safe in the early days of such contact. He even confided some of his concerns as to how other members of the Order of the Radiant Heart were bidding him handle the matter. However, in time, the lengths to which Ameris was prepared to go and the amount he was prepared to risk alienated even Layana, who was questioning her service in Baldur's Gate after falling in love with the barbarian skald Nerys, of the Greyfox tribe.

There was danger of a rift forming, and indeed at first Ameris took Layana's relucatance and doubts as betrayal. However, the pair managed to heal that rift and remain close. Acceptance of Layana's decision to practice her ministry amidst the Greyfox of the north (where she ended up as the second wife of the tribe's chief) was a moment of growth for Ameris, in accepting others having different needs, manners of living and ways to do good. He has grown to much admire her choice to focus on creating life as well as sustaining it, and is glad of her influence, and through her Ilmater's, among the northmen.

Tarina Mazir

Ameris instantly felt an urge to safeguard the quiet and traumatised Tethyrian shaman when he first met her, finding her employment and shelter. His reaction was clearly impelled by their shared homeland. Indeed, Ameris wears his heart on his sleeve in this regard, and the canny recognise that Ameris' drive to aid Tarina began psychologically as a form of atonement for his sins in Tethyr. Many of those close to him regard Ameris as being blind to any of Tarina's flaws.

Since then though, a genuine familial bond has grown. With Tarina, Ameris is akin to a stern older relative, and Tarina is a recalcitrant youth, yet this is rooted in a firm affection. Ameris sees Tarina as possessed of loyalty at her core, something she displays to to him and his family among others, and he sees a vast untapped reservoir of empathy and compassion. Signs of it have manifested at various times, not least during the risks Tarina took for the child Amanda.

Alas, Tarina and Ameris do clash over some of Tarina's more pragmatic choices, including a notable one that Tarina now tells him was a grave mistake. He is forgiving, though, as while he idealises the good that is in Tarina, he is conscious that the sufferings of Tarina's past have taught her bitterness and fear as a way of life, and made her view the pursuit of power as a necessity for survival. Since they first met he has viewed his role as being of a counterbalance to that darkness, not as a judge of it, although his sternness does sometimes arise to frustrate that intention, as does the opprobrium of others. No doubt the future holds much for the pair.
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///Currently updating, treat with pinch of salt for now!

EDIT: Preserving abortive timeline
((Please consider this OOC information if you have not had permission to use it or found it out IC))
((Information relating to Ameris' first few months in Baldur's Gate: Tarkash, to Kythorn 1349.))
Hidden: show
- Arrived as an impoverished, pacifistic healer with little purpose beyond spreading the word of Ilmater from day to day.
- Was very reserved and polite.
- Desire to act manifested so he began helping adventurers fight evil, often protected by a celestial bear, Sebastian.
- Inspired to join the Order of the Radiant Heart by a paladin of Lathander, Elric Brightmane.
- Served in the infirmary of the Order, and provided healing support during the scouting of orc occupied Triel and on a diplomatic escort mission for the Dukes.
- Argued with Thedran for the life of a subdued bandit, Jodie, alongside Nea, Talisen and Katarina. In the end the bandit undertook work in the temple and was found employment at the theatre.
((Flamerule 1349))
Hidden: show
- Learned of the death of his family from the Baneite Mael Tenebris, masquerading as Beric Engel, a Tethyrian knight of Tyr.
- Abandoned Vow of Peace and faltered in faith, losing himself to violence and melancholy.
- Fell under competing influences but in the end the gentle counsel of the minstrel Tamara and the support of Brothers and Sisters of the Radiant Heart, notably Alexander and KAtarina, pulled Ameris back to faith.
- He decided not to re-swear the Vow of Peace, instead deciding to serve with all his talents, rather than keeping a vow out of guilt, not conviction.

((Elesias to Marpenoth 1349))
Hidden: show
- Resumed swordsmanship and trained to increase fitness and strength. Studied under Alexander Marshall and Eliphas Valkarian, sparring with other members of the Order.
- Patrolled and fought evil alongside Alexander and Katarina directly. Together they also explored triadic worship.
- The above meant less time was spent in the temple.
- Met the Bardess, a sinner who sought to do an act of good. Against orders, alongside his sister in faith Layana, sought not just to help her discharge this act, but also to heal her body and soul.
- Became emotionally attached to the Bardess, in such a manner as to leave himself open to her influence and manipulations. He was incited to be more assertive and less gentle. The overall effect was unintended. It made him more knightly.
- After trials and tensions, and a very short battle against her former allies, was able to help the Bardess find aid in her task and also, along with Sister Layana, help heal her injuries.
- During this time he participated in battles against the lich Bazu, against an undead uprising in the graveyard near Baldur's Gate, and in a battle against a horde of Bugbears in Thundar's Ride, where he led a charge on a battery of catapults.
((Utkar to Nightal 1349))
Hidden: show
- Underwent a less dramatic, more insidious crisis of faith after being abandoned by the Bardess.
- Feelings of loss, failure and guilt overwhelmed Ameris, relating to his handling of the above.
- The result was Ameris, quietly, partaking of a (relatively) more hedonistic, when not seeing to his duties. This was a flawed path.
- The outward effect of this was a relaxation of his formal manner and greater indulgence of social interactions. Indeed, to many, he seemed happier than before, for this reason.
- Ameris became very close to Telia Navra, although their relations remained chaste she assumed the role of his confidante. On the priest's part his reserve was because he felt unable to give real emotion in his current state, feeling himself likely only a bringer of pain.
- Partook in a brief dalliance with a scholar of Candlekeep, Ayla Elidole. Although a shallow thing born of Ameris' masked pain fast friendship grew out of this.
- Tricked by a priestess of Loviatar named Neraline, who kidnapped and tormented his friend Neschera, Ameris was lured to discover the truth in a horrifically personal manner. This nearly broke his faith, only Neschera's strength of character brought him back from the brink.
- Against the backdrop of these trials, Ameris was part of the Radiant Heart's effort to support the healing of the orc-bred plague which ravaged the north.
- He was present during the events which saw the fall of Triel, and his life was saved in battle with plague zombies by none other than the as yet unrevealed Dreadlord, Eliphas Valkarian.
((Hammer to Ches 1350))
Hidden: show
- Humbled, resumed his duties with a puritanical fervour in the new year. He remained bold of deed, but it was a drive born of a desire to atone.
- Continued to serve the Radiant Heart and the Temple.
- Tried to set up a council of knightly orders to take an active stance against evil, rather than reacting to it. Unfortunately, this effort collapsed amidst recriminations over past disagreement.
- Having formed a friendship with the Dawnknight Eldarian Al'maire and the paladin Cecilia Lafayette, tried to aid them both when Eldarian came under a shadowy curse.
- Took a squire, Ronin Marcus, a paladin of Helm.
- In the wake of events in the second half of 1349, including the Order's handling of the Bardess, became suspicious of his superiors in the Radiant Heart.
- Found the Bardess again after much searching. Tentatively attempted to support her in her exile from former life, including in her search for faith. His investment in this was deep and indeed they grew emotionally, if not romantically close.
- Approached by those who Harp, accepting their invitation in the hopes of securing aid to deal with suspicions in the Radiant Heart.
- Began learning of what it was to be a Harper, his commitment to individual freedom underdeveloped at this stage. His view of the Harp was through a knightly lens.
- Unbeknownst to him the Harpers had been infiltrated by a Zhentarim spy, who revealed the names of the local Harper cell to the Zhentarim.
- Little did Ameris know that his confidante, Telia Navra, had been a Zhentarim spy for several months. When she learned of what she perceived as his secretive betrayal in withholding the truth from her the trust between them, unknown to him, was severely damaged.
- Helped organise efforts to aid the ravaged village of Triel. Firstly he tried to stand behind Sister Brenda, but in time he assumed the mantle of leadership himself. The effort was opposed by the Myrkulite Cara Joirani and, it was rumored, the Zhentarim.
((Tarsakh 1350))
Hidden: show
- Helped Sister Brenda organise a prayer meeting for Triel. Was waylaid and tormented by undead servants of Myrkul, only to be dragged half-dead from the River Chionthar by the Myrkulite Cara Joriani.
- In the context of the above, Telia Navra attempted to dissuade Ameris from casting his efforts as opposition to the Zhentarim. In effect, she tried to persuade him to stay away from Triel, as she feared the Zhentarim moving against him. Her advice fell short of a direct warning though, and his efforts continued.
- Led a second prayer meeting himself, gathering a wide array of priests and other interested parties. The agreement of many of the priests was only gained by way of promises that the effort be pacifistic.
- In the event, Zhentarim agents interrupted the preaching with their own prayers, Ameris drew steel on Xavier Aylomen , and in the ensuing fight he, Sister Brenda, and the paladin Cecilia Lafayette were struck down and taken to Darkhold.
- In Darkhold, Telia's Zhentarim membership was revealed to him and she tortured him for motives which few understood at the time. Ameris also saw Cecilia subjected to rough treatment and Sister Brenda take her own life.
- After twenty-four Ameris was tried in Darkhold by none other than a disguised Eliphas Valkarian for assault on a Zhentarim officer and for being a Harper spy. He was hanged immediately afterwards and displayed on the walls of Darkhold.
- After some time, Cecilia was hanged also.
- A ritual of ressurrection, performed by the Morninglord Neschera and Brother Marcus of the Ilmateri sanctuary, with participation from Ayla Elidole and Varra Pegason, saw Ameris and Cecilia miraculously returned to life, although both substantially changed from the experience.
((Mirtul to Flamerule 1350))
Hidden: show
- Ameris returned to life to find the Bardess hiding from him, grief stricken and moved to anger. He searched for her for many days until he found signs of her anger and rejection of him. This was a significant emotional blow to him, as in his eyes he had become a source of pain rather than healing.
- Ameris, having been outed as a Harper spy, felt unable to remain in the Order of the Radiant Heart. Indeed, he would not have been welcome but for the control that Eliphas Valkarian held. Nevertheless he resisted attempts to have him quit the Harpers and return, feeling that he had tainted the purity of his oaths.
- He had a reunion with a tearful Telia Navra, whose allegiance he could not remember from his time in Darkhold. There was an admission on both their parts of unspoken feelings in the past. Both, rather dishonestly, clearly stated they were in the past.
- The priest gave a speech at the Greengrass festival this year, preaching for forgiveness of sinners and yet resolute opposition to sin, focusing on the Zhentarim and their ways. He won the prize for this in place of actual performers, a fact he was most honoured by. A brief moment of light in an otherwise dark time.
- When rumours began to circulate about Telia Navra's true allegiance, Ameris denied them fervently, while seeking her out himself to confront her, appealing to their friendship and even revealing his Harper allegiance to pressurise her. In a room in Beregost she tearfully revealed her Zhentarim affiliation, hours before speaking of it publicly with others.
- The knowledge of Telia's betrayal, on top of the failures and hurts of the last six months, left Ameris deeply pained, pushing down his spirits further. Without support from close friends like Eldarian Al'maire, Cecilia Lafayette, Neschera and Ayla Elidole, its likely he would not have survived this revelation with his faith intact. In any event he was much less bold and forceful than he once was for much time thereafter.
- During this time he aided with the final lifting of the Dawnknight Eldarian Al'maire's curse.
- He also, secretly, tried to reach out to Telia Navra and persuade her to abandon her new masters; he was unsuccessful in this, however, and left their clandestine meetings confused as to the friendship she expressed despite the fact they were now sworn enemies.
((Elesias to Eleint 1350))
Hidden: show
- Ameris spoke as the appointed defender when his former squire Ronin Marcus was put on trial for aiding drow. This effort was a failure.
- Ameris also helped set up and run the camp that was instituted to heal the sickness of the Underdark slaves that Ronin Marcus had freed. In the end the slaves were sent home with donations to bring them to a new life; except for one, who was catatonic with trauma.
- It took much searching and use of sending blessings and an intermediary, but the bardess was relocated and contact re-established.
- The Bardess found a shadow artefact disguised as a trinket of an old comrade, asking Ameris for aid when she received visions of that comrade in peril. The priest communed with a servant of his deity and asked trusted friends for aid; but an error of judgement on his part led to the release of a shadow beast that headed across the land, corrupting and tormenting a village.
- This failure caused great pain to his closest friends, Eldarian and Cecilia. They stayed true, however, and aided him in preparing a ritual to commune again with his god's servant. This led to the appearance of a deva of Ilmater, which rallied the group to further track the beast.
- The comrades found the beast at a tainted village. Upon investigation, they were drawn into the sick illusory world of the shadow creature; but destroyed it and saved the village.
((Marpenoth - Nightal 1350))
Hidden: show
- The near failure, the hardship, and the comradeship it engendered caused Ameris to re-evaluate his faith and his approach to life. His faith did not weaken, rather it strengthened, and he was better able to see his own flaws, and his own strengths. It was a quietly pivotal time for Ameris.
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Re: Ameris Santraeger

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///bumped, partially updated. Background and Persons of Note still to be updated.
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Re: Ameris Santraeger

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///updates ongoing:

- Amendment of visible items
- Added some art by Considerate_
- Review and amendment to goals
- Additions to Persons of Note
- Minor edits
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