The Farmlands Refugee Camp

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Fury_US » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:45 am

In response to the sudden increase of Zhentarim recruitment, the Northern Watch Commander, Wren Di’Corvi, would begin to make her presense within the refugees known, moving about and offering for any who would listen what insights she could upon what, exactly, a ten year tenure in the Zhentilar branch of the Zhentarim would possibly entail- including the brutal discipline, the fact that those soldiers who underperformed could well be taken and sacrificed to Bane as being “unworthy”, the possibility of forced conversions, her own witnessing of floggings to the point of flaying a man alive, and the fact that the slave trade was alive and well in the Moonsea’s- so should they survive their tenure in the Zhentilar, there was every likelihood that they would be taken and sold as slaves long before they could get away.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem. IC results above)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Steve » Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:13 pm

// 2 RL hours RPing at the Camp
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by kitteninablender » Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:21 am

Occasionally Desmodu could be seen mingling with the refugees, telling them bawdy jokes to keep their spirits uplifted and feeding them an almost ENDLESS supply of Bear meat that he has seemed to accumulate over Gods-knows how long.

With the recent Snowfall, Desmodu has brewed an entire BARREL's worth of coffee, taking it to the Refugees piping hot and putting it on tap as one would a keg of beer to keep them warm.

(((OOC: Approved pending clarification by DM Golem)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by DM Golem » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:05 am

(((Placeholder for update at this point. I am doing weekly updates, approximately, so expect some timelag! )))

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by ValerieJean » Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:10 pm

Darradarljod wrote:
Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:28 pm
As the scarcity of winter drew nearer, Zhentarim agents from Darkhold had arrived and erected several tents among the throng. Small teams of recruiting agents, answerable to the occasionally present Bueroza, advance the offer of an immediate escape for refugee men and women of fighting age: a 10 year contract with the Zhentilar proposes to station the applicants at Thargate Keep in the Moonsea - well out of harm's way, prospects are reminded, from the cruel events that ruined their livelihoods and threaten still their very souls.
A small frown marred the Grand Master's lips after overhearing the recruitment. His gaze drifted over the men, women, and children who harbored in the tents and all as his thumb drifted over the red ribbon upon the hilt of his blade to which his hand rested upon the pommel of. He moved through the crowds as he spoke to the refugees.

"Goodly people, I beseech you all to not take up this offer and find work that your crafted hands have touched in times past. There is much work here within the Gate as well as other villages not far off. A few of your own are making Greenest their home, I aim to send word to Beregost as well if any work and housing are available, they will need more hands in want of pursuing prosperity for Beregost. But please I ask that ye seek elsewhere than under a tenure of blood and pain, for though your own may be strong at this time, times become better when we work towards it as our own and by our own. As we of the Radiant often say, the Courage of One can change the Destiny of many!"

Which the call was likely reverberated out through those of the other Radiants near by.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem. IC results above)))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Kiran » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:29 pm

A man with a glorious mustache and brown robes would have been seen in the camp often, scurrying vials and potions from the gate to the camps, no more than a bagful at the time, though he arrived often and would speak with the folk of the camp, including one Erik of Illmater who shared some of the mans concern with the cold setting in. The man would sit some nights in the camp itself labeling the various potions he had brought, some being handed over instantly to those in need, whether it be a cold or questionable rash, the man did not judge nor care, continuing his work night by night.

Each vial and potion would be labeled with what they did, and in turn, there would also be a mark on the label of a small golden wheel with eight spokes.

(In response to 25k taken by DM Spartacus from Golden Wheel)
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by VDub » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:34 pm

The Luckbringer of Tymora, known as Solomon, can be seen visiting with the refugees. He offers healing and sermons to those that are in need. Trying to lift the spirits of those that stay within the camp. He lingers a little longer with six of the families that are there. Assuring them that plans are being made and the move would take place soon.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem)))

IC: Solomon's example inspires the Baldurian Temple to undertake the same; it also pays for housing for nearly twenty people in the city from its own coffers - taking care for this to go to the most in need. A lucky moment for them, so its said.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by chad878262 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:23 am

After tallying up the collections from around Baldur's Gate a total of 200,000 gold was donated by the generous citizenry. True to their word, the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange matches this amount from their own coffers and makes a grand show of delivering wagons loaded with gold to the caretakers of the refugee camp. Any gold which is not currently needed is returned to the secure vaults within the SCCE building and documented as in holding (free of charge) for the care and relocation/training of the refugee's and the defense effort against the devil incursion. Executive Officer Finneaus Du'Veil is seen personally overseeing the delivery and signing off on any forms to ensure tracking of the gold being held in the coffers of SCCE. Mr. Du'Veil, along with retainers from SCCE are seen making a grand show of interacting with the refugee's and offering support and well wishes.

///200K in gold given to DM Soulcatcher in game as per his indication that SCCE collected this amount from citizenry (approximately 1,000 donors giving an average of 200gp each). Thus 400K can be documented as added to the refugee support and war effort.\\\

chad878262 wrote:
Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:11 am
Seeing the needs of the many refugee's, Finneaus organizes the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange to set up collection posts within Baldur's Gate, indicating the SCCE will match all donations given for the support of the refugee's. Funds are to be utilized to purchase additional food and medicine to combat disease that tends to crop up when so many are so condensed without the amenities found within the city walls. He would also utilize the funds to hire on skilled trainers to assist in providing the refugee's with skills for those wishing to change their future paths. He would be seen making his way through the throngs of refugee's, ignoring any odd, fearful or hateful looks at his Tiefling heritage (cat-like yellow eyes and shadow stuff that sometimes 'leaks' from him like mist off water in the early morning). During his walks he would stop to talk to many refugee's, especially children. Those who aren't overly fearful of him would be given a few coins from his own pouches as well as words of encouragement. He would attempt to cheer them, offering a silver lining that perhaps now they might consider a future path that they dreamed about, but were never given the chance to pursue. The city has great need of metal workers, alchemists and farmers in order to support the coming war efforts against the vile devil threat and these men and women (and in the future children) have the opportunity to lend a hand in that support.

IC Response: Given the devilish fate these people had just escaped from, and the fiendish aspect of the tiefling, Finneas is welcomed by a fearful reaction. Very few will approach him, although the glint of coin does join some of the poorest.

(((OOC: DM Golem approved! )))
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by DM Golem » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:03 pm

DM Golem wrote:
Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:05 am
(((Placeholder for update at this point. I am doing weekly updates, approximately, so expect some timelag! )))
(((My current adversaries at work are being difficult, so I won't be able to do an update until the end of the week. Rest assured that ALL RP done towards this will be honoured! If you think I've missed anything, PM me again)))

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by artemitavik » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:20 am

A rented Merchant League wagon would arrive at the refugee camp carrying a load of salted meats and breads, brought in from the Last Anchor, assembled and prepared the last couple weeks for this specific purpose by Lannia and her staff in her special recipe, the venison hunted by Lannia herself, the fish caught by her and Derik or purchased from the fishermen of Ulgoth's Beard. Derik Ranloss, the proprietor, would be accompanying the wagon in full kit with a couple of his staff to pass out the food. There are also a few kegs of ale and some pastries that Lannia Ranloss is famous for to provide some treats for the children in the camp.

Looking over the situation, Derik would also offer his services to help train in combat those in the Camp who have already volunteered to do so. At least while he is available and able to make the trips to do so.

((Pending DM approval. 35k collected by DM golem in regards to the food delivered, 1 week's worth from this post.))

(((Approved by DM Golem)))

The training goes well, with the miliita of Tymount not part of the Tymount Ten and several others welcoming self defence lessons - particularly after the demon attack. If the lessons continue to be free Derik has a modest uptake - in fact he would be able to train thirty on and off, but for his own lack of time! Other instructors could meet this demand.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by vindflickan » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:21 am

Dove Starglow, former Quiet Guide of the Halls of Inner Light, would be seen accompanying Derik and staff of the anchor. The scarred druidess would do her best to help hand out food while providing healing and tending of various ailments within the refugee camp as best she could.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem)))

IC: The Ilmatari would seek Dove out when she begins to move among the people, and help guide her to those most sick. Health is currently good in the camp but the cold nights have put some at risk, and Dove is able to help a half dozen who have come down with fevers and other camp ailments.

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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by InsomnesCanis » Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:34 am

Right By Derik's side would be Lylan'Synor, Wearing her fancy dueling garbs.
Bearing sweet smiles to the villagers as she accompany the wagon passing out food between the camp. Light steps would dash around the camp making sure those who aren't around the wagon are getting food ale and kindness. Especially those who weren't able to get up and stand with the crowd and the children that didn't shove to get the pastries. Offering kind words and caring conversations. A semi circle of little girls (and some boys) can be seen quickly forming around Lylan'Synor. An extensive makeup kit is by her side as she beautifies or draw face paints of what the children want to be. And entertain them with acrobatic tricks teaching the kids to cartwheel and walk on their hands.

Lylan would join Derik as she overlooks the situation, wanting to take a break from running around. Yet would find herself joining him in his offer and train the villagers giving slightly more emphasis on parrying, keeping their heads in a fight and proper blade to body alignment. to showcase.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem)))

IC: The children LOVE this. LOVE IT. She doesn't get any time to help Derik unless she wants to disappoint the insatiable appetite the children have for her entertainment. There would be tears if she tried to leave them before sundown!
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by sweetlikesplenda » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:27 pm

With the cold weather setting in, the young Knight of the Radiant Heart could be seen entering Pathfinder Hall in the city, again, often. The Knight would pull out his key ring and open up the Hall. Measurements would be taken for new bedding areas, current bedding availability was checked, and food supplies looked over. After calculating numbers, he would later be seen speaking with a few merchants. Any who might overhear would know that he was seeking bunk beds, food stuffs, medicine, as well as some toys, books, wool and needles.

Once the supplies were obtained, several local unemployed men and women would be given pay to assist in moving the goods and supplies in to the Hall and setting the Hall up for what was obviously a large number of people to occupy it.

With the preparations complete, Aaron Lyonaler would be seen back in the refugee camp taking note of families most vulnerable to the cold weather, those families with elderly and children especially. When families totaling up to fifty people were identified. He would begin preparing them and then move them out of the tent camps and in to the warmth and safety of the Pathfinder Hall.

Later in the day the knight would be seen entering the temples of Tempus, Torm, Helm and Tyr looking for any of the faithful willing to spend time in defense of the Hall for pay.

/// 50k removed from Aaron by DM Soulcatcher

(((Post approved by DM Golem

IC: Its quite an administrative process, identifying the families. Luckily the Ilmatari and Tymount's mayor quickly step in to help identify families and smooth out any ill feelings.

The clergy of the temples of Torm and Tyr happily agree to ask for aid among the faithful in sermons and so Aaron meets with success. Coin attracts Tempurans where goodwill doesn't. The Helmites have to decline, unfortunately, as the faithful are already making their way to guard the camp itself.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by Grendunor » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:23 pm

A large man dressed in thick blue robes of silk, spun in the colours of the midnight sky moves through the camp. The symbol of Mystra is painted in rich silver enamel on his mithral armoured pauldrons. The discerning watcher would note the faint shimmer of golden scales on his face obscured only slightly by the mane of golden-blonde hair on his head.
The man unmistakably is Gruthek Khan.

Pausing within the camp to ask questions about how they are settling in. Spending the time to build a repour with those not off-put by the half-dragon he makes enquiries about any strange happenings in their village or around the camp.
At the conclusion of his visit, he puts on a light show for the refugees. A shimmering pattern of purple green and blue lights swirling in the sky like the Northen lights had come south.

(((OOC: Approved by DM Golem)))

IC: At first the man is met with scepticism, paticularly given his scales. He is clearly thought to be a tiefling, and people avoid him. The Ilmatari would approach him and ask what he is up to, Father Marcus and Sister Rachel both. If he explained himself, they would aid him, and put him in touch with an old lady named Mirelda who used to teach the children of Tymount their letters.

The light show goes well, and having been accepted by Mirelda and the Ilmatari, when Guthrek returns he is met with less suspicion. Together with Mirelda, it would take Guthrek and some initiates from the Temple of Mystra a few days to audit all the children and youths for magical talent. Four are found who seem to have an aptitude for learning the Art, a lot considering! Although none have it innately: A boy of nine, a boy of twelve, a girl of twelve, and a girl of fifteen.
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Re: The Farmlands Refugee Camp

Unread post by DM Golem » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:59 pm

The past month in the camp has seen food, medicines and supplies flood in, including large contributions from the Sword Coast Commercial Exchange resulting from a public donation campaign. Tents are provided for everyone, and warm winter clothing. Notably, lumber is being delivered by House Darius and work appears to be starting - performed by able bodied persons among the refugees - on semi-permanent shelters.

The food situation is under control and there is enough until the new year, at least. The health and sanitation of the refugees is being amply served by generous donations to the Ilmatari and other sources of healing by adventurers. Supplementing the Flaming FIst, the camp is guarded well by the Order of the Radiant Heart, the Tymount Militia, a Tyrran paladin named Henryk, elements of the Northern Watch and volunteer Helmites (many being off duty Flaming Fist) encouraged to attend the camp by Watcher Martin Valdore of the Temple of the Shield in Baldur's Gate.

A number of groups have taken in families and the infirm: the temples of Tyr, Torm, Helm and Tymora, as well as Pathfinders Hall. Others have found work in the city, either with House Darius, or with other employers. The current count of refugees is 420, 284 from Tymount and the rest from various other places. A number of other families are making ready to depart after offers of work from the Golden Arrow and Rocky Creek Trading Company but have not made their way yet.

While no doubt there will be futher need of donations for food and medicine next month, the immediate crisis seems to be being taken care of, although now that the issue of survival is dealt with, comfort might come to mind.

((((Update to today's date. All posts above here reviewed. Let me know if I have missed anything and I will correct!))))

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